I have had the same problm in 3 Cars after i converted them

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I have had the same problm in 3 Cars after i converted them on CNG. Esteem, Honda city type 2 and now the accent. the Issue is that the RPM of the engine starts to fluctuate rapidly and the engine stops in idle mode. The. I have had numerous sugestions and i changed everything from spark plugs to the coil but the problem just doesn't seem to solve. Please help as i am sure there may be a lot of people facing the same problem using CNG in their cars.
  • 4665 day(s) ago by Jamshed
Under: Hyundai Accent #Cars
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Its one of the maindrawback of using CNG kit.Though it can not be solved completely, can be minimised by regular servicing of conversion kit.

Posted: 4665 day(s) ago

Varinder Singh
U can try resetting the car ECM.Driving in CNG mode effect the ECM. memory. This can be done by disconnectn the negative wire of the battery and pressing the brake pedal for 2-3 mins to completely drain out current from ECM.Then reconnect the battery and start the car.Now drive the car for at least 15 mins for the ECM to take ur driving style.I think this dhould solve ur problem.

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

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