Hero honda super splendor have 900ml engine oil First i

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Hero honda super splendor have 900ml engine oil. First i fully removed oil from the engine then i poured oil, the level is reach below 900ml. but i poured 900ml so that the oil level is reached above the maximum level. Now what i m asking, 1.any problem will be come or not? 2.Which problem will come. And 3.which is correct? 900ml or marking level?
  • 4355 day(s) ago by Jebaraj
Under: Hero Honda Super Splendor #Bikes
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pl put the bike on main stand ,see level after filling 900 ml ,it must be shown upper level.
in driving low level or too low level oil supply to head will to slow , so came shaft may damage .and main bearing give noice, engine will loss some performance..

Posted: 4355 day(s) ago

Slightly higher oil level wont have negetive effects. If you have poured 900 ml only then nothing to worry.

Posted: 4354 day(s) ago

Jahangir Yar Khan
Royal Enfield

there is no problem if the engine oil poured is in excess. no need to start a debate on this . most of the guys visiting this space are all ignorant.

Posted: 4351 day(s) ago

Gagandeep Singh
Removed oil then after put petrol bcoz inside the engine clear ther i put engine oil 900 ml is it right or wrong

Posted: 2425 day(s) ago

Vinay Patel
This is Right Procedure Whenever you change oil.
1st Put Your Bike On Main Stand.
2nd Remove Lower Screw And Wait for All Sometime Until Your Bike Oil Will Full Empty.
3rd After Remove All Oil Put Some Patrol Inside And Start Kicking Your Bike For At least 8 to 10 Times.(Make Sure Your Bike Is In Off Condition. And Replace Your New Engine Oil & Enjoy..

Posted: 2324 day(s) ago

Vinay Patel
900 Ml Is Enough For Bike

Posted: 2324 day(s) ago

How to change engine oil in splendor plus which bolt will be remove under the engine left one r right place chare image

Posted: 2099 day(s) ago

if i put more the 900 ml means what will happen

Posted: 1821 day(s) ago

If you put more than 900 ml oil then the oil ring on piston might leak some into combustion chamber resulting in carbon formation and loss of power. It may damage oil ring/seals.

Posted: 1364 day(s) ago


Posted: 641 day(s) ago

Splendor plus 2016model ki engine oil ki kitni capacity hogi

Posted: 641 day(s) ago

Lovelesh Kumar Vishwakarma
1 liter hogya to Koi problem

Posted: 284 day(s) ago

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