How can I check my cars fuel efficiency rate that is how

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How can I check my cars fuel efficiency rate, that is how many kilometers it runs in 1 litre petrol.
Thanks and regards,
  • 2790 day(s) ago by Rajesh
Under: Chevrolet Spark #Cars
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Sagar why u kidding Rajesh like that yaar,

Posted: 2789 day(s) ago

Dear Rajesh,
First get your car full tank n note down kilometers car ran. drive for a week or a month. then again go for full tank n note the amount of petrol required to fill the tank full and that time u also note kilometers car subtract the curren kilometers from previous reading kilometers and divide it by the amount of petrol u took to fill full tank. u will get the average. for example if yr full tank is 35 liters and kilometers are 1200 then run for a week / month and now if u require 25 liters to refill it to full and kilometers now is 1500 then (1500-1200)/25 = 12 Km is yr average

Posted: 2789 day(s) ago

Himanshu Mehta
Extremely impolite/rude comment by Sagar S Ade.

Posted: 2789 day(s) ago

Mileage can be checked acurately by supplying fule through a measurable containier to fuel inlet.Taking test drive for certain distance say one or two km and by noting amount of fuel consumed and distance traveled you can get mileage of the car.

Posted: 2789 day(s) ago

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