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Toyota Corolla Altis

Expert Review On Toyota Corolla Altis Car - 110024

Rs. 12.99 - Rs. 17.66 lakhs
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December 19, 2008 : Expert Review By Satish Kalepu

The Altis is a car designed for the people looking for an alternative in between Corolla and Camry.

With the first view of Altis, one can have an impression of the best combination of Corolla and Camry. When looking from outside, it looks like a Camry at first impression. The interiors are also top notch but still Civic is better. The seating space and comfort level have been improved considerably. The Altis has the same 1.8L VVT-i engine as that of an existing Corolla model, tweaked ECU and fuel injection system, improved emission conformity and better fuel efficiency.

Expert Review On Toyota Corolla Altis Car Model - 110024 |

Unfortunately, with the same engine of the Corolla, it lets down the excitement generated by the external appearance. The safety features have been improved with ABS anti-skid brakes with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake force Distribution for optimum stopping power in an emergency . Altis has five-star Euro NCAP ratings and will arrive with the safety features such as EBD, ABS, Traction Control, Brake Assist and multiple airbags. Corolla Altis is priced at Rs. 1350000.00 (Ex-showroom Mumbai) in India.

Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis

The Driving of the Altis is a pleasure with the 10th generation EPS. It can make sharp turns with at most ease. The driver won't fatigue over long drives.

The Corolla Altis is for all practical purposes and a no-risk choice for a compact luxury sedan. It is consistently reliable . Good fuel economy 9.5 to 12KMPL, no gimmicky styling and a good list of options offer buyers a lot to choose from.

In short, Altis has everything that makes it a step ahead of a World class Corolla, but not more than that.

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  • Just calling a spade a spade and telling what I see as it is without mincing words (which not many do and certainly not the auto journalist against a succesful car company)

    17 April 2009 By  Yusuf
  • yusuf man youre nuts !!! go to a mad house

    11 April 2009 By  Pankaj Shah
  • Altis has better Handling & ground clearnce,has Intelligent ECT which is quite responsive even in the 100-140 km/hr speed range which Civic Lacks,Have Interiors which overall are far better in terms of Fit & Finish, Quality of materials, ergonomics, Feel good factor and are quite Contemporary as compared to Civic's single attraction of digital dash board which becomes boring to lookat after a while. Music system is a delight & Civic has nothing to compare,Features of Altis like HID & washer, All disc brakes, Cruise control, Steering mounted controls, back window curtain and very effective Aircon makes it a winner comparing to Civic.

    13 March 2009 By  DB MAHAL
  • Hi any four wheel drive suv uoesd second hand wehicles buyer are there , so you,r tell me my account !
    but price is loest or sufficent

    24 December 2008 By  Arun Kashyap
  • I dont quite agree with the view on the looks, the Car looks as if it has dirty wounds all over its body. The is the best example of todays Car companied trying to make cosmetic changes to make their car look contemporary (what they think is contemporary) and the car reflects that of a compromise, something aka a Michale Jackson post his numerous plastic surgeries. I have not idea how its drives, didnt feel like going near it. So whatever you call it, dont talk about the looks please.

    20 December 2008 By  Yusuf

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