i m planning to buy a skoda octivia RSV6 petrol engine

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i m planning to buy a skoda octivia RSV6 petrol engine model 2005 about 40000 km run.
& i want to install the gas kit in that because it gives a lower average of just 7or 8 km/ltr. but the owner tells me that kit will not support this engine & the installer tell me that he can adjust it & car can run well....on that..
pls guide me on that.
because most of RS-V6 model owners & even company has told me that the of rsv6 model does not support the cng kit.
i m not concerned with the performance of the car. means i dont want a high speed driving or a fast pick-up. all i want is a good average.pls guide me on that.
  • 4589 day(s) ago by Ahoza
Under: Skoda L & K #Tax
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Though CNG kit can be fitted with suitable arrangement.Fitting of CNG kit to Octavia would lead to increased maintenance costs.Considering the maintenace costs including spares cost for octavia, it wont be a good idea in fitting CNG kit to Octavia.

Posted: 4589 day(s) ago

first of all thanx for the prompt reply to me on my question about skoda rsv-6 purchase. the company tell me that cng pump has a presure of about 14 ps while filling the gas in to our vehicle.but the skodarsv-6 model will need much preasure in other wise it will not properly run.
if the cng kit seller once fitsthe kit , he will put the gas with higher presure. so , in begining i can get god permormance but when i go to other gas-stations, dut to their low preusre of gas, the car will not run well. is that possible in my case. pls guide me.

Posted: 4589 day(s) ago

It is possible to fit CNG kit and use the car and while filling at other sattions also you can fill to required pressure. But the main problem is the compatiability of ket to engine and related problems arising after fittment. The number of instances of successful utility of CNG kit to Octavia is very less.Also more difficulty arises if related engine parts have to be replaced/ serviced. Also availability of spares and cost will have to be considered before going for that.

Posted: 4589 day(s) ago

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