Volkswagen Up 2WD

Expected: early 2016
Rs.4.81 lakhs to Rs.5.32 lakhs
(Estimated Ex-Showroom Price)
Volkswagen Up 2WD

Volkswagen has decided to launch its smallest car Volkswagen Up in India. The company expects to compete with Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki by its small car range. It is expected that Volkswagen Up will launch the car in 2 door hatchback, three body style and 4 door hatchback version. The company will be presenting a small hatchback, which will offer comfortable riding experience. In order to keep the cost low, the company will fit front wheel drive and front engine layout.

It is expected that the company will launch Volkswagen Up in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol engine of the car will be loaded with 1.2-litre 4-cylinder petrol motor but the diesel variant will have 0.8 litre, 2 cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. Diesel engine of the car will generate power of 75 hp and churn torque of 183 Nm but the petrol engine will produce power of 51 hp and churn torque of 100 Nm. The overall length and width of the car are 3450 mm and 1630 mm respectively. In all the three variants of this car, seating arrangement is spacious and comfortable. It is possible for four adults to travel easily in the two door hatchback. In the 4 door wagon car, 7 people can comfortably sit.

Volkswagen Up has two monitor screens, of which the first displays fuel level, vehicle speed and range. The second 7 inch monitor controls, radio volume, music selection, navigation, movies and photos. The external look of the car is extremely attractive. For robust look, it’s been provided with 18 inch alloy wheels.

Launch History of Volkswagen UP

The new Volkswagen Up is expected to enter the Indian automobile market by the end of 2011. Price of the Volkswagen Up would range from Rs. 4.81 lacs to Rs. 5.32 lacs. It is expected that the car would compete against Nissan Micra, Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Beat, and Fiat Punto. The car will be launched in India in two diesel and one petrol variant. At the 2007, Frankfurt Auto Expo, Volkswagen Up was first unveiled. Till date Volkswagen Polo is the cheapest car from the company but after the launch of Volkswagen Up, things will change. The car will be loaded with advanced safety features like Central locking Punts, Side impact beams, Front disc brakes, Dual airbags, Child seats with door locksand rear defogger. Even though the car is simple in design but it can attract any one by its exteriors.

Variants (Models) of Volkswagen UP

Volkswagen Up in India will be offered to the customers in three models such as Volkswagen Up Diesel Comfortline 1.2L, Volkswagen Up Diesel Trendline 1.2L and Volkswagen Up Petrol Comfortline 1.2L. The price of these cars varies as per the inbuilt features. All three models of the car have 45 litres tank capacity.

Pricing of Volkswagen UP

Volkswagen Up price ranges from Rs. 4.81 lacs to Rs. 5.32 lacs.

Reviewof Volkswagen UP

With its dynamic top-notch cars lined up, Volkswagen is ready to catch the market. Volkswagen Up is on top of the schedule and will be the next hatch after offerings like Polo and the Beetle. The new Volkswagen Up car is much smaller than Polo. This car has a characteristic longer wheelbase, which will be helpful in Indian roads. Volkswagen Up, which is scheduled to be launched in India, is different from its European model. In India, the car will have four doors but the European model will have 2 doors.It is expected that the car will be offered in two diesel and one petrol variant. With a price tag of around Rs. 3 lacs to Rs. 4 lacs, the car would be quite affordable. It will have a unique emergency city breaking mechanism, which will be loaded with sensors. The interiors of the cars are designed intelligently. It will have enough legroom and head room. Volkswagen Up 2011 is expected to deliver mileage of around 15 kmpl to 18 kmpl. Accurate details of the car will be revealed once it is officially launched in the Indian market

0.8 litre diesel mill and 1.2 litre petrol are two engine types of engines provided by Volkswagen. The engine of the car will be placed in the front section of the car. Volkswagen UP would be offered in 5 speed manual transmission in India but the automatic transmission option is available in the cars abroad. Volkswagen Up will enter the Indian market with various interior features like spacious cabin with ample legroom, power steering, dual tone upholstery and sleek dash. Apart from these, Volkswagen Up is also loaded with certain warning alarms, instrument cluster with the tachometer, adjustable headrests at the front and powerful AC.

Sporty touch is added by the beautifully placed glove box and centralized information panel. From the outer sight, the new Volkswagen Up is quite dramatic. By unique piece of design, the fog lights at the bottom are surrounded. The tail lamps of the car compliment the rear looks. Body coloured bumpers of Volkswagen Up at the front and back enhances the look of the car. Due to the unique braking mechanism, the Volkswagen Up has been in discussion. The sensors of Volkswagen Up automatically control brakes, whenever it has 30 kmph.

As per power steering is concerned, the new Volkswagen Up would provide great handling. The car will also have excellent side clearing. No information has been provided by the company regarding the suspension of the car. It is also expected that the Volkswagen Up will come with embedded audio/ stereo system.

Specifications of Volkswagen UP

The total length, height and width of new Volkswagen Up are 3679 mm, 1540 mm and 1631 mm respectively. It has wheel base of 2560 mm, which makes this car suitable for all types of terrains. Volkswagen Up has fuel tank capacity of 45 litres, which is quite impressive. Further, the tyre size is 175/70 R14.

Exterior of Volkswagen UP

With its compact design and excellent looks, the Volkswagen Up proves to be a very practical car among its competition

Exterior Appearance of Volkswagen UP

Compared to its fox model, the Volkswagen Up has more height. The front section of Volkswagen Up 2011 is simple and attractive. Volkswagen logo in chrome is positioned on the front section of the car. Between the lamps, the air intake covers sleek horizontal shape. The front bumper of the car matches well with the body structure.

The side profiles of the car looks a bit stretched, which can be viewed from its powerful C pillar, extended windows, far forwarded A pillar and butterfly doors. The rear end of the Volkswagen Up has dual purpose tail gate by which the entire area is covered.

Exterior MeasurementsofVolkswagen UP

The overall length, height and width of the Volkswagen Up are 3679 mm, 1540 mm and 1631 mm respectively. It has wheel base of 2560 mm.

Interior of Volkswagen UP

Volkswagen has done maximum detailing to the interiors of Up. This mid sized Volkswagen Up has the ability to attract any car lover with its design. Further, various types of comfort features will be added to this car.

Interior Appearance of Volkswagen UP

For four passengers, there are two seat rows inside the car. All the seats of Volkswagen Up have airflow foam type cushion. These cushions adapt automatically to individual anatomies. The bench type rear seat is integrated with two child seats. Due to the high seating position, one can get the facility of ultra comfortable seating. Sufficient luggage room can be created by removing and folding the seats of Volkswagen Up.

The dashboard in Volkswagen Up-Space has two monitors of which the first one is 8 inch. Car speed, Co2 emission and fuel level are displayed on the monitor. It will be extremely convenient to operate the monitor as it will have icons and features. By touching the desired icon, the user can operate the centre display system of Volkswagen Up.

Interior Comfort of Volkswagen UP

The yet to arrive Volkswagen Up will be a comfortable car as it would be equipped with various advanced features. Rear seats of this car can be folded and removed for maximum luggage space. The bench type seat row is also sufficient for two passengers. In Volkswagen Up, boot space of 220 litres will be ensured. Airflow cushions of the Volkswagen Up car will provide maximum comfort to the passengers. AC and Bluetooth are the standard features of this car. It also has power steering, tiltable steering column and power door locks.

Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy of Volkswagen UP

Although not yet launched, Mileage of the new Volkswagen Up is expected to be on the higher side. It is reported that the fuel economy of Volkswagen Up in the city would be 15 kmpl and it would provide mileage of 19 kmpl on highways.

On-road Drive

Driving the new Volkswagen Up would be a great experience as the car will come with excellent suspension system due to which one will not feel jerks on bad roads. Being compact in size, the car can be handled easily. Along with strong suspension, Volkswagen Up has sound braking and wider tyres with higher wheel base. It is expected that the car will be fitted with front disc and rear drum brakes to face any kind of unpredictable situation, while driving.

Power of Volkswagen UP

In terms of power, the Volkswagen Up has got average ranking. 0.8 litre diesel mill and 1.2 litre petrol are two engine types of Volkswagen Up. Petrol model of this car will be loaded with 1.2 litre, 4 cylinder petrol engine, which will produce a power of 75 hp and a torque of 183 Nm. Volkswagen Up 2011 will have manual 6 speed gearbox but there is provision for optional automatic transmission. The diesel engine of the Volkswagen Up will come with a displacement 800 cc which will be a turbocharged powertrain. The engine would generate a power of 51 hp and torque of 100 Nm.

Safety and Security of Volkswagen UP

Volkswagen Up, which is expected to arrive in the Indian market, will be loaded with various safety features, which will make it ideal for all types of driving conditions. The car will come with side impact beams, child seats with door locks, front disc brakes and rear defoggers. Further, Volkswagen Up will also have front dual airbags for minimising any kind of damage during collision.

Stereo and Accessories of Volkswagen UP

The Volkswagen Up 2011 will be loaded with advanced multimedia system, which will include CD/MP3 player with AM/FM plus Bluetooth connectivity and AUX port.

Dealers of Volkswagen UP

There are 69 dealers of Volkswagen in 56 cities across India. Accurate price details can be collected from the authorised dealers. There might be certain amount of price differences among the dealers. Various dealers of Volkswagen Up are listed below:

Andhra Pradesh Volkswagen Deccan
Volkswagen Hyderabad (M/S Orion Motors)
Gujarat Volkswagen Ahmedabad (Automark Motors Pvt. Ltd)
Volkswagen Karnavati
Karnataka Volkswagen Bangalore
Volkswagen Downtown Bangalore
Volkswagen Palace Cross
Maharashtra Volkswagen Downtown Mumbai (Shaman Cars Pvt Ltd)
Volkswagen Mumbai East (KSM Motors Pvt. Ltd.)
Volkswagen Mumbai West Tornado Motors Pvt. Ltd.
West Bengal Volkswagen Kolkata
Uttar Pradesh Volkswagen Lucknow
Volkswagen Noida
Punjab Volkswagen Jalandhar Lally Motors India (P) Ltd.
Volkswagen Ludhiana
Haryana Volkswagen Ambala City
Volkswagen Faridabad
Rajasthan Volkswagen Jaipur

Company Quotes of Volkswagen UP

According to Torsten Oehmke, technical project manager for the Up! "The five-door arrives at the beginning of next year, with a Cross up! version following in 2013." He added: "At the moment it's not 4WD but we are working on a system and let's not rule it out. It would have to be a more complicated system than something like the Panda 4x4."

Competitor Analysis of Volkswagen UP

It is expected that Volkswagen Up cars in India will compete against Hyundai i10, Nissan Micra, Chevrolet Beat, Maruti Swift and Fiat Punto. Compared to Hyundai i10 car, Volkswagen Up is much better in terms of price. In terms of power, Volkswagen Up dominates Hyundai i10. There is no major difference of the price of Volkswagen Up and Nissan Micra but the price of the former is said to be better than the latter. The mileage ofVolkswagen Up car will be better than Maruti Swift but the latter dominates the former as per as the exteriors are concerned.

Pros of Volkswagen UP

The car will be appreciated for its excellent mileage and compact body structure. It is comfortable for four passengers. Further, the Up will be cheaper than many Volkswagen models

Cons of Volkswagen UP

New Volkswagen Up does not have very impressive exterior looks. The car will not be preferred by big families as it has less interior space compared to its competitors.

Conclusion of Volkswagen UP

The yet to launch Volkswagen Up 2011 will be an affordable car for middle income groups. It will be cheaper than many other Volkswagen models available in the market. The car will be sufficient for four passengers and it would suit smaller families. Available in both petrol and diesel versions, the Volkswagen Up will provide freedom of choice to the customers.

Fact Sheet:

Fuel Types Petrol
Price Rs.4.81 lakhs to Rs.5.32 lakhs
Key Specifications

Petrol:1200cc/3 cylinder - 70BHP &183 NMTorque

Diesel:600cc/2 cylinder - 51 BHP&100 NM

Body Type Hatchback
Volkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up PhotosVolkswagen Up Photos

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    August 23, 2012by  Vijay Halli
  • It looks to be dashing. When it is going to be launched?
    What's the price of diesel model?

    April 08, 2012by  Gaurav
  • Plz dont purchase vw up i m ride it. Its like a maruti 800.

    March 23, 2012by  Wasim Khan

    January 19, 2012by  MOHD IZHAR AHMAD
  • When is up comoing up in India ?

    December 28, 2011by  Prashanth
  • ONLY 4.81RS/- TO 5.32RS/-ONLY..........

    December 13, 2011by  JAYPAL RANA
  • i would certainly buy up

    December 13, 2011by  DR G E VIJAYAKUMAR
  • Waiting for the launch. Good news from VW

    December 01, 2011by  Nitin Modak
  • the new hero is comeing soon

    November 29, 2011by  S Singh
  • hi this is superb car i want full detials of this car

    November 01, 2011by  Udhi

    October 30, 2011by  Dimple
  • up with thumbsup that is thumbsup volkswagenup
    come early price must be competative with all features

    October 17, 2011by  Sarvesh
  • Fantastic rate and size when will Releasing in india ( Hyderabad)When is the booking starts

    October 07, 2011by  Praveen
  • When is the booking & promised delivey compliance will happen? Some of my friends after experiencing my Polo
    Comfort, desire to switch for UP as a second small car.They are waiting for the arrival despite many recent small Car arrivals.Hope you will make a new VW in Indian Market. Partha

    October 06, 2011by  Parthasarathy
  • pzl conform paticular lunch date vw.up

    August 29, 2011by  Jyotish Gochhayat
  • volkswagon up power stearing or no?
    what last speed in audometer?

    August 23, 2011by  Salim
  • This car will rock on Indian market

    August 21, 2011by  Imran
  • India is the perfect destination for the 'Volume Game' and for a revolutionary design like the Up there is excitement building up already !! Rightly said, the VW Up wud be the true successor to the VW Beetle in re-writing Automotive History ! Vielen Danke, Deutschland !

    August 01, 2011by  Javvaji Jai Prakash
  • it will start an new era in body design

    June 26, 2011by  Mugunthan
  • Really ,up will be coming in the month of june, iam waiting for it

    April 26, 2011by  N Jagadeesan
  • How can I contact company for a 'custom built' UP diesel?

    March 03, 2011by  Rajendranath Mehrotra
  • Hi i am waiting for this car,, when will be it launched???

    February 08, 2011by  Srinivas
  • This is a wonderful great gift for indians by volkswagon .
    We welcome and buy this car for our family. Please send more about this.

    November 09, 2010by  GAURAV MODGIL
  • Can anybody tell me,when it is going to launch in India?
    I am looking for a car upto 4 lacs and i think Volkswagen Up can be a better option...please provide more details if anyone knows...

    September 17, 2010by  Shital
  • It looks very nice model ... Expecting the same to be launcehd ...........Dear All pls wait and go for this hatch back its too good as my brother is using POLO is good car and luxry in driving i am using Beat also too good and good milage .... plan to go for one more UP!!!Volswogan

    September 10, 2010by  Raamkumar
  • Hi All very good model and good price waiting for the same to launch in india ..

    September 10, 2010by  Raamkumar
  • Dats Very ood . Buit Major Issue Is " When Up is Releasing in india ( Hyderabd )".

    September 02, 2010by  Anji Naidu
  • Fantastic for the size and the rate

    August 31, 2010by  Mayilswamy

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