If vehicle is not transferred by buyer in his her name

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If vehicle is not transferred by buyer in his/her name. What are the responsibility of seller of vehicle after sale. If the vehicle is been misused by buyer etc.?
  • 4566 day(s) ago by Ssivakumar
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we should sign transfer challan. try to sell our verhicle trusted person only. It it is less price dosnt matter. but be safe always.

Posted: 4565 day(s) ago

Satyabrat Pandey
It is very important for seller to transfer the vehicle on buyer's name Hence seller should be do transfer the vehicle on buyer name because it is the safe thing for uncertian incident

Posted: 4565 day(s) ago


The seller has to ensure that transaction is complete.By transferring vehicle documents and take a delivery note also .Otherwise he will be taking risk .

Posted: 4565 day(s) ago

Right on the spot - Follow points put forward by Paddy - U'll save urself a lot of anguish & unnecessary run arounds

Posted: 4564 day(s) ago

Basenth Mathew Thomas
Hello Madam,
A delivery note is a one of the most Profound option to tackle such situation but the thing is that u need to have a revenue stamp and seal to make it authentic and valuable many a times dealers will just sign the delilvery note which is having no value. There are other ameture ways of doing it like making a registered agreement in a 50 rs stamp paper recording the transfer and sale. It will be good if you can inform the RTO soon after the sale that the transaction is made with the delivery note.But if we do not have any of these proofs the sole resposibility will be with the seller until and unless u do not have a case registered with the police stating that the vehicle is missing or Stolen on or before the miused date.

Posted: 4563 day(s) ago

Gautam Jain Chennai
There are many ways to sell bikes/cars 1/ make a deal before pricing tnat immediate transsfer ownership .take some part amount and make a agreement on bond paper.thantake nessassary things( photos .add proof .30 form back side buyer sign etc) go to rto and transsefer .and call buyer for balance amount .get full value and deliver vehicle. for extra safty take buyer TO SIGN IF BUYER FAILS TO PAY /HAVE ANY IDEA TO CHEAT YOU ARE SUGGEST TO CHANGE AGAIN VEHICLE TO UR NAME.ADVANCE AMOUNT DEDUCT LOSS BY MORE OWNER SHIP. 2/ MAKE A DEAL TAKE VALUE AMOUNT DELIVER VEHICLE TAKE DELIVERY NOTE WITH TIME DATE AND TAKE XEROX , ONE XEROX POST TO UR AREA rto AND ONE ORIGIN RTO WHERE VEHICLE REGISTERED BY REGD.a/d post. original delivery note buyer photo add proof xerox keep your self for future

Posted: 4560 day(s) ago

it is important for the seller to take a delivery note,which is available in the rto transfer form set,specifying the date and time of delivery,duly signed by the buyer.Also payment should be taken by a cheque/ demand draft,from the buyer,which establishes the transaaction taking place,legally.Ideally the cheque should be signed by the buyer,and the signature on the cheque,and the date on the cheque should be the same as in the delivery note.This is because in this stupid country,the buyer may use the car for years without transferring in his name,and in case of any accident or other mess,the seller is in some trouble as the vehicle is in the sellers name in rto records.

Ideally the vehicle must be delivered after the transfer is done in rto records.this is the procedure followed by companies,who do not deliver the car to buyer,till the rto formalities are completed.the seller can assure the buyer that he will not use the vehicle,after getting the payment,and the buyer can note the km reading,as an assurance

Posted: 4552 day(s) ago

Gautam Jain Chennai
sir,if buyer not transfer vehicle in his name and also fail to renewal insurance and vehicle met major accident got loss of lives to another person that time first enquiry officer come to old owner ,that time it is ur duty to search out to that person who purchased veh. from you. delivery note time date cheque payment it all not mean at critical time. for more detail you are suggested to read old book type RC, all rules prined in it. that if you sell your vehicle you must intimate to RTO, IF YOU CHANGE OTHER COLOUR /MODIFIYING YOU SHOULD INTIMATE AND MAKE AN ALTERATION IN RC, AND IF YOU SELL YOUR VEHICLE IN SCRAP ALSO YOU MUST TO TAKE PERMISSION AND SURRENDER RC TO RTO AUTHORITY. FINALY I SUGGEST TO ALL WHO WANT FUTURE PEACE OF MIND DONT SELL VEHICLE WHITHOUT TRANSFER

Posted: 4549 day(s) ago

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Posted: 2346 day(s) ago

i have a copy of the vehicle delivery note alongwith the pan card copy of the buyer - is that ok?

Posted: 2042 day(s) ago

Hello Sir,

I have sell my vehicle in 2012 and i don't have any proof of selling i have sell this vehicle at my bad time. But the vehicle is still on my name please any suggestion so that i can get any help. i am really worried abut this please any suggestion...


Posted: 1692 day(s) ago

dear all , it is always advisable that the name be transfer must be effected at the tim o sale otherwise the seller wil be in trouble in case of accident.

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

Dear all, it advsable that the name transfer must be effected after the sale of the vehicle otherwise the seller will in trouble in case of accident

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

Hi Praveen,
If you have sold your car to an unknown person and he's not doing the name transfer even after you requested, you can give a written complaint to the police station saying that Your car is sold long back and the name transfer is not done even after multiple reminders.
Or you can warn the buyer that you are going to complaint in the police station that your car is stolen, if he's not going to do name transfer..
By these ways you can make sure the name transfer is done by the buyer and that you are not in trouble anymore by that car..

Posted: 1616 day(s) ago

Subhash Baghla
I have sld my car lst yr but the buyr ha not changed onhis name. Now he wants this sale totransfer in some one else, can i doit. What papers i must obtain for safe guarding myself. Pl help,

Posted: 1544 day(s) ago

If a new car meets with an accident and the vehicles goes in total loss. Can the amount paid in RTO amount be transferred to the new vehicle

Posted: 1533 day(s) ago

Gopal Sharma
I have exchanged my Honda active 2014 model scooty in rs. 18000/- and have bought a new scooty of rs 45,000/- dealer gave me only delivery receipt and have taken all doucuments from me i.e. rc, insurance, pollution certificate etc. When I asked him give me the proof you have taken the vehicle in your possession he gave me the same challan/receipt as he give to its customer at time of selling his new vehicle. When I asked him is this enough to have a delivery note to avoid any difficulty. He assured me do not worry as soon as vehicle is sold we will give you the rc of second owner. Sir. Iam worried if it misused or something happen wrong than what shall I do. kindly guide me what can I do in this situation.

Posted: 1233 day(s) ago

Khurshid Karim
I have sold my bike Hero Passion plus on exchange offer from the hero dealer in kolkata, they have sold my bike to their vendor and gave me delivery note sign by buyer and adhaar xerox. I have told dealer to transfer the vehicle to the buyer name. They assured me not to worry and be in your name. I have asked many times but they are not doing. Is delivery note and address proof of the buyer enough for our record.

Posted: 1056 day(s) ago

can we inform rto office even after 14 days of selling vehicle, i sold car in july 2017.can i inform rto regarding selling of vehicle now


Posted: 1054 day(s) ago

Need urgent help, i sold my car on 19th March and having the sale note and Adarcard. The original doc give to broker for the RC transfre and he did not file. I did not informed RTO assuming transfer will be done. The broker is not giving back the origional and what can be done

l. If I inform RTO now, will it help
2. How I should safe guard myself

Posted: 1034 day(s) ago

what is solution for it in transfer when Your Vehicle Registration/RC for this vehicle has been expired. Your RC is not valid.

Posted: 1023 day(s) ago

If Motorcycle was bought and contract was signed but motorcycle is still in owners name and it got stolen Is there anything the seller can do if buyer doesnt pay amount promised in contract

Posted: 967 day(s) ago

Dear all,
i have brought a bike from Allahabad the owner said that i will change the name and give you so he took the money and gave the bike to me and went now i cannot able to find him what can i do now But i have the original paper in his name

Posted: 943 day(s) ago

This vehicle has multiple active records in the RTOs - KARNATAKA RTO, BANGALORE SOUTH and KARNATAKA RTO, BANGALORE NORTH. Please contact concerned RTO. What can I do

Posted: 936 day(s) ago

I am getting the above error while trying to fetch the vehicle details.

Posted: 936 day(s) ago

I am also getting this same error, can anyone help.

Posted: 918 day(s) ago

hi sir am also getting same error... what we do

Posted: 898 day(s) ago

I am also having same doubt but May be multiple active records means still the vehicle was in the name of previous owners name means 1st 2nd or 3rd party name, still not changed

Posted: 887 day(s) ago

Santhi Kumar
I am getting the above error while trying to fetch the vehicle details. Please help.

Posted: 878 day(s) ago

Same happens here what it is all about... please someone suggest how to rectify it

Posted: 838 day(s) ago

I have sold my scooter and I see there are two active RTO record, one in my name and other in the buyers name. Do I need to do anything in further here

Posted: 797 day(s) ago

Scarry Bruiser

Posted: 714 day(s) ago

Asheesh Kumar
I agree term and conditions

Posted: 685 day(s) ago

I had bought a second hand car in pune but car original owner in Mumbai. But the dealer has not transferred RC book in my name. It is 3 years now neither he has done NOC for the car. I had paid extra 5000 to the dealer at the time of buying. He is just making me fool for last 3 years by giving nonsense excuses. I am not driving the car last 1.5 years and it is just parked. Please advise what should I do

Posted: 598 day(s) ago

Dns Reddy
I sold my vehicle 15 years back. Delivery note is missing at my place. Since the vehicle is not transferred on his name i am frequently getting traffic challans. How to control this .

Posted: 589 day(s) ago

Rc or sale letter which is more important .rc is still in the name of old user but the sale letter in my name

Posted: 537 day(s) ago

Somebudy takes money from.me, he gave me rc, sale letter and stamp....
But i dont have physical delivery of vechical
Now he is fail to gives payment.....how to get his vechical

Posted: 485 day(s) ago

I have sold my vehicle in aug 2017 ...i have lost tge id proof of the buyer and now i check vehicle is still on my name what can i do plzz suggest me

Posted: 456 day(s) ago

I sold my vehicle 15 years back. Delivery note is missing at my place. Since the vehicle is not transferred on his name i am frequently getting traffic challans. How to control thi

Posted: 384 day(s) ago

I sold my vehicle 15 years back. Delivery note is missing at my place. Since the vehicle is not transferred on his name i am frequently getting traffic challans. How to control thi

Posted: 384 day(s) ago

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Posted: 291 day(s) ago

Amarjit Singh
i buy used car and he gave me form 30 for avidavit but I lost rc now have any procedure to get duplicate rc

Posted: 192 day(s) ago

i have sold my vehicle other state person what is the documents

Posted: 53 day(s) ago

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