Is it true that if you dont drive your diesel car daily

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Is it true that if you dont drive your diesel car daily 40-50 kms, It breaks down??
  • 4542 day(s) ago by Pradeep
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If the car is run for 30Min daily, its good enough to keep it in good condition.Apart from regular service as per schedule.

Posted: 4542 day(s) ago

Do not worry, if it is new car.

Posted: 4541 day(s) ago

Mahesh Regula
mr pradeep this is true most of diesel vehicle should run daily to avoid maintenance problems rare using of diesel vehicles will occur problems like starting problems.

Posted: 4541 day(s) ago

This is true, if one is planning to buy a car he should think the usage of the car. If the car will be run daily more than 50KM than its good to go with diesel otherwise go for petrol. Maintenance of diesel car is quite expensive.

Posted: 4541 day(s) ago

Munaf Patel
i absolutely disagree with what has been said about the diesel car.any car if standing idle for a long time will have battery problems.diesel is not an isolated one. people talk of big maintanence in diesel cars, which is not true. the only difference between the two is that the petrol does not have a injection pump . the injectors are common for both, which have a life depending on the quality of fuel around 1lakh -1.5 lakh.the cost of replacing them is almost the same. one important point people fail to notice is that ,people using diesel cars do more kilometers in shorter period of time when compared to petrol.hence you feel that the car requires maintanence.
todays new generation diesel engines (common rail) are far superior .less poluting than petrol ,more power,very fuel efficient & long i think its time people really look at diesel engines in terms of kms covered for cost incurred .

Posted: 4541 day(s) ago

It depends on which type of disel car u r using if the engine type is normal or conventional diesel or the new diesel thet is crdi engine , but standing any vehiclle for a long time will at least have battery problems in any case petrol or diesel. So if u r keeping your vehicle standing for long time then atleast start vehicle in 4-5 days as warm up

Posted: 4540 day(s) ago

if it is fiat siena 2002 model, is it necessary to drive everyday

Posted: 4529 day(s) ago

it is true, if you are using 40 to 50km per day the break will comes can avoid with proper use of break. you should try to reduce the vehicle accelaration in sufficient time

Posted: 4529 day(s) ago

not every

Posted: 4529 day(s) ago

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