Yes i have an indica vista quadrajet i have done 23500 km

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Yes i have an indica vista quadrajet. i have done 23500 km in 1 year. but now the dealer is saying the clutch has to be replaced immediately and the same is under warranty. should i replace or go for a second opinion. let me know after how many km the clutch has to be replaced.
  • 3985 day(s) ago by ARJUN
Under: Tata Indica Vista #Cars
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A well maintained and well driven clutch can lost upto 30 KKM or so.Dealer could have suggested it considering excessive wear out.As it is stil under warranty , its worth making use of the same.

Posted: 3985 day(s) ago

The clutch life depends on the way of driving. If you drive the car with handbrake accidentally, the clutch plate would be gone in 15-20 minutes. If you do not move to a lower gear when your low speed demands and instead press clutch and accelerator together to gain speed - your clutch's life will be drastically affected.

If it is still in warranty, make use of it and get it replaced. However, pls do not forget that Quality of a 'Original Equipment'(that come with the original car) component is much better than quality of a 'Replacement' component.
So to make sure - do tale a 2nd opinion.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

I would have gone for change of Clutch as suggested by dealer if its under warranty. You may only have to pay labour charges of replacing the clutch plates. It should give you another 35-45 thousand km once replaced.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

Santro Xing
running with hand brake does not effect the clutch, it will wear the brakedrum out. I suggest you must keep your feet away from clutch pedal while in motion. running your car with even with the slightest depression of clutch pedal will wear your clutch plates in 15-20 kms. Anyway, get it replaced and pay for labor charges only.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

Satish Vashisht
Dear sir .A vehicle wants to change clutch plates @ only means you always keep your foot on clutch padal.Don't Do like this in future .because this time company will change it in warrenty .next time you have to pay from your own wastage of time & money.keep vehicle idle on RED lights.and go for the orignal brands or orignal eqipment fitted from company.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

Go for the change as its still under warranty you are on safer side. Avoid your left feet keeping on clutch while driving which is the root cause for clutch wear out sooner than expected, many people drive this way.

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

Rajesh Narula
It seems everybody is blaming Arjun for bad driving withiout actually knowing how is driving habits are. I suggest that he take a second opinion from some other dealer or mechanic without letting them know about the suggestion of the first dealer. Also, it once again proves that Tata Vehicles demand heavy maintainance. I had an Indica, even I had to change its clutch plate twice within 70000kms. Now I have a Baleno and its going strong even at 50000 kms

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

Royal Enfield
My experience that TATA vehicles have not heavy maintance i am owner of indica 2001 modol & I replace the clutch plate at 70000 km but I drive my car very carefully

Posted: 3980 day(s) ago

I am using Indica Vista 2009 model. I replaced clutch after 100400km in 2020.

Posted: 587 day(s) ago

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