I have little queries regarding Indica Vista Petrol and

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I have little queries regarding Indica Vista,
Petrol and Diesel model -
1. About Petrol and Diesel type of maintenance and it's cost.
2. Suppose a car is not in use for 2-3 months continuosly then will it affect on Engine , Oil , Starter OR any other ( Petrol/Diesel ).
Any problem occure while starting in winter season. As petrol cars never face any problem at all.
3. Would you please suggest what kind of the care has to take on day to day basis for Petrol and Diesel car.

Please keep aside a cost difference by the time.
Suggest as a performance point of view as I see Quadrajet response is good compare to Safire.
  • 2756 day(s) ago by Ninad Bharati
Under: Tata Indica Vista #Engine-related
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Manitnence of petrol engine vehicle would be bit less compared to that of diesel versions.
If the vehicle is not used for 2 or three months, nothing will happen provided battery is disconnected and vehicle is parked in safe place not exposed to moisture and rodents.
Please use the autoguides column for detailed reviews about choosing petrol and diesel engines.

To select one among saffirepetrol and quadraget diesel versioncars, if investment is not a constraint Quadraget version would be better selection for fuel price and long term usage.

Posted: 2755 day(s) ago

Chetan Bordawekar

I own Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura since 2009. Maintenance Cost is NIL except Oil & Fuel filter charges in third service. Milage is almost 16 kmpl with AC ON in Mumbai. Petrol Vista is absolutely underpowered car. Wheel base is 13, very less break horse power compared to weight of the car, lack of pick-up, mileage 11 kmpl.

If you keep your car idle for 2-3 months then battery's cell become defective bcoz of zero gravity. I had experienced this with my earlier car & I had to replace the battery. So to avoid such thing, it is advisable to drive atleast 20 kms a day. This also keep alternator is good condition.

Posted: 2751 day(s) ago

Thanks Shiva and Chetan for your valuable sharing.
It helps me a great to take right decision.
Best Wishes ,

Posted: 2750 day(s) ago

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