I am having Ford ICON 2000 and it was run 80000 KM Now I

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I am having Ford ICON 2000 and it was run 80000 KM. Now I want to convert as LPG Car. Is it advisable for ICON 2000 model. Kindly advice me
  • 4576 day(s) ago by Arasu
Under: Ford Ikon #Cars
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B S Kumar
As far as converting to LPG goes, it is always a great option for petrol cars. If you can find a good LPG kit dealer/mechanic for doing this for the Ikon (which I have heard is not the easiest car to convert to LPG), you will get great, economical, trouble free service out of your Ikon. LPG is a superior fuel and is actually better for your engine. Your car will run smooth and quiet and have much less tendency to "knock" even at lowered speeds in each gear.

Posted: 4575 day(s) ago


yes you can try with a good LPG kit .May be for a couple of months and compare cost effectiveness compared with earlier costs .Most of customers gone for LPG kit enjoy cost effectiveness for few months and later sell the car as problems increases. There are both advantages and disadvantages in fitting an LPG. You will have to finaly decide whether to invest or not .

Posted: 4575 day(s) ago

Funny wrong answers - Here is someone asking for advice and what is given is contradications & asking some one to throw good money after bad. Get a unit LPG conversation kit fitted & then sell it when it starts to give u problems. This is advicing some1 to spend money as a joke. An LPG conversion Kit costs over Rs 25000/- Calculate the runnin of the car before u put in the kit. Trouble with bad workmanship will happen (difficult getting mechanics with 10 fingers - they come in 10 thumbs only)-- all in all the advice is going to bring u a lot of anguish. My suggestion - use the car as it is for some time u will save yourself a lot of time, headaches and money

Posted: 4574 day(s) ago

Mahesh Regula
mr ARASU for Ford ICON 2000 vehicle as LPG is not advisable of for old Car. because of 100% not successfully installIs company fitted are safe go for company fitted LPG CARS like india, omini, 800, waganor is my chioce in lpg

Posted: 4574 day(s) ago

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