why diesel is not works in petrol engine and petrol is not

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why diesel is not works in petrol engine and petrol is not works in diesel engine?
  • 2685 day(s) ago by Hemal Shah
Under:   #Engine-related
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Quite simply because of the way both the fuels burn. Petrol is highly combustible, hence a small spark (which is produced from the spark plug) is enough to ignite the fuel and produce the power stroke. Petrol is injected into the cylinder and the the spark plug burns the fuel.
Diesel on the other hand will not ignite with a naked flame. It has to be heated for it to combust. That is why older diesel engines used to have a glow plug (heater). Here air is heated inside the cylinder and diesel is injected (in the form of mist) into the cylinder. When the Diesel comes in contact with the hot air inside the cylinder, it ignites and produces the power stroke.

Posted: 2685 day(s) ago

Mr Quarish has given the exact info.

Posted: 2684 day(s) ago

TVS Motor
it definitely works provided you mix sum water also in it.

Posted: 2684 day(s) ago

Reuben Barros
Are you mental man!!??
go back to school and get your basics right. We are living in a modern age, some things should come natrually to you. Do u know the difference between chalk and cheese??

Posted: 2684 day(s) ago

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