Hi Friends I am planning to buy Swift Dezire

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Hi Friends..........

I am planning to buy Swift Dezire on in Sep/Oct 10. I drive on weekend so I go for Petrol Version preferably VXI version.

So I have following Question in my mind....

1. Is Leg Space is enough in this car? I am 6.3" tall....So I doubt.
2. How it would be maintenance cost & Spare part cost?
3. How much is Average getting?

Any other version or model you suggest.

Please Reply ASAP.

Mayur Kulkarni
  • 3866 day(s) ago by Mayur Kulkarni
Under: Maruti Swift Dzire #Cars
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TVS Motor
Apache RTR 160
Hi Mayur,
If ur gonna use the car on self-drive then the front seats are heaven (is husd kno -- im 6'3 myself and drive a VDI)....
If ur gonna hv a driver and sit at the back then make sure u get a driver who is dhort in height...if ur front seat goes ahead then back leg space is gud....if front seat is pushed all the way back then only a 5'4 -- 5'5 person can sit in the backseat......

MAintenance & Spares is nevr a worry wid maruti.....NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!!!

My VDI gives about 14 kmpl....VXI shud give u about 14-15.....!!!!!!!

Check out the Linea also if u want.....its also an option...!!!!!

CHEERS and njoy ur decision....!!!!

Posted: 3866 day(s) ago

Sujan Kishore
Hero Honda
Hi Mayur, for your height. The best car ever I advise is just Mistubishi Lancer. Go and check every car, and see the differenct and e-mail me if I am wrong. Only Lancer can satisfies you. Second option will be Manza.

Posted: 3866 day(s) ago

Hey Mayur,
I am not sure about what your basic requirements are , but Desire petrol version would make sense only if you will be using the car for 4-5 years atleast. The resale value for Desire petrol is bad, also this car is a good performer and certainly not as excellent as BALENO or Honda City. My personal suggestion would be go for used Honda City(dolphin shape). You can get a mint condition car(as good as new) around 5.5-6 here in Maharashtra. FE highway 17+, city 14+, and what more should I say about Honda.
If you are obsessed with new cars, think of Manza, Accent(Executive), Aveo.
Sorry to say but Desire petrol does not make a whole lot of sense to me.

Abhijit S RajeMane

Posted: 3866 day(s) ago

For your height I would suggest you go in for the Manza. I am about the same height as you. In the Manza you will have excellent clearance for your head, good legroom, and a very comfortable car overall. Moreover, the fully loaded version is cheaper than the Dzire.
A petrol Dzire does not have the resale value you would expect.

Posted: 3866 day(s) ago

u wont get it before dec as bookings are heavy. also diesel is having less waiting at ND dont know about u r area. u wont get a better deal at this price. re leg space only kids can be seated behind the drv seat for a person of u r ht. re spares honda is nearly double as to maruti and tata diesel is anyway expensive to maintain... had a bad exp with previous tata

Posted: 3866 day(s) ago

Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a good selection for its proven performance and maintenance costs.You can expect mileage of around 14KMPL on averge. As mentioned by Prateek front seating driver or co driver would be best suited for comfort of long drives.

Posted: 3866 day(s) ago

Shaik Ahmed
you better wait till jan 2011 bcoz in 2011 new model swift is coming in market it is like (bmw) mini cooper

Posted: 3865 day(s) ago

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