Dear experts i have Tata indica DLS 2002 model when i

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Dear experts,
i have Tata indica DLS 2002 model.when i start in the morning or any time its belt is making irritating noise.i have already changed fan belt & timing belt but still noise is me the solutions.
  • 4361 day(s) ago by Umesh
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The noise could be loosely fitted fan belt.Adjusting the same should solve the problem.

Posted: 4361 day(s) ago

Brother nothing can be done for this. This is a very very common problem with Tata Vehicles, nobody can solve it. Only option you have for this is sell off this vehicle.

Posted: 4361 day(s) ago

Jagjit Singh
Change of AC belt, may solve your problem, even after changing AC belt the problem is not solved then, I am totally agreed with Mr Nitish Oberoi's suggestion.

Posted: 4361 day(s) ago

what an intelligent suggestion by our friends , if u cant take care of getting a belt tightened you should sell the car, next time if someone is having fever he might suggest commiting suicide or if someone has a boil in his hand he can suggest chopping it umesh the sound you are talking is nothing but a loose fan belt which needs regular tightening in the earlier version of indica.

Posted: 4360 day(s) ago

The sound come from belt for the reason of grip less running. Morning time the belt has dry & stiffness condition. So The belt don't having grip due to stiffness condition. Before We starting morning time [First time of the day] pour drizzle of water to the belt. The sound will not come. Your problem is solve. [First check the belt tight otherwise you follow the above procedure]

Posted: 4360 day(s) ago

hahaha...this noise will always be there in indica after the car gets 3-4yrs old:)

Posted: 4360 day(s) ago

stop haha eeeeeng like a stupid person if u dont know anything about indica .rightly said by shiva the noise is of a loose fanbelt either you get an original replacement or get it tightened at regular intervals.another once for all solution is replacing the pulley and the fanbelt with indica turbo or indigo's set which has 4 grooves and it does not make any noise.

Posted: 4358 day(s) ago

See your Indica is quite old model. If you spending money on it to repair these things. It clearly means you are waisting your money. I had an indica 2004 DLS model which i finally sold because it had so many problems like weird noises of fan belt, faulty power steering and other countless problems. So until unless you exteemly love this car dont keep it sell it off.

Whatever suggestion Mr.Ashu and Mr.Rajiv has given is good but for new models. Otherwise I can challange anyone who can solve this problem even if you go to company workshop.

Posted: 4328 day(s) ago

indica is a very good vehicle if properly maintained ,iam using first generation dlx which crossed 2.5 lak kms, and now also no problem.

Posted: 2657 day(s) ago

indica is good vehicle but i have indica dls model it has same problem .if i replace indica turbo's belt and pully will it be work to remove noice ?

Posted: 2444 day(s) ago

Plz spread some greas on the fan belt by ur finger tip and tighten the belt. You can ur solve the problem. Don't go with them who told u to sell out the Indica car. This Car is nic

Posted: 2274 day(s) ago

Hi all i have tata indica 2006 model need push to start in the morning or after a gap of 3 to 4 hrs. I had replaced all heater plug new. Please help

Posted: 2206 day(s) ago

check for all tension and idler pulleys in the timing belt assembly. They tend to wear out around 1lkh Kms . I have replaced the bearings in the alternator and all pulleys by 1.13lkh kms . indica is not a bad car if you maintain it properly

Posted: 2165 day(s) ago

Hi friend I have 2002 model Tata Indica i buy second the car very condition but noise very bad i changed alternator belt but the noise not stop again toomuch noise pls solution

Posted: 1822 day(s) ago

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