Hi Mr Shiva everybody interacting at this forum I

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Hi Mr. Shiva & everybody interacting at this forum,

I have a very much important question regarding my car..

I own a Hyundai Sonata Gold 2002 model.

The problem is that the previous owner has upgraded all 5 alloy wheels & tires to 16" heavy alloys (almost a kg more than the normal alloy wheels) & slim thicker Yokohama DB tires.

I am getting 7 Kms in city & around 10.5kms average per ltr. with AC.

One of my friend just checked & found that my stepney is very much heaviour compared to the other set of the same specification & due to this the milage of my car is definately affected by atlest 1.5 to 2 Kms. Also pick up of the car will also slightly go up.

Then i visited the Machelene showroom & there i got feedback from one of the sales executuve, he too is insisting to change the alloyes to 15" alloy wheels with the macheline tires which will be 01 cms less in the width than my existing tires.

He isstating that the tires life will be more than 6 years if used properly.

He is also supporting that it will definately lead in overall milage for about 2 kms, also the cushining effect of the car will also get enhanced.

He gave me overall estimate of 50K for all 5 sets.
What is your openion about this concern?

Will it be really going to work out with respect to the fuel effeciency as well as comfy ride?

He is stating that all Skoda Laura had tires & alloy wheels of same which i have fitted now. Many customers have replaced the same to 15"& they are happy with their cars overall results.

What is your openion about this concern?

Kindly give me proer advice as the question is of 50K.

Please mail me to swapnil_natu@yahoo.co.in.

  • 4672 day(s) ago by Swapnil Natu
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look in to my web site...for milage & polliction reduse...which is much better and cheep...good idea....hho is the soluctin for u ....let other ur friends know that also ...save india...and save earth....bye..www.fuelfromwater.in or call me on 9348499922 foe more info

Posted: 4670 day(s) ago

There variation in mileage by slight margine with changing to higher size will always be there and could be around 1KMPL or so as against 2KMPL. Also the sligtly ovweweight tyre instepny wont affect pick up. The mileage you are getting is quite ok considering overall performance and expected mileage of Sonata of earler model which was one of the main factors contributing for lesser sale.You can go ahead with using the same existing set of tyres till ther is good tyre life. Later go for replacement.

Posted: 4670 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
Hi Mr. Shiva,

Lets come to the basic topic from the above diversion.

U cleared my doubt about the milage drop & i agreed to it, even my openion was also the same that due to the wide tires, milage may get affected by 1Kms, but the problem what i am suspecting is the heavy Alloy wheels, as per Machelene dealer, the wider tires make stearing much more smooth & not hard, where as i am getting very hard stearing wheel.
Machelene person states that even due to the heavy alloy wheels my cars breaking is also became slower.
Hence he has insisted me to get the ally wheels changed to 15 inches with the high wall thicknessed tires ( Explained below as from side view) will help me improving milage as well as soft coushioning effect in suspension & also the smoother stearing efforts.

Also u did not cleared that if the Height of the tire ( ie. from rim to the surface of the tire -side view) is more, the coushioning & overall effect of suspensions will improve. The thudd sound which i am facing at the present will reduce to minimum level with no sound itself. is it true?

Also would be interested to know your openion about Mr. Saish's milage improving hybrid kit too..

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Natu.

Posted: 4668 day(s) ago

Regarding size of tyre as the vehicle is already fitted with 16" alloy wheels and driven, you can just check once if steering to extreem right or left resuts in tyre touching the fenders. Also it has to be confirmed if the thud sound your are getting is due to oversized tyres.If it is so then best solution is to replace the tyres If not then the same can be continued.As the tyre size is higher proportionately the weight would also be higher. Though it will surely take slightly more effort for effective braking, there is advantage of better coushioning and onroad image.

Posted: 4667 day(s) ago

Munaf Patel
swapnil ,
just to add , yes the low profile tyres will not give you a comfortable ride on bad roads (it does not effect on good tarmac). secondly , by upsizing , you have slightly increased the radius of the tyre from the original...now this will give you an error in your odometer / speedometer ;hence the difference in mileage & error in the speed of your car. iam surprised how can a michelin personal claim tyre life in years & not kms.? i feel these guys are confusing you..so ,don't get confused understand what they have to say ,reason for your self & then take a decision. for 50K , its too much of an investment on the existing car. 16" mags look cool. enjoy it. regards to steering , it'll be slightly stiffer , which cannot be very evident provided your power steering mechanism is in good condition.

Posted: 4665 day(s) ago

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