Please advice me which car I have to choose to buy My

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Please advice me which car I have to choose to buy. My intention is BEAT please compare with Ritz.Swift of Maruti. Kindly advice me. It is some confusion over Cheaverlet beat that no resale value in market. Mopreover beat yet to be beat indian road. very few person are bourght this new brand
  • 4707 day(s) ago by Mohamed Hussain
Under: Chevrolet Beat #Cars
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Ritz have more space, boot, power and performance than Beat.
If you are satisfied with rear design of Ritz then go for it. Ritz feel like a driving a big car, test drive once before you choose Beat

Posted: 4707 day(s) ago

Go blindly for Ritz, its better in all aspects(VFM,Resale, performance or space)

Posted: 4707 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
Beat has no class in front of Ritz, till date in India there is not a single respectable model given by GM which has satisfied owners and have been continued. To that matter no car has any class when it comes to value for money Ritz give. Jury is no fool to give that car Car of the award in that segment

Posted: 4707 day(s) ago

Ankit Gupta
Mohamed, I am a proud owner of a Beat and I would anyday go in for it again, especially compared to a Ritz. Yes, if you compare the servicing and after sale of Ritz and Beat, Ritz would fare better.

However, all in all in terms of space, comfort, power, value for money and a brilliant car, go in for the BEAT!

All the best!

Posted: 4707 day(s) ago

Beat is good compare to power ,smoothness and style.Resale value is less when compare to Ritz but the value is increasing day by day.Also Beat is cheaper than Ritz.

Posted: 4707 day(s) ago

I think, your question could be better answered only after knowing that -
1. How much sitting capacity is expected by you (most of the time for rear seat).
2. What about your budget (i.e. having option to go for diesel)?
3. What is your average monthly trip ?

Posted: 4706 day(s) ago

If you are looking for stylish powerful and trendy car then Beat would be the best selection.Beat price is very competitive and resale value would also be good considering quality of the car. However if you are using for regular travel of 5 persons with considerable luggage then Ritz or Swift would be better selection.

Posted: 4701 day(s) ago

Deepam Morparia
1.At low RPM BEAT has lower surge / Pick up than RITZ.Though BEAT has good BHP it is seen only at higher RPM ( Generally above 1800 RPM ).
2.50 % holding in GM India is now SIAM - Chinese company. Over period of time GM India may lose it's premium Car maker category as Chinese models will start making it's way in India through GM India. In fact GM India in all understanding is a Chinese company now. If those models click , GM India will do well else it's anybody's guess.
GM's American cars are not succeding , Asian models are succeding. Probably resale may not be good compared to RITZ.
Recently bought RITZ after trying BEAT & RITZ with above factors in mind.
Yes you may think of FIGO as an option still.

Posted: 4698 day(s) ago

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