I am told by one very good driver to apply HAND BRAKE in

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I am told by one very good driver to apply HAND BRAKE in cases when you have to stop immediate at high speeds. He tells me that applying sudden brake through leg brake wouldn't stop so suddenly as done through hand brake.

Is it true?
Some say its not so effective and some also say its dangerous to apply sudden hand brake?
I am not sure, please throw some light on this!


  • 2761 day(s) ago by Prashanth C
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Handbrakes should be used while parking the car so as to avoid movement of car.
It will also be helpful while starting the vehicle on inclined roads so as to hold the vehicle to rolldown backwords. Int his case once you start the vehicle with parking brake on, engage first gear and leave clutch pedal smoothly, mean while give acceleration with right leg and with left hand hold the hand brake and bring it down smoothly. By doing so you can avoid car moving backwords due to inclunation. This technique would be most suitable during peak traffics on inclined roads. With good lot of experience you can start and move the car by simulraneouly pressing brake and acceleration. However during initial stages using hand brake is better.

Other than this never apply handbrake to stop the car while moving fast,it wil eventually lead to failure of handbrake. It can only be used if by chance the regular brake is failed due to fluid leakage etc.That too only to stop the car in safe place .Here stopping the car at safe place becomes the topmost priority.

Posted: 2761 day(s) ago

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