Pls tell me that is it true that Scorpio has a bumpy ride n

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Pls tell me that is it true that Scorpio has a bumpy ride n handling is not good.
  • 4541 day(s) ago by Abhishek
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no dude . i gt scorpio which i sold it 2 days back . now buyin same but CRDi engine .. its good car to drive . if wana buy new one tell me i can gv u good discount

Posted: 4541 day(s) ago

Yes.. Its true.. The vehicle is the most unstable vehicle in the market.. I lacs any kind of refinement.. You can travel at speeds of 100 kmph on bikes and not get scared but in the car, if you touch 70 kmph, you start sweating

Posted: 4541 day(s) ago

What u say is true... I tried a Scorpio CRDi on the Chennai - Bangalore highway and it was really scary when the road level is not flat...
I heard that the M-Hawk is better owing to the reduced weight of the vehicle...

Posted: 4540 day(s) ago

It feels like a boat.After all why you should drive a truck while you can buy cars like Maruti Wagon R which has ABS and Air bags for less than half the prize of this truck.If you want a car buy a maruti. If you want a problem for worrying which one is fairly expensive and a burden to manage buy any truck made in India ;all are same.Be smart dont be duped by the image of movie villains driving these type of trucks .These vehicles will not bring any respect for you,those are for only upstarts with a personality problem.Good luck

Posted: 4538 day(s) ago

It is realy, Jeep converted car.

Posted: 4533 day(s) ago

the scorpio is good with suspension. it is not bumpy as you said but it is too unstable. I drove an brand new car just came out of show room and was surprised to experience the lack of stability what even my Wagon-r has even at speed of 135kmph. scorpio is horrible above 80kmph speed at least the one I drove. you hardly get the confidence. I have driven all othe SUVs but scorp is diiferent in other sense.
the dash board is another boring thing , it is just some how made to function as dash otherwise its only a board and b o r e d.
however it is a nice try from M&M to enter into this slot and let us hope they will attain that class in near future.

Posted: 4533 day(s) ago

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