hi some time before i invited your valuble advise on

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some time before i invited your valuble advise on suv. now my search stop on fourtune, endivor & pajero. plz. give me advise between in this suv. i want a rough, safe, powerful, comfortable suv. pl. givr me advise.
  • 3999 day(s) ago by Harshit
Under: Toyota Fortuner #Cars
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Swapnil Natu
Hi sir,

It depends, in which city u r resided.

Over all if u want one among u have short listed, better to think about fortuner or endeavour.

I have travelled in 2002 Model Endeavour & the latest Tata Safari Dicore-2.2, the silence of cabin , suspension cushioning, performance is far better than the Endeavour.

The high end Tata Safari would be an average option with respct to Service, Spares availability & reliability/ milage.
U can wait till the new Tata Safari 2011 gets introduced, Even Mahindra is launching a muscular wild cat kind of SUV, Skoda Yeti is coming very soon.

Selecting Indian Brand would be better as i heard that once the fortuner or endeavour goes to service center, the bill will not be less than 17K. So i think Tata Safari would be a great deal in this time of fluctuating market.

Posted: 3998 day(s) ago

Considering th optins mentioned and app price range, worth test driving Tata Aria.However to select one among Fortuner,Endeavour and Pajero, Fortuner would be better selection for easy of maintenance,spacious interiors. Pajero though good in performance is loosing charm with launch of new stylish and improved Outlander.

Posted: 3998 day(s) ago

good choice will be Endavour, again it will be worth waiting for the new Tata Safri, looks like it will be a good SUV with value for money.

Posted: 3998 day(s) ago

i have three suv's and i love suv's,the best option amongst the three you have mentioned would be fortuner ,although i i do not own one right now ,second would be ford endiv which ive been using for around seven months and find it very comfortable but at the same time i agree with mr swapnil's opinion about safari which is my first suv and im eagerly waiting for the new 2011 model.

Posted: 3998 day(s) ago

Mr Rajiv...

Except thumping your chest as usual, you have not cared to answer the question in detail . haha..

Posted: 3997 day(s) ago

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