how to get good mileage in two wheelers

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how to get good mileage in two wheelers
  • 3796 day(s) ago by Vaishak
Under:   #Bikes
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1.Keep speed within 50 kms
2.Speed only as much as required, no use speeding and then applying brakes, this reduces mileage.
3.Change gears smoothly, very smoothly.
4.Listen to your bike, if it is making good sound it will sound like 'bood-bood-bood' and if it is bad it will sound like 'ghoo-ghoo-ghoo'. This is not a joke. Love your engine, it will talk to you.
5.Keep changing your oil on time and service every 60 days atleast.
6.Keep your bike clean.
7.Do not ride in slanting position, ride straight. can email me on for further details.

Posted: 3795 day(s) ago

Dr Ketan Jinwala
I think Susheel has given the best answer. Let me add something. Chk tyre pressure regularly. Refill petrol from reputed pump. Always refill petrol in morning time. As in morning temp. is less. Petrol/diesel is measured by volume. When temp. is less volume decrease. U will get more petrol. If u fill it at noon when temp is more 1 liter petrol expans 2 1.1 liter so u will pay for 1.1 lit. & get only 1 lit. The variation in volume is maximum to 10% when difference in temp is more. Ideally u will get most benifit when u get it filled at 4 AM, when temp. is least.
Dont fill the tank upto brim. Filled it at half tank. I think it is enough. U can mail me on

Posted: 3795 day(s) ago

Thanks Dr.Ketan Jinwala. I am grateful for that good word and info too. :)

Posted: 3795 day(s) ago

TO improve mileage .
1.Get service done as per schedule given in owners manual.
Generaly new bikes gives good mileage as we will be getting service done regularly but as days progress its not maintained with the same enthusiasm.
2.Run at constant speed.
3.Check and maintain tyre pressure .
4.Switch off engine at traffic .Electric start helps a lot for this .
5.Do not accelerate in idling .Some people do it at signals.

Posted: 3795 day(s) ago

electric starting a vehicle consumes more kick starting u can make a diff of 2 km/l

Posted: 3793 day(s) ago

1) by not changing the gear frequently and not pressing the clutch frequently
2) try to maintain consistent speed
3) get the vehicle tied and towed - no need to start the engine :)
4) finally keep it locked in the house..

Posted: 3787 day(s) ago

To get good milage. Start the Engine and go anywhere by pushing the bike with out changing gears and hope this will help you :)

Posted: 3787 day(s) ago

i thank u mr.ketan,u ve given a very good idea to earn more add to all those, for better mileage u should try and maintain fuel level above reserve mark.

Posted: 3787 day(s) ago

U can run/tak the bike without starting the engine....that will give u optimum mileaage!

Posted: 3787 day(s) ago

U can fix ur bicycle's paddle in ur byke, i can bet it will give u awsome mileage.

Posted: 3787 day(s) ago

You must maintain speed average 50-60 at the street

Posted: 1937 day(s) ago

Rupesh Nanal
I have Hero Honda service center 10 years of experience so I would like share some tips.Only proper service could help
Milage depends on lot of things Call me on 8149242785

Posted: 1937 day(s) ago

do not use much time in a clutch it will be reduce a mileage and over load

Posted: 1783 day(s) ago

Don't tty to reach more speed in less time. Increasing the speed gradually will help you to save fuel... ITS TRUE....

Posted: 1155 day(s) ago

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