Hyundai car engine life vs Maruti Suzuki car engine life vs

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Hyundai car engine life vs Maruti Suzuki car engine life vs Tata car engine life ?

Reliability , Performance , Safety Ratings score ?
  • 3948 day(s) ago by Tom
Under: Maruti Swift #Cars
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In today's automobile world , what you have asked does not really exists.
With Suzuki tying up with Volkswagen, Suzuki-TATA both using Fiat engines for the diesel hatchbacks, it's all hybrid.
But provided the engines(Petrol) are looked after well it order will be:
1: Maruti Suzuki
2: Hyndai

For Diesel
2: Hyndai
3: Maruti Suzuki

TATA criticizers out there, please don't compare Indica Turbo with Hyundai Verna Crdi....

Posted: 3948 day(s) ago

Hi, The comparision is too generalised.
However as a general rule Fiat engines are best followed by Tata and Maruti Suzuki

Posted: 3942 day(s) ago

Rameez K Abbas


Posted: 3941 day(s) ago

Bobin Antony
Suzukki Disel Engine Followed by Fiat is the best amoung tata, and hyundai
Suzukki Disel Engine life 2--2.5 lakh kilometers (High Resale value) DDis CRDI Engine
Tata- 80,000 - 1.3 lakh after engine is useless pickup issues engine life ends
Hyundai - 90,000 - 1. 4 lakh kms engine needs to be replaced totally TDI Powertrain

Posted: 2447 day(s) ago

Ronak Patel
What is best tiago diesel or petrol

Posted: 1869 day(s) ago

DDIS is Dalda GHee while Fiats MJD is Desee Ghee. U know what is better now.

Suzuki uses same Fiat engine but some compromise in quality in terms of Turbo and GearBox. DDIS have taller gear ratio means more load on engine at lower speeds so DDIS suffers from gear box issue after 1 lac kms

While FIAt uses shorter gear ratio , good turbo and many high quality mechanicals inclusding metal for chasis so Fiat cars lasts very long. Due to this reasons even service interval of FIA cars are 15000 km interval . So in DDIS one will have 10 services done in 1 lac kms while in FIAt only 7

Each service bill in Fiat costs aroung 5-6 k INR so its preety cheap as compared to Maruti or any other manufacturers
Sadly our indian people blindly believe on whats folks say

Posted: 1797 day(s) ago

Kamal Kumar
dear, sir my quesion to eritga car how may ruk km & Engience long life. plz help

Posted: 1788 day(s) ago

S Kumar
rightly said Stavan!!

Posted: 1786 day(s) ago

S Kumar
Let me tell you. I have clocked 1.25Lakh KMs in my Punto and yet when sit in on the driver's seat, I feel its a new car. Brake pads last for 35000kms, clutch overhauling done at 1.15 lakh kms. Wish bones and arms are usually changed at alternate services. It is way cheaper than even a Wagon R. You are right Stavan, we Indians will never come out of colonialism.Indians still allow themselves to be fleeced by Maruti despite opening up of markets. We don't deserve quality and can't appreciate it. FIAT CARS ARE ZERO MAINTENANCE CARS!! I don't ;ile departing with my Punto. Even if I need to change , it will be none other that a FIAT

Posted: 1786 day(s) ago

For petrol engine maruti suzuki is best..bcoz maruti spares price is cheap than hyundai...but in diesel engine tata motors engine is best than all other...dicor or cr4 engine is best engine in all tata vehicles..well maintained tata cars having more than 3 lac kms in their odo without any engine issue.also maruti suzuki petrol engines is also done 3 lac kms without any hyundai is only brand name.the engine quality is wrost.both diesel n petrol unit hardly done only 1.50lac kms.i used i20 asta crdi..i had bad experience.

Posted: 1707 day(s) ago

Maximam Honda city engine life?

Posted: 1683 day(s) ago

250000km + Honda city.....

Posted: 1663 day(s) ago

Which Car is best or maruthi cellor or Hyundai eon

Posted: 1488 day(s) ago

Rajesh Kumar
Sir, pls tell me, what is the maximam engine life of hyundai eon megna. Model 2012.

Posted: 1464 day(s) ago

Bobin Antony
stavan and s kumar i totally agree with u guys, i havent used fiat cars yet so i am new to it. But what u just posted based on experiences with fiat seems rather promising. Thanks.

Posted: 1451 day(s) ago

Bobin Antony
Rajesh hyundai eon engine has a life of 2 lac kilometers. All u have to do is to service the engine regularly for the period of 10,000 kilometers.

Posted: 1451 day(s) ago

Sir what is the role of begun in engine of Santro car

Posted: 1368 day(s) ago

Inderpreet Singh Dhaliwal
Which diesel engine is best Skoda rapid or Verna diesel

Posted: 1333 day(s) ago

Jatin. Kumar
I20 car diesel mangna model 2012 ki life kitne km ki hai plz give me answer sir...

Posted: 1206 day(s) ago

Hello sir,I have accent car 2003.and upto 200000 km runout.some problem are occurring so I repair my car or sell it.

Posted: 1059 day(s) ago

my i20 magna diesel has covered 215000 km and still running well... i think can go upto 3.5 or so.

Posted: 1053 day(s) ago

Certainly there are no bad engines made by any brand its only the maintainance which makes them the good or bad option.

Critisizing the hyundai crdi engine is not completely agred

Posted: 571 day(s) ago

KP Vishwakarma
baleno lene ki soach raha hoo Engine kaisa hai 2 nd Option Budget Altoz hai kay akru

Posted: 406 day(s) ago

Mohit Phillips
I want to buy second hand car i10 Magna Hyundai 93000km chal chuki hai should I buy
Engine kitney or saal chakra hain huyndai kaa

Posted: 388 day(s) ago

Babu N
Hello dear sir I am using maruthi Suzuki A star using last one year to at present kilometers 78,000
My car engine life

Posted: 229 day(s) ago

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