Sir I wish to purchase a volks wagon Polo but my doubt is

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Sir,I wish to purchase a volks wagon Polo,but my doubt is about the cost of spare parts and service charge after the expiry of free service period and insurance.please give a reply
  • 2856 day(s) ago by VENUJI
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Generally the cost ofspares would be in proportion to the actual price of the car.The service charges and maintenance would also be in the same proportion.As the Polo cars are still new new on road. Though the quality is highly reliable its difficult to provide exact maintenance costs.We will provide the same info as and when available.

Posted: 2856 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
The cars are normally warranted, and for accidents the insurance takes care. Pick up any modern car they don't give trouble for at least 4-5 years. Hence costs of spares is not a worry. What is more important is service network and dealer response, which is question mark for all the new comers. In this bracket Maruti comes at first place. It has strong presence, least spares cost, and high resale value. As far as Polo is concerned I feel we are just paying for VW label, It is not even powerful than Ritz or Swift which is around 20% cheaper and 20% more fuel efficient and generates 85 BHP

Posted: 2856 day(s) ago

I do not agree to the answers given above.
I know what is Warranty? The manufacturers will dodge and put the blame on the poor customer.
Further accident if it happens , it is another headache. The Insurance company will pay a limited sum and the customer has to pay the extra.
Further the price of the car and the price of the spare parts is not the same.THe spare parts price will be much more than the price of the car.
On the whole, it is better to buy Maruti and then go for Hyundai their popular Model where there will be some price parity,but, if you go for i20, it will be headache.
Compare the price of each part of the three or four manufactuers and their labour charges, then you will come to know the facts. Let Car Trade India do this work in getting the prices of Maruti and its competitors and let them inform to the readers.

Posted: 2855 day(s) ago

maruti and hyundai make really good cars which are easy to maintain and have cheaper spares cost BUT if somebody wants to go for any other modern car compartively newer model he should go for any of the cars available as all the manufacturers have researched before introducing thier products in india POLO is avery good car and if you are willing to drive a premium car be ready to shellout a bit more for service and spares because if we buy cars with a mental block and think negatively about things then according to our so called experts no one should buy anything above an m800 or an alto bcause anything exept these would be costlier and as far as comment about i20 is concerned i would say it a very good car with absolutely no problems and if somebody finds problems pls specify .i would suggest our self proclaimed experts to be a bit positive and realise that we are living in a competetive world where change is inevitable if today maruti has gone below 50% in sales its not because it makes inferior cars but in chaging scenario quality products are bound to come in the market and will be slightly costlier than the exsisting models,now it depends on the customer as to what he chooses asimple car or a premium car.

Posted: 2855 day(s) ago

Our dear car expert Mr Rao are u really serious when you advice or you answer just for the heck of differing and gaining attention cuase if you were to believed no one should look at anything new except maruti or hyundai .so a complete monopoly for 2 manufaturers no competition.

Posted: 2855 day(s) ago

Wagon R
The final decision should be made by the purchaser. He should decide after trial drives of the cars shortlisted by him on the basis of the usage requirements and his budget.

Posted: 2855 day(s) ago

in any case it is the purchasers decision bcause its his money not yours or mine but you should not advice him to go for something very proven and secure just bcause you fear that dealers wont give proper warranty and you might meet an accident .all the new cars are internatinally recognized with best in the industry features and polo and i20 are vry good cars and no headache as called by our expert ,in todays competitive world no manufacturer can survive without giving international standard products and service with equally good pricing .

Posted: 2855 day(s) ago

According to Mr pc rao car trade india expert we should not go for anything new in life we should always buy the most secure things and wait 15 years for a new product to prove itself in the market leave our regular jobs and research on various spares prices and comparsions.wait for all the lights to turn green before we come out of our homes and what if they all do not turn green at the same time,then sit idle in the security of our homes, and what if the roof of your house collapses while you were waiting to avoid a certain headache .life does not give time for dressrehersals mr rao the more u fear the more u complicate things with ifs and buts,be careful while choosing your car but dont fear too much as all cars including polo are proven products worldwide.

Posted: 2855 day(s) ago

How about Tata Manza.give it a try you may like it

Posted: 2854 day(s) ago

u dont need to think bcos ur choice is perfect i was use this car in UK this is awesome in this segment but price some high

Posted: 2854 day(s) ago

Some readers may not like my replies as they may have money to
burn for more comfort and trouble free running.
You may have to watch for a few more years, how, Polo and FIAT and i20 is going to fare when the customers will prove I am wrong.
I may be wrong as I may not know how much they have researched and as you may know how Ford inital model proved a failure, and even FIAT UNO did not take well,due to poor service but after collabroating with TATA, they are doing better, but still, we have to wait.
My reading may be correct but I cannot guarantee that it is wrong and people should not buy Maruti products for their oldish design.
They were the first to know what is SERVICE , and because of their research and their marketing, even Mercedes are learning how this company has fared well.
I do not want to enter into a brawl,but, my answers are mostly skewed to good VALUE but not Good design and wearing a VOLKSWAGEN badge on your car, your status improves as compared to Maruti Badge?
Let us not go into unnecessary words and leave it at this point.
In future, I am thinking,of stopping my assosciation with this Forum ,as people have not understood me.
I come from a middle class family, worked with various auto manufactures in India and also a Prof in Energy Management in my earlier GOvt of India Institue and now retired and happily living in Pune.
Thanks for my other friends who have read and know the real issues but for some members who may not like my comments.
Dr P C Rao, Pune

Posted: 2853 day(s) ago

change is inevitable and toaccept change gracefully without reacting emotionally is a realty,what you call burning money on luxury is a way of life ,times have changed and so has buying habbits ,middle class indians are the most demanding today bcause they slogg like dogs and live like kings and they do not compromise on features and luxury .in today's fast paced world with cut throat competition only the fittest survuves .which is best of quality ,service ,at most competetive rates.these new generation hatchbacks have features which cars above 20 lacs has some years ago.polo is an internatinal model and you canalways trust the build quality of vx.

Posted: 2852 day(s) ago

Varinder Singh
I think it will take time for so called brand "MARUTI" engraved in Indians mind to diminish.

Posted: 2850 day(s) ago

Maruti will be able to sell cars due to inital price is reasonable,spare parts price is reasonable,and Service is
They have built up reputation due to Hard work in the beginning and that is paying rich dividends.
Price to price they cannot be competed in spare parts which is the best point after their All India Service network and
further their inital price cannot be competed by others and lastly as they have numbers, their unit cost comes very
reasonable as compared to others as they do not have the numbers.
It is the Synergising effect and because of their numbers,
people flock to Maruti and they Gain because of this.
It is the Chicken Egg syndrome and it will take others to
work hard.
Volkswagen in the inital period when they were selling Beetle, it was the Chepest car in Germany, during the World
War, as it was a Peoples Car (Volks Wagon) and hence Maruti 800 was the Starter for all these Good things to happen.
Dr P C Rao, Pune

Posted: 2849 day(s) ago

polo is a proven good car. i support the earlier answer -warranty and insurance takes care of your new car (had 5new cars so far-zen,tavera, xylo, i10 & punto) and also the point that service and spare cost are propotionate to the cost of the car. With this in view and adding that polo doesnt provide any free service - only paid service (for labour) the service is surely going to be costlier than the competitors.
Polo is highly priced and lacks service network in india. Only over time polo can proove here.
I20 is a better choice then comes punto figo. Swift dezire is a better overall package. Can also look at logan.
Polo is really a tempting option. If u r not bothered about rear leg room and long waiting period can go for it though service network and paid service should be beared in mind.

Posted: 2847 day(s) ago

i'm agree by the point of MR.RAO....POLO has to wait for some more time to establish in indian market..MR. RAJIV for ur kind information i wd urge dat in india car market depends upon 48% people (including 10% high class persons) 38% belong to middle such purchaser's environment why would a body pay more for same facilities ...only for gaining badge??...infact polo has a lot of headache in form of service network nd service cost....choosing polo as a home car depends upon place where u live nd ur status....if u can spend more money and afford its maintenance cost den go for it....

Posted: 2846 day(s) ago

hi, i dont know mutch about i20, but couple of my friends are not happy owning it mainly because of ineffective a/c and not as smoothpick up as swift. Whats ur views on it.

Posted: 2845 day(s) ago

I purchased a Maruti Swift in May 2010 after much research on all cars in the market.
I am happy with the performance of Swift but not like Zen old which I purchased around 10yrs back, for its allround visibility.
Swift is a bit dungeon like and especially the window level is high as compared to earlier cars which I like.
Anyway it is your choice.
Dr P C Rao, Pune

Posted: 2844 day(s) ago

mr. rao wd u plz tell me about d performance of i20...bcoz i'm little bit confused subjected to opt which one of i20,polo,ford range is upto 6 lkh......

Posted: 2844 day(s) ago

I am not owner of i20 and neither I have experience to inform you about its performance.
I took the decision as Swift Zxi with ABS,and Air bags ,Alloy wheels,etc, costs 6 Lakhs on Road as compared to around 7 lakhs for a similar specs or slightly more than Maruti Zxi.

I do not know about Ford Figo please.

Polo also is a bit costlier than Maruti Swift for the same
spec but at that time it was having a 3 cyl engine and slightly underrated.

It is all depends how much you want to take RISK and go for your liking rather than ask the experts or owners who may give some answers.
Go through so many Auto magazines and you can yourself decide.
For the value to money of 6 Lakhs,and the Service which Maruti is very famous,there is no doubt to buy the new Swift which is shortly coming with slightly increased total length and different Platform.
GOod reading.
pcrao pune

Posted: 2842 day(s) ago

Jasjeet Singh
sir can u suggest buy new car and my choice is fiat punto,i20,polo.which one is best i love i20.wt will u suggest?

Posted: 2744 day(s) ago

polo 1.6 is a good car.Has a good build up quality.

Posted: 2735 day(s) ago

Mr.jasjeet singh and Mr.PC Rao
i own hyundai i20 1.2petrol asta model(recently bought).
and i am satisfied with the ac , its pretty effective.though power is less than swift but according to dealer it will gradually increase after 2nd service is done.
i think the car has better build and is a good subsitute for maruti.(as swift is too common now).in this car
the interiors feel rich,full of featurs,big boot space legroom for rear passengers with all things.(almost 6lakhs on road), till now i have no problem.
i think brands like hyundai,honda,tata are good subsitutes if one don't want to go maruti's car.(rather forcibly sending to go for it).


Posted: 2733 day(s) ago

Lalit Nagpal
MR.RAO PLEASE THROW SOME LIGHT ON CHEVY BEAT.HOW IS THat car compared to swifgt,.i10,figoetc.

Posted: 2730 day(s) ago

service of vw is very poor in all service centres.the maintainence cost for two is almost equals to new car cost.If any ac cident happens you have to forget the car on the spot vw they are recommending Bajaj Alliez insurance. But getting insurance claim is also very difficult....

Posted: 2156 day(s) ago

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