I am a new driver to 5 gear diesel car I bought a new

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I am a new driver to 5 gear/ diesel car, I bought a new indica dls 6 months back and I have the following 2 questions which bothers me, please help with an answer:

Q 1. When I got my indica dls delivered I experienced very very low pick-up and pulling (unusual)and I drove about 500 kms in that condition - I phoned the sevice to hear that the vehicle will be ok after a couple of services and by the time it cover 5000 kms or so, not satisfied in this at around 700-800 kms I went to the dealer (service) and they told me that it was because of the RPM set low (way below - I dont remember at what point) and after that the condition slightly improved and I believed that the vehicle will perform when it runs more miles. At second service time I asked the technician to come with me for a test drive and he found the clutch worn out (during the service he replaced the clutch on warranty). This might be because I used the clutch too much when I struggled with the low RPM. Please tell me whether this would have done any negative impact on the vehicle system. The sevice people said its ok and the vehicle is running fine now.

Q 2. About 4 times I downshifted the gear accidentaly by mistake (3 times when I drove at around 55 kms/hr from 4th gear to 3rd when trying to shift to 5th and 1 time from 3rd gear to 2nd when at around 35kms/hr when trying to shift to 4th). Please tell me any problems happened due to this ?
  • 2646 day(s) ago by Anand
Under: Tata Indica #Engine-related
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Aas mentioned, excessive handling of clutch pedsl could be cause of wear out of clutch plate.It would not have affected other systems of engine.
Shifting to lower gears at higher speed would induce excessive stres sof gears.If the conditon is ok now then there is nothing to worry.If the gear teth is damaged then it would be noticed with hard shifting of gears.

Posted: 2645 day(s) ago

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