Planning to buy high end cars confused to buy plsease

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Planning to buy high end cars ,confused to buy ,plsease guide me

1.skoda superb v6
2.accord v6
3.mercedes base version corporate

please guide me which is the best from above cars
  • 3725 day(s) ago by Srinivas
Under: Skoda Superb #Cars
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Among the options mentioned, those performance of all are good, to slect one Honda Accord V6 would be best.

Posted: 3724 day(s) ago

buy Audi A6

Posted: 3724 day(s) ago

Theoder Marx
for your info..accord v6 will give you a mileage of 4kms per litre of petrol.. any other car in this segment wud give better neighbour is using an accord and though he is filthy rich..he keeps on complaining abt bad fuel efficiency of accord. a full tank of accord will get over in an blink of an eye.

Posted: 3724 day(s) ago

Chevrolet Cruze, Tata Aria, Suzuki Kazashi, Ford Endeavor are good offerings in sub 20 Lakhs bracket, then you have Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Camry in sub 30 Lakhs. At sub 40 and 50 you have Merc, Beamer.

Posted: 3724 day(s) ago

Rajesh Patel
Hero Honda
If you are confused in buying a car, don't buy, for god sake, we are drive low end cars on below standards road, there is no confusion there, you need to show you can afford but please dont show you dont have brains to choose. There were other names also, skoda is not a high end car, 19 Lacs is not high end cars should be. These are called entry levels luxury cars.

Posted: 3724 day(s) ago

Krunal Shah
I agree with rajesh it that ur actually confused or u want to make a statement....well, a prospective buyer does have his lists of wants and dislikes for any product he have not mentioned anything as such...also, all the cars mentioned by you are those which are entry level luxury cars which give you all the comfort you expect from this class of cars......if at all you are a potential buyer then i suggest that if you want to make a statement, better get a fortuner...its definitely a head turner...better options include BMW X5, audi and porsche cayenne if u can afford one....

Posted: 3723 day(s) ago

3 Series
better opt for bmw 320d CE its drivers car nd hav a brand which makes it a head turner...

Posted: 3680 day(s) ago

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