I am using a Haryana registered Car in Bangalore What are

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I am using a Haryana registered Car in Bangalore.What are the implications?Is it legal? Need I be afraid if any Traffic policemen stop me?
  • 4339 day(s) ago by BNY
Under: Fiat Palio #Cars
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Give 100 rs every time. No implication at all..BTW police men hardly catches anyone here. There are so many non karnatka cars are here.

Posted: 4339 day(s) ago

I totally agree with Jitu, here in Bangalore the corruption is very much rampant among BT police, but some may demand even more also, so better get registered here also if you are staying for some more years in Bangalore.

Posted: 4339 day(s) ago

Sasi Menon
Technically, you are supposed to get an NOC from Haryana RTO and then you can drive it for a certain period of time. The validity of the NOC varies from state to state. You are supposed to transfer the car within the validity period to the place of residence.
There are no real problems with driving the car in Bangalore, except if you have an accident and in case you have been challaned in traffic in the city for a time period over and above the NOC validity period. If someone decides to dig out all the records in such a scenario, you could have a few hassles.
However, as Sham and Jitu have said, who cares when everyone is willing to take a few rupees and take it as normal? And as Sham has mentioned, if you are staying for a longer time, get it transferred into a KA number, so that if you decide to sell it later, it won't be a problem either.
Hope this helps in putting things in perspective!

Posted: 4339 day(s) ago

Rathan Changappa
CR - V
Dear friends What are you thinking, I am sorry to say you people, that all Bangalore police are not corrupt, it is your mistake. First you correct yourself and than blame others keep all document in place ,than no one will have guts to ask bribe, we our self make mistakes and pay bribe to escape from huge fine,,, dear friend pls approach your nearest RTO and do the formalities for pleasant drive

Posted: 4338 day(s) ago

Plz get the NOC from haryana and get registered in your nearest RTO.

Posted: 4338 day(s) ago

I think in a county where rules are not thought through its not fair to say that bribing is wrong. I keep changing cities and I cant pay road tax everywhere I go. Also, bangalore doesn't even have roads, what is the tax for... constructing another badly planned flyover? Delhi is awesome in that way, u can drive and sate car and the roads are awesome

Posted: 3129 day(s) ago

I have recently moved to Bangalore, a month back and got my car 3 weeks back with HR registration. I did not know about this Road tax things etc. but see so many cars running in my society and city which are not KA registered.
I calculated the tax and for my 5 year old Ritz it comes to around 45K, its too much to pay.
I also rad an article in Bangalore Mirror posted July 12th, 2014 that says that the Non KA cars need not be bothered for 90 days and ones that are more than 2 Yrs old need not pay road tax but just get registered.

All this is so confusing. Any updates anyone has on this.

Posted: 2988 day(s) ago

Its wrong to judge Bangalore police. I found them very polite n friendly. They will only disturb you when you make some nuisance.
Bangalore police is better than. Respect.

Posted: 1603 day(s) ago

jai haryana

Posted: 1536 day(s) ago

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