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What is your opinion about Volkswagon Polo Highline Petrol. How much is the Km/litre.& How is the engine. Is it worth the price.
  • 4280 day(s) ago by GIDVANI
Under: Volkswagen Polo #Miscellaneous
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Posted: 4280 day(s) ago

the polo is 3 cylinder 1.2 l engine car which delivers 75ps of power.
if its compare with the other cars of same segment then car like swift,i20 and jazz comess with 1.2l 4 cylinder engine which delievrs 87ps,80ps and 90ps power respectively.

it is suggested to buy these cars for better after sales service and good resale value.

on city roads polo would give 13kmpl.
so going for polo is just going for VW brand .

Posted: 4271 day(s) ago


I purchased Highline Petrol in Dec 2013 from Vidyut. I am soo happy with it. Previous to this I used M800 and Sumo. I think mileage of Polo and M800 is almost same (judging by time between refills). On internet sites we see many complaints about Polo.BUT , before purchase we did survey by interviewing 5-6 ACTUAL users of Polo (somewhat obtrusive as we had to just walk over to user and ask for the experience). I think on net the complaints MAY be put up by rivals... I for one will strongly recommend Polo.It is really a well made car ; more robust as compared to Japanese.A important feature (many cars do not have it) is locked car can be manually opened from inside (priceless during an emergency) Only thing is the wiper system is slightly confusing (mebbe not used to it) so get it explained from your dealer !!!!

Posted: 3127 day(s) ago

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