Hi anybody please tell me what is the cost of Hyundai

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Hi anybody please tell me what is the cost of Hyundai Accent model of 2004 ac and gas fitted. How much can buy if single hand used and what is the new car rate now in the market?
  • 4553 day(s) ago by ANITHA
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Arun Uniyal
I am not sure to recomend a price due to lack of details, but if you are going to buy a new one with CNG fitted directly from the supplier than the cost will range from 5.3 - 5.7 L. Now Accent has only one variant available in the market and you do not have lots of choices.

Posted: 4552 day(s) ago

This is a good option subject to driven mileage. If the vehicle is driven upto 50 thousand kms then u can have it by paying 2.50 lacs. I would suggest don't go for new one since this segment cars have no resale value except Honda City.

Posted: 4552 day(s) ago

You can buy it for Max of 2.75Lakh.Price of used Accent is chepaer considering new model is 5.5Lakh in Delhi.You can take adavntage of lower price in used car.

Posted: 4552 day(s) ago


I wud advise u not to buy a second hand car.how sure are u that it is a single handed driven. secondly the maintainance cost wud b high on a second hand car. it is better to go for a brand new car which wud cost u Rs. 4.95 lacs. if u want u can get a kit fitted which wud cost arnd 45 thousand. in case u are opting to have a car loan the rate of interest on the second hand car loan is more as compared to a new car. if u wait till navratra various scheems may also be launched wherein u can get insurance free etc.

Posted: 4551 day(s) ago

Dear the exact price is 2.0 lakhs my frnd has purchased 2005 model with cng fitted in 2 lakhs. But i wud like to advice u to go far a small or mid size car like santro , indica , wagon r etc. etc. these r low vslue msintsined cars. Rest choice is yours.....................

Posted: 4551 day(s) ago

Anitha, Accent has proved its stability in the indian market. So if u get one for 2 lacs to 2.5 lacs. Driven Miledge not more then 50k.. go for it. It can run for another 40k for sure before it starts giving u trouble. Cheers

Posted: 4550 day(s) ago

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