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Toyota Fortuner

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Fortuner is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) offered by the Japanese car-maker Toyota. Well-renowned for its reliable cars, Toyota does not make an exception with its new Fortuner. The car is solid and has excellent exterior dimensions. Moreover, the car has a powerful diesel engine, which helps it in delivering exceptional performance. In certain International markets, Toyota Fortuner is available with different engines and it is even sold under different names.

Toyota Fortuner in India is assembled at the company's Bangalore plant after being imported as Completely Knocked Down (CKD) units. Subsequently, Toyota has been able to price the car competitively from the day one. All these reasons have led to Fortuner becoming one of the most popular Sports Utility Vehicles in its segment. The car commands a market share of around 60 % in its segment. Toyota Fortuner car has helped the company in making its presence felt in the over Rs. 20 lac segment, something that its sedan Camry could not achieve.

Toyota Fortuner Launch History

First launched in 2005 in certain international markets, new Toyota Fortuner car was presented in India in August 2009. Launched in a single variant with a powerful engine and full time four wheel drive, Toyota Fortuner went ahead to break a number of sales records. The company had to increase its monthly production from 500 units to 950 units to meet the high demand. Fortuner has been in a waiting period ever since it was launched in the Indian Automotive Market.

An anniversary special edition of Toyota Fortuner was launched in August 2010 with a limited sale of 250 units. This special edition had some cosmetic changes in the exterior and in certain additional features inside the SUV. It is expected that a face-lifted version or 4x2 version of Toyota Fortuner will be launched in early 2012. It is being speculated that the company might present this new edition at the Auto Expo to be held in New Delhi in January 2012.

Toyota Fortuner Variants (Models)

New Fortuner car is available in only one variant namely Toyota Fortuner FA. It comes with a 3.0-litre diesel engine, manual transmission, full time four wheel drive and all the features as standard with the option of several accessories.

Toyota Fortuner Pricing

New Toyota Fortuner car price ranges from Rs. 20 lacs to Rs. 23 lacs in India. Toyota Fortuner price depends upon the location of purchase as different states in India have different tax regimes.

Toyota Fortuner Review

Fortuner is the best-selling car in its segment and it broke numerous records. Due to the huge market demand, Toyota stopped accepting bookings for the SUV, so that it could bring down the waiting period to 3 months. This alone is enough to judge the review Toyota Fortuner in India. Reviewers as well as the buyers have appreciated its striking road presence and powerful engine. Its durable, comfortable and spacious interiors that are said to be easy to maintain are well praised in the market. However, a section of reviewers slammed Toyota Fortuner car for not having luxurious interiors, rear disc brakes and certain other features that are present its competitors.

Toyota Fortuner Used Car Market

Even though, Fortuner is just two years old in the market, it commands an excellent resale value. This is due to the car's reliable and durable nature along with Toyota's excellent reputation. Another factor that has worked in its favour in the used car market is the long waiting period for new Toyota Fortuner cars. Subsequently, one of the most popular Sports Utility Vehicles in the used car market is Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Specifications

The specifications of Toyota Fortuner car have been described below.


Toyota Fortuner FA




D-4D Diesel with Intercooler Turbocharger

No. of Cylinders


Layout of Cylinders


Valves per Cylinder


Total Valves


Valve Train

16 valve Double Over Head Camshaft (DOHC)




2982 cc

Fuel Supply System

Common-Rail type

Max. Power Output

168 hp at 3600 rpm

Max. Torque

343 Nm at 1400 rpm to 3400 rpm





No. of Gears

5 + reverse




Double Wishbone


4-link with Lateral Rod

Drive Type

Full Time 4 Wheel Drive (4WD)




Ventilated Discs


Leading – Trailing Drum

Toyota Fortuner Exterior

Toyota Fortuner Exterior Appearance

Fortuner has an exterior appearance that can be best described as eye catching, as it is one of the stylists SUV in India. When viewed from the front, the projector style headlamps on both sides of the unique radiator grille present a very stylish image of the car. The bonnet scoop gives Toyota Fortuner car a sporty image due to which it can fit well in the Sports Utility Vehicle segment.

Moving on to the side, the roof rails add to the sporty character of Fortuner. At the rear, the tail lights feature wedge-cut inner lenses that add glory to the overall appeal of the car. A spoiler at the rear roof is a nice addition to the exterior of Toyota Fortuner car.

Toyota Fortuner Exterior Measurement

The exterior dimensions of Toyota Fortuner car have been listed below:


Toyota Fortuner FA

Overall Length

4695 mm

Overall Width

1840 mm

Overall Height

1850 mm


2750 mm

Front Tread

1540 mm

Rear Tread

1540 mm

Minimum Turning Radius

5.9 metres

Minimum Ground Clearance

221 mm

Kerb Weight

1955 kg.

Gross Vehicle Weight

2510 kg.

Toyota Fortuner Interior

Toyota Fortuner Interior Appearance

Entering Toyota Fortuner car, the first thing to be noticed is the spaciousness of the interiors of the SUV. The large windows and rear quarter glasses help in bringing more light in the cabin of the Fortuner. Wood-style inserts on the centre console and door trims add luxury to the interiors. Owing to the height of Toyota Fortuner, one gets a commanding view of the road.

Toyota Fortuner Interior Comfort

The automatic air conditioner in Fortuner provides quick relief from the Indian summer. Even the rear passengers get a separate rear cooler switch to control the level of cooling. The seats are extremely comfortable and are not tiresome even during long journey. The middle row seats can be easily reclined to allow easy ingress / egress for the last row seats.

Toyota Fortuner Interior Measurements

Fortuner is a 7-seater Sports Utility Vehicle that has three rows of seating. The front row has two seats for the driver and front passenger. The middle row has capacity for three while in the last row 2 passengers can comfortably seat. With all rows of seats up, there is enough space for some luggage. In addition to that, the last row and middle row can be folded to make more space for luggage. Moreover, the second and third row can be completely folded and removed when required.

Toyota Fortuner Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

Inspite of having a powerful engine, Toyota Fortuner delivers fuel economy that is quite respectable. Moreover, the fuel economy depends on various factors such as quality of fuel used, driving conditions and driving habits of the individual. An average of 9 kmpl to 11 kmpl in the city can be expected from Fortuner. Apart from this, on highways, Toyota Fortuner can achieve an average of 12 kmpl to 14 kmpl.

Toyota Fortuner On-road Drive

The front suspension of Toyota Fortuner car consists of an especially developed double wishbone system. This setup has a high mount type upper arm, which is one of the reasons behind the exceedingly good ride quality of Fortuner. To compliment the front suspension, Toyota Fortuner comes with a 4-link rear suspension system along with a lateral control rod. This system provides an excellent balance to the ride of the car.

Toyota Fortuner car has an excellent all-terrain capability and it subsequently provides a comfortable drive, be it on-road or off-road. Fortuner has approach angle, ramp break-over angle and departure angle of 30, 23 and 25 degrees respectively.

Being a full-time 4 wheel drive car, Toyota Fortuner comes with 3 different driving modes such as H, HL and LL. The 'H mode' is the mode used for driving on normal surfaces like tarmac. The 'HL mode' offers added traction and is used for off-roading purposes. The 'LL mode' offers the maximum traction and it is used for extreme off-roading purposes.

Toyota Fortuner Power

Fortuner comes with a very powerful 3.0-litre D-4D diesel engine that is one of the best in its class. This Common Rail type fuel injection diesel unit comes with intercooled turbocharger that helps it in achieving high power. This engine churns out maximum power output of 168 hp at 3600 rpm. Owing to this power output, Toyota Fortuner delivers excellent performance that is envied by the competitors.

Toyota Fortuner Acceleration and Pick Up

Despite being a 4 wheel drive SUV, Toyota Fortuner has an excellent acceleration and pick up. The powerful engine of Fortuner churns out a peak torque of 343 Nm at 1400 rpm to 3400 rpm. Subsequently, the SUV never feels out of breath, whether it is overtaking on the highway or making a sprint from a standstill at a traffic signal.

Toyota Fortuner Safety and Security

The body of Toyota Fortuner car is quite sturdy and it provides safety in the case of a collision. Fortuner has a Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) body that adds to the toughness of the cabin. The seatbelts of the first row come with a 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) as well as 5-step adjustable shoulder anchors. The side seats of the second row in Toyota Fortuner also feature the 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor. However, the centre seat in the middle row has a 2-point Non-Retractable (NR) seatbelt. The last row seats also get 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor seatbelts.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in Fortuner helps in providing control safety to the car by providing stability. Apart from that, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) dual airbags at the front of Toyota Fortuner car protect the occupants in an unfortunate case of an accident. It comes with ventilated disc brakes at the front that are capable of stopping the SUV, even when travelling at high speeds. The high mounted stop lamp consisting of LEDs makes it easier for the traffic at the back to spot Fortuner even from a distance. Subsequently, in case of hard braking, any vehicle at the back can get enough time to react and hault.

Fortuner has a remote controlled keyless entry system that comes with an anti-theft security alarm as well. In addition to that, a special long key is used to drive Toyota Fortuner car. This key is especially made, so that it cannot be duplicated and it adds to the security to the SUV.

Toyota Fortuner Comfort and Convenience

For the comfort and convenience of its passengers, Toyota Fortuner comes with several features. The floor board on the side is very helpful for entry and exit from the car. Fortuner comes with assist grip handles on the A-pillars to allow the driver as well as the front passenger to easily get in / get out of the car.

The steering wheel in Toyota Fortuner car is adorned by controls of the audio system and the multi-information display. The multi-information display provides a plethora of information that is very convenient for the driver. Fortuner provides details like time, outside temperature, current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, cruising range, average vehicle speed, ignition on time and compass of the SUV.

Power windows for all doors with the driver's side having a one touch up / down function prove to be extremely convenient. Electrically adjustable and foldable outside rear view mirrors (ORVMs) are exceptionally beneficial. Toyota Fortuner car also comes with back sonar that is very useful while parking. It has a separate 12-volt socket for mobile charging apart from the cigarette lighter one.

There are several cubby-holes to make sure that there is enough space for the passengers to keep their belongings within reach. Fortuner has several cup holders, two of which are situated just below the air-conditioner vents. All doors in Toyota Fortuner car have pockets for keeping magazines / maps and can also hold bottles. A huge glove box is also present between the front seats to provide added comfort as well as convenient storage space in the car. Apart from that, there is a specific sunglasses compartment in Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Wheels

Fortuner comes with 17-inch aluminium wheels and tyres of size 265/65 R17. Dunlop GrandTrek tyres are used in Toyota Fortuner cars, which are imported especially from Japan.

Toyota Fortuner Stereo and Accessories

New Toyota Fortuner cars come with an in-dash 6-CD changer audio system that is compatible with MP3 / WMA audio formats. This system includes 9 speakers that are placed at different locations in the car to give an excellent sound output.

Several accessories are available for Toyota Fortuner cars interior, exterior and utilitarian. As a part of the 'Sports Package', spoilers for the front bumper, rear bumper and rear roof, as well as a muffler cutter are available for Fortuner. Another package 'Premium Lifestyle' consists of headlamp, side indicator light and tail light chrome garnishes. In addition to that, chrome door handle housing and chrome side mirrors with turn indicators are a part of this package.

For the interiors, premium floor mats, cargo net, cushions, leg room lamp and illuminated scuff plate are available. Toyota Fortuner cars are also available with 'sporty' accessories front fender mirror, front grill guard, side cladding, side visor, roof carrier and roof rack. For the safety and security of the car, front sunshade, rear bumper step guard and car cover are available for Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Dealers

Toyota has a network of over 150 dealers throughout the country. Toyota Fortuner in India can be bought at these dealerships, some of which have been listed below:



Espirit Toyota


Lakozy Toyota


Topsel Toyota


Harsha Toyota


Grace Toyota


Uttam Toyota


DSK Toyota


Infinium Toyota


Dobro Toyota


Nandi Toyota


Toyota Fortuner Company Quotes

At the launch event of new Toyota Fortuner in India, Akira Okabe, Senior Managing Director, Toyota Motor Corporation had said in August 2009, “Globally, Fortuner has already sold over 2.5 lac units in more than 60 countries since its launch in 2005. The launch of Fortuner today is an expression of Toyota's commitment to provide best in class quality and technology to our customers in India.”

During the event to mark the launch of Toyota Fortuner in India in August 2009, Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director (Marketing), Toyota Kirloskar Motors, had said, “The SUV market in India has witnessed extensive growth due to launches in mid and premium SUV segment. We expect that the launch of the Fortuner will expand the mid SUV market in India.”

While presenting the 1st anniversary edition of Toyota Fortuner car in August 2010, Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director (Marketing), Toyota Kirloskar Motors, had said, “As we celebrate both the first anniversary and the milestone of selling 10,000 units, we are delighted to introduce the anniversary edition of the Fortuner which will be made available exclusively to our customers who have already made bookings with us.”

Toyota Fortuner Competitor Analysis

Toyota Fortuner in India is one of the largest selling Sports Utility Vehicles, which competes with Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Chevrolet Captiva, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan X-TraiL and BMW X1. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara never stood a chance against Fortuner, as Maruti has an image of small car-maker. Hyundai Santa Fe lacks the strong muscular looks that characterise Toyota Fortuner. Honda CR-V suffers from the lack of a diesel engine in today's time, when petrol prices are increasing day by day while Fortuner is offered with only a diesel engine.

Ford Endeavour is a strong competitor of Toyota Fortuner car. However, Ford does not have a well-spread dealership and service centre network and this goes against it. Skoda Yeti is yet another car that competes with Fortuner, but it is more expensive to maintain.

Mitsubishi Pajero is also a competitor of Toyota Fortuner car, but is now almost at the end of its production cycle. Tata Aria has many advanced features that are not present in Fortuner, but, it is yet to make its mark in the market. Nissan X-Trail is a successful SUV of the company across the globe but here it suffers, as Nissan has poor service centre network.

The recently launched Renault Koleos looks good on paper, but its actual performance is unknown. On the other hand, Fortuner has proved its mettle in the last 2 years. Mitsubishi Outlander has an impressive exterior appearance and several features, but it does not have the off-roading capabilities that are present in Toyota Fortuner. A cross-over car, BMW X1 is also in the similar price range as Toyota Fortuner car, but is less powerful.

Toyota Fortuner LPG/CNG Version

No LPG or CNG version is available of Toyota Fortuner car.

Toyota Fortuner Pros

Huge size, striking road presence and a strong built to last body are some of the major advantages of Fortuner. In addition to that, a powerful engine that churns out an excellent acceleration that is helpful in driving in all conditions is a plus point of Toyota Fortuner. Moreover, comfortable and durable interiors, an exceedingly good fuel economy along with the brand name of Toyota creates wonders for Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Cons

Uninspiring interiors that look from a segment below, lack of rear disc brakes, poor handling at very high speeds are some of the cons of Toyota Fortuner cars.

Toyota Fortuner Conclusion

A car that will outlast all-terrains, all kinds of weather, Toyota Fortuner car is a one-of-its-kind SUV, which is competitively price. Characterised by its stunning design and powerful engine, it has lots of advanced features, which makes it a product of wide demand.

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