1 Tata Safari specifies its power as 140 ps Pl expain

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(1)Tata Safari specifies its power as 140 ps. Pl expain this unit.
(2)Please also elaborate the precise significance of specifying rpm when specifying power and Torque and why the RPM values are given differently in different car models
  • 4561 day(s) ago by J Y DESAI
Under: Tata Safari #Cars
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J Y Desai
Thank you Mr Shiv Shankar. Please do clarify the following in your reply:-
a)Full expanded form of "Ps"? Is it Nm/sec?
b)Is 1 Ps = 1 BHP? If not 1 Ps = how many BHP?

Posted: 4560 day(s) ago

Ps is unit for power equal to BHP.While specifying power RPM is mentioned to indicate power developed at that RPM ie rotation per minute of crankshaft .While testing engine maximum power generated by engine will be considered and RPM at which that power is generated is also noted.More power at lesser RPM indicates efficiency of engine.Torque is the twisting effort available at end of crank shaft which will be transmitted to axle shaft.

Posted: 4559 day(s) ago

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