I have been using my beat for the past 20 days and m

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I have been using my beat for the past 20 days and m getting mileage of 11 kmph(city) and 13 kmph(highway) is anything wrong with my car.?
  • 3984 day(s) ago by Pawan Vedi
Under: Chevrolet Beat #Cars
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Swift Dzire
Sir, mileage depends on 1) Your driving style 2) Congestion on Road 3)Type of fuel you use. Even certain cities, where there are many ups and downs, you will get lower mileage. In order to increase your mileage, 1) Use premium Oil 2)Avoid crowded Road 3) Avoid changing gear frequently and try to fix the gear in appropriate speed. Using AC will certainly reduce your mileage so avoid it during winter season. Any car, during initial few months, that means till 2nd service, you will not get optimum mileage but later on, mileage will start improving.Any thing near to official declared mileage is to be considered final and after certain years, it will start again declining. Hugely affected tiers can also reduce your mileage.Use good Engine oil to reduce wear and tear.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

hello Mr.Vedi
i am not surprised the mileage you are getting becasue it is more than i got with my i20 initially.
new cars generlly require tuning of engines which is done on service and mileage increases only after2-3 services.

so just bear a bit as it is fine and i hope after 6 months ,if your driving skills are good you would definetely get good mileage.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

Which Engine oils you suggest Mr.Partha???

Posted: 3983 day(s) ago

The mileage you are getting can improve slightly after engine gets set.Also check the road condition you are using the car.

Posted: 3983 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
Hi Mr. V. Prakash,

Don't scratch your head much on oil till the vehicle is under warranty, use the petrol as per company recomendations, else use normal unleaded petrol only. . Try to be adhared to the company policies till you finish the warranty period.

My openion is that u r getting good milage,else all Chevy petrol cars are very poor w.r.t milage part.
What i would suggest u is avoid accelerating vehicle above 1.5K RPM During first & 2nd gear. Use this gears for mimimum time period till the vehicle moves properly. Further try to drive in Top gears but maintain the engine RPM within 2500. Don't drive with Half clutch & where ever required better to change the gear, U will get very good milage.
Keep a watch on air pressure of the tires twice in a week.

After your 1st service, have a long trip for about 200Kms. with a constant speed of 70Kmph so that the engine will get set properly.
Don't let ur vehicles to others till u finish 1st 3 services as all will try to drive vehicle fast to enjoy the power but it will not let the engine set properly.

Posted: 3982 day(s) ago

Hello Mr. Pawan,

Do not worry. It will improve gradually. It happened to me also. Now with my Beat LT (8 months old)I am getting 14 -15kmpl (w/o AC)in city and about 18kmpl (w/o AC) in NH. With Auto-AC I am getting 12-13kmpl in city.

Posted: 3980 day(s) ago

Hello sir,
i am also facing the same mileage problem. as the fuel price is also on hike it would better be safe to switch on to LPG system ....but have to keep an eye on our engine.

Posted: 3888 day(s) ago

Captain Uday Prasad
I have a 3 month old BEAT which has done 4000+ kms.
2 servicing has been done already. We drive it in city only within Pune. I am getting a milage of 9.6 km /ltr. Just wanted to check out with others asto what milage they are getting. I was promised to cross 14 km/ltr prior to purchase of this car. So far its performance has been brilliant except for the mileage.

Posted: 3807 day(s) ago

Don't worry slowly you will get adjusted and understand that you are actually getting better mileage that the cars siblings.

Posted: 3782 day(s) ago

Beat is quite low on mileage. You can check out the road test that we had done on it

Posted: 3782 day(s) ago

these are generic answers even what your dealer say and keep on saying although what ever manner they test the milage of beat is too low i am getting around 11-12 without AC even on joint trial on highway they got similar mileage but chevy people knows how to make customer demotivated so that he do not complain.

Posted: 3666 day(s) ago

sair please recomind you i want to purchase option 1 swift diesal 2 beat diesal

Posted: 3648 day(s) ago

To get millege:
1) Shift the gear promptly as per the speed.
2) Use the diesel/petrol from same bunk, if possible.
3) Dont cross the RPM more than 2 (or)
4) Dont cross the speed of 60-80 till she gets age of 1 or 5000 kms.
5) Have check the tyres condition on time.
6) Fill air/check air as per the recommendation.
7) Make her happy with your driving.
8) Dont spare her to your friends for a long drive.
9) However request your frineds to test drive her.
10) Request them not to drive more than the speed you drive, it will help you find the faults from her. Since we always love our car and we dont find the issues. The third view will give you the exact problem she has.

Posted: 3513 day(s) ago

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