Upcoming Petrol Cars in India

  • Upcoming Maruti Suzuki  Ertiga

    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift

    Price:Rs. 5.9 lakh - Rs. 6.80 lakh

    India’s favourite car maker Maruti Suzuki is all set to revamp its popular MPV Ertiga to make it better equipped in taking on its immediate rival, the Honda Mobilio. The company maintains a different stand on ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Ertiga in India

    Expected: Early 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming Mahindra  S101

    Mahindra S101

    Price:Rs. 5.5 lakhs

    India’s top Utility Vehicle manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra, in partnership with SsangYong Motors, is developing a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) to be slotted under the current Quanto. This new veh ...read about upcoming Mahindra S101 in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming Ford  Figo Aspire

    Ford Figo Aspire

    Price:Rs. 6 lakh - Rs. 9 lakh

    The American auto giant, Ford has witnessed quite an exposure in the domestic auto market, with its innovations being lauded by several prospective buyers. Although the car maker has been present in the nation for a ...read about upcoming Ford Figo Aspire in India

    Expected: Mid-2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming Jaguar  XE

    Jaguar XE

    Price:Rs. 35 lakh to Rs. 45 lakh

    It has been a long wait for Jaguar to enter the fiercely popular entry level premium car segment globally. They have models like the XF and the XJ which sit way above the starting point with the XJ being the popular ...read about upcoming Jaguar XE in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Ford  Figo

    Ford Figo 2015

    Price:Rs. 4.50 Lakh - Rs. 6.80 Lakh

    Ford Figo is a popular hatchback sold by the American car maker in India. It was revealed at the 2009 Auto Expo in India and went in production in the following year.  The Figo was introduced in develo ...read about upcoming Ford Figo in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Volkswagen  Taigun

    Volkswagen Taigun

    Price:Rs. 9 lakh - Rs. 13 lakh

    It has been almost a decade since Volkswagen is present in the domestic auto market. Auto experts from around the world unanimously agree that the German car makers are among the leading auto manufacturers of the wo ...read about upcoming Volkswagen Taigun in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  S Cross

    Maruti Suzuki S Cross

    Price:Rs. 8 Lakh - Rs. 14 Lakh

    In the past few months, the Indian auto market has witnessed a steep rise in the demands of compact Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Almost all the global and domestic car manufacturers present in the nation are work ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki S Cross in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Bajaj  RE60

    Bajaj RE60

    Price:Rs.1.4 lakhs to Rs.1.5 lakhs

    Bajaj RE60 from Bajaj Auto Ltd. is the much awaited car, which will soon make its way to the Indian automobile market. The company has finally stepped into the four wheeler segment of the Indian automobile market. D ...read about upcoming Bajaj RE60 in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 22 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  YL1

    Maruti Suzuki YL1

    Price:Rs. 8 Lakhs

    The tremendous growth potential of Indian car market has made it a viable operation place for any auto maker in the world. In a country like India, which has a large customer base, every major car company seems to s ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki YL1 in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  YRA

    Maruti Suzuki YRA

    Price:Rs. 6.9 Lakh - Rs. 10.5 Lakh

    Maruti Suzuki has been ruling the mass car charts for great time now. Since its inception, the brand has enjoyed a status of affordability with all its consumers. The company now wants to take higher strides and ent ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki YRA in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Land Rover  Discovery Sport

    Land Rover Discovery Sport

    Price:Rs. 45 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs

     The flamboyant luxury SUV maker Land Rover is known for making vehicles which look smashing outside and also possess the potential to take on terrains which might be feared by others of the same type. The Free ...read about upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport in India

    Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  Swift

    One of Asia's leading car makers, Suzuki Motor Corporation, has been conventional in approach by rolling out fuel efficient cars in various segments. In the quest to rebuild its brand, Suzuki Motors Corporation ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Swift in India

    Expected: end 2015, 26 comments.
  • Upcoming  Nissan  GTR

    Nissan GTR

    Price:Rs. 70 lakhs to Rs. 85 lakhs

    Nissan Motor Company Limited, an acclaimed car maker of Japan, has been popular among sports car enthusiasts with its appealing range. Nissan GT-R, sports car with a coupe design, is one of the most popular car mode ...read about upcoming Nissan GTR in India

    Expected: end 2015, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  BMW  Z2

    BMW Z2

    Price:Rs. 42 lakhs to Rs 46 lakhs

    Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), the Germany based automaker, has deployed advanced technologies to ensure utmost ride quality and sporty performance ever since its inception. BMW Z2 is the upcoming open air roads ...read about upcoming BMW Z2 in India

    Expected: end 2015, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  Chevrolet  Spin

    Chevrolet Spin

    Price:Rs. 6.8 Lakh - Rs. 10.5 Lakh

    Post the boom in the hatchback and SUV segment, it is time for the MPV class to rise and shine. Present day MPVs range from budget friendly Datsun Go+ to niche and luxurious Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Their sheer practi ...read about upcoming Chevrolet Spin in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  C8 Laviolette GT2 R

    Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2 R

    Price:Not Available for now

    The Dutch car manufacturer Spykar cars is planning to introduce the Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R in India in 2012. The car will be available in India as a completely built-in unit as there is no manufacturing unit of t ...read about upcoming Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2 R in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Land Rover  Defender

    Land Rover Defender

    Price:Not Available yet

    Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors Limited, is one of the most eminent sports utility manufacturers across the world. The British automaker, specialising in production of four-wheel-drive vehicles, has an exclusive De ...read about upcoming Land Rover Defender in India

    Expected: end 2015, 3 comments.
  • Upcoming  Skoda  Roomster

    Skoda Roomster

    Price:Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 17 lakhs

    Skoda Auto is growing by leaps and bounds in several markets across the globe. Skoda Roomster, a multi-purpose vehicle, is among the upcoming cars of Skoda for Indian market. The first public appearance of this five ...read about upcoming Skoda Roomster in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  HND7

    Hyundai HND7

    Price:Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs

    Hyundai India showcased its vision of future mobility for young families at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo in the form of its HND7 concept model. Also called Hexa Space, this Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is targeted at ...read about upcoming Hyundai HND7 in India

    Expected: end 2015, 5 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  i40

    Hyundai i40

    Price:Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 17 lakhs

    Hyundai Motor Company based in Korea is the fourth largest car manufacturer across the globe. The prestigious automaker has unveiled Hyundai i40 concept at the international automotive event, Geneva Motor Show 2011. ...read about upcoming Hyundai i40 in India

    Expected: End 2015, 14 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  HB20S

    Hyundai HB20S

    Price:Rs. 7 lakh - Rs. 11 lakh (expected)

    Introduction of Hyundai HB20S Hyundai Motor India Limited, the country’s largest exporter and second largest passenger car maker, could introduce its i20-based HB ...read about upcoming Hyundai HB20S in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  C12 Zagato

    Spyker C12 Zagato

    Price:Not Available for now

    Spyker C12 Zagato is the second model of the renowned Dutch automobile manufacturer Spyker, which is about to hit the Indian roads. The company has been manufacturing racing cars since quite a long time. At the 2007 ...read about upcoming Spyker C12 Zagato in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  i45

    Hyundai i45 2.0 L

    Price:Rs. 16 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs

    Hyundai Motor Company of Korean conglomerate Hyundai Group has been one of the illustrious car makers across the world. Indian division of Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Motor India Limited will be replacing outgoin ...read about upcoming Hyundai i45 in India

    Expected: end 2015, 9 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  XA Alpha

    Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

    Price:Below Rs. 10 lakhs

    The XA Alpha concept Sports Utility Vehicle was introduced by India’s leading car maker Maruti Suzuki during the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo held in January. With this vehicle, the company will step into the real ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha in India

    Expected: end 2015, 40 comments.
  • Upcoming  Volkswagen  Passat

    Volkswagen Passat 2015

    Price:Rs. 28 Lakh - Rs. 35 Lakh

    Volkswagen Passat was launched originally in 1973 and was available only in sedan and hatchback forms. The exterior design of Volkswagen Passat was done by an Italian designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro. In the early years ...read about upcoming Volkswagen Passat in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  i10 facelift

    Hyundai i10 facelift

    Price:Rs. 4 lakh

    Hyundai Motor India Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of the South Korean automotive giant, Hyundai Motor Company. The company forayed in the Indian auto market in 1996 and since then it has never looked back, bec ...read about upcoming Hyundai i10 facelift in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  Cervo

    Maruti Suzuki Cervo

    Price:Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Rs. 2 lakhs

    Latest update on Maruti Suzuki Cervo 4th June 2012 Maruti Suzuki Cervo, the much awaited compact hatchback will be launched in the fest ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Cervo in India

    Expected: end 2015, 695 comments.
  • Upcoming  Tata  Dolphin

    Tata Dolphin

    Price:Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs

    Tata Motors is planning to fill the gap between Tata Nano priced at Rs. 1.5 lakh and Tata Indica starting at Rs. 2.8 lakh. This will be the next 800cc model from Tata Motors expected to be branded as Tata Dolphin. T ...read about upcoming Tata Dolphin in India

    Expected: end 2015, 52 comments.
  • Upcoming  Koenigsegg  Agera R

    Koenigsegg Agera R

    Price:Rs. 12 crores to Rs. 13 crores

    Koenigsegg Agera R is a sports car showcased internationally for the first time at Geneva Motor show of 2011. With Bugatti Veyron already available to the Indian customers, this car is also expected to make an entry ...read about upcoming Koenigsegg Agera R in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Mini  Cooper

    Mini Cooper Coupe

    Price:Rs. 18 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs

    Mini Cooper is an iconic small car that was introduced initially by British Motor Corporation (BMC). In the recently concluded Frankfurt International Motor Show 2011 (IAA), the automaker showcased the coupe model o ...read about upcoming Mini Cooper in India

    Expected: end 2015, 3 comments.
  • Upcoming  Tata  Nexon Concept

    Tata Nexon Concept

    Price:Rs. 6.9 Lakh - Rs. 10.5 Lakh

    In a recent trend followed by the domestic and global car markets, each auto maker is utilising a pragmatic and futuristic approach in its innovations. One such fine example of efficiency and modernism has been disp ...read about upcoming Tata Nexon Concept in India

    Expected: Late 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Mitsubishi  Mirage

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    Price:Rs. 4.5 lakhs to Rs. 5.5 lakhs

    Overview of Mitsubishi Mirage Mitsubishi in India is making foray into the compact car segment with the forthcoming Mitsubishi Mirage. The Japan based car maker is laun ...read about upcoming Mitsubishi Mirage in India

    Expected: End 2015, 5 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  C8 Laviolette SWB

    Spyker C8 Laviolette SWB

    Price:Not Available for now

    Indian customers have seen many car launches in the past years and the Spyker C8 Laviolette SWB is one such car, which is about to enter the Indian market. This coupe was featured in famous Hollywood movie, Basic Instinct 2. In the movie, the c ...read about upcoming Spyker C8 Laviolette SWB in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  D8

    Spyker D8 PekingtoParis

    Price:Not Available for now

    Spyker, the renowned manufacturer of sports cars is about to introduce its D8 Peking-to-Paris model in India. It is one of the most expensive cars of the world, which has great look and exciting interior features. M ...read about upcoming Spyker D8 in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  C8 Spyder SWB

    Spyker C8 Spyder SWB

    Price:Not Available for now

    Spyker, the Dutch car manufacturer is about to introduce the C8 Spyder SWB in the Indian market. This coupe from Spyker would be offered as a completely built unit. It would carry several advanced features which are ...read about upcoming Spyker C8 Spyder SWB in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Lexus  LX

    Lexus LX

    Price:Rs. 75 lakhs to Rs. 80 lakhs

    Lexus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, is an illustrious enterprise in premium segment of cars. Lexus, a benchmark in the premium car segment, introduced its Lexus LX series of sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the year 1996 ...read about upcoming Lexus LX in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Volkswagen  Rocktan

    Volkswagen Rocktan

    Price:Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs

    Volkswagen, a German automotive manufacturer, is an original and best-selling marque of the Volkswagen Group. With its entry in the Indian market, Volkswagen launched many cars in the country. Following its future p ...read about upcoming Volkswagen Rocktan in India

    Expected: end 2015, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  Honda  Vezel

    Honda Vezel

    Price:Rs. 10 lakh

    In India, Honda maintains its presence in all the prominent segments like hatchback, sedan and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). In the coming time, Honda would be expanding its presence to compact SUV segment with the ...read about upcoming Honda Vezel in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Audi  Q7

    Audi Q7 2015

    Price:Rs. 75 Lakh - Rs. 90 Lakh

    Audi redefined the premium class SUV genre with its supremely popular Q7. Among the many reasons of its popularity, its sheer dimensions play an important role as it has an unparalleled street presence. Audi reveale ...read about upcoming Audi Q7 in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Tata  Kite

    Tata Kite Sedan

    Price:Rs. 4.5 Lakh - Rs. 5.5 Lakh

    Similar to the Upcoming Tata Kite replacing the Indica eV2, the sedan based on this hatchback will be a budget successor of the Indigo eCS compact sedan. The Kite sedan will be based on the same platform and will be ...read about upcoming Tata Kite in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Tata  Kite

    Tata Kite Hatchback

    Price:Rs. 3.50 Lakh - Rs. 4.20 Lakh

    Similar to the Bolt and Zest, Tata Motors wants to revamp its low cost range too. The Indica eV2, which is sold as a base option for hatchback seekers will be discontinued. It will be replaced by the upcoming Tata K ...read about upcoming Tata Kite in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  DC  Avanti

    DC Avanti

    Price:Rs. 25 lakh - Rs. 30 lakh

    We all love sports cars, don’t we? We are in awe of all those exotic Italian and German beauties which make insane amounts of power, torque and speeds. These cars belong to another league and cost a fortune to ...read about upcoming DC Avanti in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Renault  Duster

    Renault Duster Facelift

    Price:Rs. 8.5 Lakh - Rs. 12.5 Lakh

    Upcoming Car Renault Duster Facelift Renault India started its India innings with the premium SUV Koleos and luxury sedan Fluence, both of which couldn’ ...read about upcoming Renault Duster in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Nissan  Pixo

    Nissan Pixo

    Price:Rs.4 lakhs

    Introduction to the Nissan Pixo The Nissan Pixo is an upcoming small hatchback model that is expected to be launched in the Indian market in the second half o ...read about upcoming Nissan Pixo in India

    Expected: End 2015, 6 comments.
  • Upcoming  Chevrolet  Spark

    Chevrolet Spark 800 cc

    Price:Rs.2 lakhs

    Introduction to Chevrolet Spark 800cc General Motors India, the Indian unit of US based autogiant General Motors, is planning to launch a new 800CC version of ...read about upcoming Chevrolet Spark in India

    Expected: end 2015, 25 comments.
  • Upcoming  Proton  Savvy

    Proton Savvy

    Price:Rs.6 lakhs

    Introduction to Proton Savvy The universal truth, automobile Industry in India is the most swiftly growing auto market and the most appealing one as well. Val ...read about upcoming Proton Savvy in India

    Expected: End 2015, 3 comments.
  • Upcoming  Skoda  Citigo

    Skoda Citigo

    Price:Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs

    Skoda Citigo is a small hatchback being launched in the Czech market, which will be followed by its debut in the European market. This car is amongst the most suitable hatchbacks in the current market and wou ...read about upcoming Skoda Citigo in India

    Expected: End 2015, 5 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  MR Wagon

    Maruti Suzuki MR Wagon

    Price:Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs

    Maruti Suzuki, India's leading small car manufacturer, is looking to turn its fortunes around with a flurry of new launches. Among major models, the company is expected to showcase a small car, MR Wagon, at the ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki MR Wagon in India

    Expected: end 2015, 13 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  C8 Laviolette LWB

    Spyker C8 Laviolette LWB

    Price:Not Available for now

    The Spyker C8 Laviolette LWB is one of the most admired coupes of the world, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. LWB in the model name stands for long wheel base, explaining body style of the supercar. The ...read about upcoming Spyker C8 Laviolette LWB in India

    Expected: End 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Datsun  redi-Go concept

    Datsun redi-Go concept

    Price:Under Rs. 4 Lakh

    In the recently concluded Auto Expo, the Indian audience witnessed a considerable number of crossover concepts being showcased by various global and domestic auto makers. Among these concepts, one was introduced by ...read about upcoming Datsun redi-Go concept in India

    Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Peugeot  207

    Peugeot 207

    Price:Rs. 8.50 lakhs to Rs. 9.50 lakhs

    Peugeot 207, a replacement model of the outgoing Peugeot 206, will be another addition to the B+ hatchback segment of the Indian market. The hatchback 207 was launched initially in France, Spain and Italy in the yea ...read about upcoming Peugeot 207 in India

    Expected: early 2016, 3 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  Palette

    Maruti Suzuki Palette

    Price:Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs

    Maruti Suzuki is looking towards new launches to reinvigorate its dwindling sales figures and the New Delhi Auto Expo could not have come at a better time. At this monumentous event, the company is expected to showc ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Palette in India

    Expected: early 2016, 14 comments.
  • Upcoming  Chevrolet  Lumina

    Chevrolet Lumina

    Price:Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs

    Chevrolet is one of the noted names in car making industry, which has been in the business for around a century now. The illustrious automaker produces a wide array of subcompact cars to medium-duty commercial truck ...read about upcoming Chevrolet Lumina in India

    Expected: Early 2016, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  Solio

    Maruti Suzuki Solio

    Price:Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.5.3 lakhs

    Showcased for the first time in India at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo, the Maruti Suzuki Solio is a popular hatchback model already present in Japan. Unlike siblings Palette and MR Wagon, the Solio comes with a rela ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Solio in India

    Expected: early 2016, 5 comments.
  • Upcoming  Peugeot  508

    Peugeot 508

    Price:Rs. 18 lakhs to Rs. 22 lakhs

    Peugeot 508 is a premium sedan in the D+ segment, which was introduced in the year 2010 by world-renowned French car marker, PSA Peugeot Citroën. After its success in European markets, the luxury sedan is set f ...read about upcoming Peugeot 508 in India

    Expected: early 2016, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  Chevrolet  Trax

    Chevrolet Trax

    Price:Rs.9.5 lakhs

    Chevrolet Trax from General Motors will be placed in the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, which is to be held in the month of September, the car maker will pull the cover from this ...read about upcoming Chevrolet Trax in India

    Expected: Early 2016, 3 comments.
  • Upcoming  Ford  EcoSport

    Ford EcoSport Facelift

    Price:Rs. 6.9 Lakh - Rs. 10.5 Lakh

    Ford started a fresh innings in India with the EcoSport as this compact SUV helped the American car maker become a popular name in the Indian SUV segment. Other than EcoSport, Ford already has a strong presence in t ...read about upcoming Ford EcoSport in India

    Expected: early 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Nissan  FriendME

    Japanese car maker, Nissan is acknowledged for always employing a unique and exclusive approach in each of its designs. The company has, in the past, launched a number of interesting technologies, which will be a pa ...read about upcoming Nissan FriendME in India

    Expected: Early 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Renault  KWID

    The compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment of the Indian automotive industry is not new to the country's prospective buyers. This segment has gradually gained prominence due to a number of unique and sturd ...read about upcoming Renault KWID in India

    Expected: Early 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Maruti Suzuki  Wagon R

    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R MPV

    Price:Rs. 4 Lakh - Rs. 5 Lakh

    Large cars have got immense relevance in today’s world with the amount of space and practicality offered. The Toyota Innova has ruled the segment of MPVs for many years and is undoubtedly the king of the segme ...read about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Wagon R in India

    Expected: early 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Volkswagen  Up

    Volkswagen Up 2WD

    Price:Rs.4.81 lakhs to Rs.5.32 lakhs

    Volkswagen has decided to launch its smallest car Volkswagen Up in India. The company expects to compete with Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki by its small car range. It is expected that Volkswagen Up will launch the car i ...read about upcoming Volkswagen Up in India

    Expected: early 2016, 29 comments.
  • Upcoming  Volkswagen  Golf

    Volkswagen Golf

    Price:Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs

    The Volkswagen Golf is all set to hit the Indian roads as a hatchback model with compact and sleek looks. Volkswagen has not announced the final launch date, but it is expected around mid-2011. The car was named as ...read about upcoming Volkswagen Golf in India

    Expected: early 2016, 38 comments.
  • Upcoming  Nissan  Qashqai

    Nissan Qashqai

    Price:Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 22 lakhs

    Nissan Qashqai is a crossover SUV named after Nomadic tribes of Iran and has been under production since 2007. It’s a car designed by the ‘Nissan Design Europe’ in London. The car was showcased for ...read about upcoming Nissan Qashqai in India

    Expected: Mid 2016, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  Proton  Saga

    Proton Saga

    Price:Rs.7 lakhs to Rs.8 lakhs

    Introduction to the Proton Saga The Malaysian car maker Proton has decided to enter the Indian market without any partner. It had been more than a year since Proton was planning to ...read about upcoming Proton Saga in India

    Expected: Mid 2016, 4 comments.
  • Upcoming  Toyota  Avanza

    Toyota Avanza 2WD

    Price:Rs.7 lakhs

    After the historic success of Innova in India, Toyota is planning to repeat the same with the all new Avanza which shares quite a few common features with Innova. The Toyota A ...read about upcoming Toyota Avanza in India

    Expected: Mid 2016, 159 comments.
  • Upcoming  Chevrolet  Camaro

    Chevrolet Camaro

    Price:Rs.25 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs

    Introduction to the Chevrolet Camaro The US based leading car maker General Motors is planning to launch the fifth generation of its luxury sports sedan &ndas ...read about upcoming Chevrolet Camaro in India

    Expected: Mid 2016, 28 comments.
  • Upcoming  Skoda  Joyster

    Skoda Joyster

    Price:Not Available yet

    Skoda Joyster is a much awaited entrant expected to be launched any time soon to compete in the hatchback segment. After a not so impressive performance of Skoda Fabia, company would like to make an improvement in t ...read about upcoming Skoda Joyster in India

    Expected: End 2016, 8 comments.
  • Upcoming  Honda  TIF

    Honda TIF

    Price:Rs.4.5 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs

    Honda is one of the most admired car manufacturers in India and has set many benchmarks in terms of technology and design since it commenced operations. Honda TIF is upcoming addition to the portfolio of Honda in In ...read about upcoming Honda TIF in India

    Expected: End 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Honda  XS-1

    Honda XS-1 Concept

    Price:Rs. 9 lakh - Rs. 14 lakh

    Honda has been constantly striving since the past few years to be the top-notch automotive brand of India. The company's sheer determination has assisted it to procure a place in the top-5 selling auto maker' ...read about upcoming Honda XS-1 in India

    Expected: End 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Fiat  Viaggio

    Fiat Viaggio

    Price:Rs. 8 - 12 lakhs

    The Indian arm of Fiat, a globally renowned Italian automotive manufacturer, is set to introduce the gorgeous five seater and four-door Viaggio saloon, in a bid towards strengthening its product portfolio in the dom ...read about upcoming Fiat Viaggio in India

    Expected: End 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Volvo  C70

    Volvo C70 4WD

    Price:Rs.48 lakhs

    ‘Volvo cars’ have been a synonym for luxurious cars and with each new model Volvo has redefined the standards of style, safety and performance. Volvo India had mad ...read about upcoming Volvo C70 in India

    Expected: End 2016, 4 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  Avante

    The car market in India is all geared to experience the launch of some of the newest generation cars by some of the biggest car makers of the world. The focus is now upon the Hyundai Avante which is all set to take ...read about upcoming Hyundai Avante in India

    Expected: End 2016, 26 comments.
  • Upcoming  Ford  Focus

    Ford Focus 2WD

    Price:Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs

    Overview of Ford Focus Ford Motor Company, one of the most prestigious US auto major, has been trying everything to establish a strong foothold in the Indian automobile ...read about upcoming Ford Focus in India

    Expected: End 2016, 10 comments.
  • Upcoming  Tata  Indicruz

    Tata Indicruz

    Price:Rs.9 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs

    Tata Motors intends to bring its new MUV model Indicruz in the Indian market by early 2011. The model will be built on the existing Tata Safari platform which will keep its cost low, while it will be equipped with the same 2.2L, 2197cc Dicor en ...read about upcoming Tata Indicruz in India

    Expected: end 2016, 24 comments.
  • Upcoming  Cadillac  CTS

    Cadillac CTS

    Price:Rs.45 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs

    India has evolved into an advantageous destination for most of the world’s luxury car manufacturers. General Motors India with its Chevrolet brand sells automobiles such as Captiva, Cruze, Beat etc. and is now ...read about upcoming Cadillac CTS in India

    Expected: End 2016, 1 comments.
  • Upcoming  Nissan  Ultra Low Cost Car

    Nissan Ultra Low Cost Car

    Price:Rs. 1.5 lakhs

    Nissan Motor Company Limited is a Japanese Multinational Automaker, which was formerly a member of the Nissan Group. It is functional in India in collaboration with Renault, with the venture being named as Renault-N ...read about upcoming Nissan Ultra Low Cost Car in India

    Expected: End 2016, 39 comments.
  • Upcoming  Hyundai  Genesis

    Hyundai Genesis

    Price:Not Available yet

    Hyundai Genesis is a luxury sports car that is expected to make in-roads into Indian luxury car segment. Already available in international markets as a sedan and a coupé, this car is among the front runners ...read about upcoming Hyundai Genesis in India

    Expected: End 2016, 2 comments.
  • Upcoming  Jaguar  F Pace

    Jaguar F Pace Crossover

    Price:Rs. 75 Lakh - Rs. 85 Lakh

    Known for making exquisite luxury sedans and breath taking super sports cars, British car major, Jaguar is all ready to enter the luxury SUV space with its revolutionary F Pace performance crossover. Based on the CX ...read about upcoming Jaguar F Pace in India

    Expected: End 2016, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Skoda  SK125

    Skoda SK125

    Price:Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs

    Overall Evaluation of Skoda SK125 The Czech Republic based car maker Skoda, which is a subsidiary of largest European car maker Volkswagen, is all set to mark ...read about upcoming Skoda SK125 in India

    Expected: End 2016, 8 comments.
  • Upcoming  Ford  B Max

    Ford B Max

    Price:Rs. 9 lakhs

    Ford introduced B Max, a mini Multi Purpose Vehicle, at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. Speculation is rife that it will be among the 8 models that the company will bring to India in the near future, though there is ...read about upcoming Ford B Max in India

    Expected: End 2016, 3 comments.
  • Upcoming  Spyker  C8 Aileron

    Spyker C8 Aileron

    Price:Not Available for now

    The next generation luxury supercar, Spyker C8 Aileron, can be defined as an example of craftsmanship and exclusivity merged with on-road performance capability. Spyker C8 Aileron, officially unveiled at the Geneva ...read about upcoming Spyker C8 Aileron in India

    Expected: Early 2017, 0 comments.
  • Upcoming  Chevrolet  Adra

    There was a time when the domestic market had a huge void in the compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. The likes of global auto manufacturers, such as Ford and Renault witnessed this golden window of opportu ...read about upcoming Chevrolet Adra in India

    Expected: TBA, 0 comments.

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