shiva I have a hyundai accent 1 6 white color vehicle

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I have a hyundai accent 1.6 white color vehicle, my car is in excellent condition but now am facing issue with body rust.. all four doors are almost gone.. now its started appearing on outside also. my mechanic suggested better to replace doors only. can u suggest me on this please.. i have no other issues except this.. if i have to repalce means what woulb be the cost for 1 door.. (white solid body).. also wanted to know how it will be buying 2nd hand hyundai accent crdi.. in terms of maintainance, mileage.. i heard 3cyl engine is problem. please answer all my queries
  • 2629 day(s) ago by Arjun
Under: Hyundai Accent #Cars
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Its better to get body paint rather than getting a new doors, coz once once the rust starts it gets on to the entire body so better get full body repaint. Buyind a used crdi is not a good idea coz hyundai stopped producing crdi accent in 2006, now its already 2011 and byt his time almost all accent crdi would have reached atleast 80000 kms. Though u buy a used crdi you need to completely overhaul the engine, so i dont think that would be a better idea.

Posted: 2629 day(s) ago


its better to have denting off your four doors to adjust it may cost low...n have painting to look good and budget will fine.........and be positive while doing...buying others car door is not fined......if u feel it luck car to u.then have repair ...are else u may go for new car...

Posted: 2628 day(s) ago

Jagjit Singh
My suggestion is don't repair or paint the doors, cause even if U repair or paint the doors, will again face the same problem within very short period, it will be better if U can avail the doors from accidental or disposed cars by the insurance companies. I have seen brand-new accidental cars which are damaged from one side & the other side is as good as new, it will cost U cheper & better than repairing, might get the same colour if U are lucky, Still New Accent is in market in Petrol Version.
Accent CRDI is also very good car, can opt for the said car if its in sound condition, even if U have to spend 20K for minnor reparing, would be fare Deal.

Posted: 2627 day(s) ago

The bette ridea lies in getting whole body paintend and anti rust coating done for underbody.

Posted: 2623 day(s) ago

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