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Toyota Camry

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The all new Toyota Camry India has been the best in its class. The car sports stylish exteriors and eye-catching looks. Its aero-dynamic designing proves effective in gaining high speed. Smooth body-line with fine edges gives a classy look to the car. Toyota has made its Camry available as a petrol variant only. 

The vehicle is powered by a 2.4 L petrol engine, which delivers powerful performance. Designed in an aero-dynamic way, the Camry takes no time to attain top speed. This luxury sedan is designed for city driving conditions and due to its advanced technicalities, the car is easy to handle.

Toyota Camry Launch History

Japanese manufacturer, Toyota launched its Toyota Camry in the year 2002. By the launch of Toyota Camry in India, the company has been able to establish a strong foothold in the Indian market. The Camry is known for its body-line, which looks quite classy. Other exterior features of the new Toyota Camry car are aero wiper blades, printed antenna and LED turn signal lamps.

Maximum attention is paid to the braking mechanism of this car. It has anti-lock braking system with electronic force distribution system for stable braking performance even on slippery surfaces. Moreover, large diameter disc brakes are also fitted in the wheels of this sedan.

Toyota Camry Variants



Toyota Camry 2.4 L(W1)

The all new Toyota Camry 2.4 L M/T (W1) is a petrol variant, which is loaded with a powerful engine that delivers a tremendous power.   This variant has manual transmission in it. However, this variant lacks certain features like cruise control and rear AC vents.

Toyota Camry 2.4 L(W2)

The Toyota Camry 2.4 L A/T (W2) is the second petrol variant of the Camry series. Apart from the same technical specifications, the variant is having automatic transmission. The interiors also have an added feature of cruise control and rear AC vents.

Toyota Camry 2.4 L(W3)

This variant of Toyota Camry possesses similar features as the W1 variant, but there lies one difference. The W3 variant comes with an added feature of moon roof.

Toyota Camry 2.4 L(W4)

Like the W2 variant, the W4 of Toyota Camry car possess similar features and technical specifications but it also has moon roof as its added attribute.

Toyota Camry Pricing

Toyota Camry price in India ranges from Rs. 21.5 lacs to Rs. 23.7 lacs. Toyota Camry 2.4 L (W1) is available in the price range of Rs. 21.5 lacs. However, the second variant, the W2 is priced around Rs. 23.2 lacs. Toyota has structured the pricing of its third and fourth variant as Rs. 22.08 lacs and Rs. 23.7 lacs respectively.  There might be certain amount of price difference based on the margins kept by the dealers.

Toyota Camry Review

The all new Toyota Camry India has been superb every time it is driven on the road. 2.4 L petrol engine enables the vehicle to deliver powerful performance on all types of terrains.  Toyota Camry has attained excellence in various driving tests conducted by experts.

The looks of the sedan has been its highlighting feature, which attracts car lovers. With stylish exteriors, the Camry has been a head turner. Smooth body finish going from the front to the rear side is eye-catching. The vehicle is loaded with advanced comfort features, which make the drive of this luxury sedan a comfortable one. Interiors of the new Camry India speak of its luxury nature as Toyota engineers have delivered their best efforts.

Toyota Camry Used Car Market

Toyota India has been running on Indian roads since quite a long time due to which the car maker has gained some respect. Besides the brand new cars, the buyers also show interest in the second-hand models of Toyota. Thus, for the convenience of the buyers, Toyota India has started its used car programme, named Toyota U-Trust. Due to this programme, customers can by the second-hand modes of Toyota Camry conveniently. The cars are provided to the buyers on certain terms and conditions and at affordable costs.

Toyota Camry Specifications

The all new Toyota Camry India is powered by a 2.4 L, 16-valve, DOHC with VVT-i petrol engine, which has a maximum displacement of 2362 cc. The maximum power output of the Toyota Camry is 166 hp at 6000 rpm, whereas the torque generated by the engine is 224 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Toyota has made available its variants with both manual as well as automatic transmission. The W1 and W3 variants of Toyota Camry 2011 are available in 5-speed manual transmission, while the W2 and W4 variants are available in 5-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Camry Exterior

Exterior Appearance

The exteriors of the all new Toyota Camry India have been kept very much stylish with a touch of perfection and luxury in it. The design of the Toyota Camry is dynamic, which is enhanced by fine-tuned and sleek trimmings. Prominent features such as classy chrome grille, bolder fog lamps and sporty alloy wheels complement the exterior of this car. At the front side, the Camry consists of a bold chrome grille, which delivers robust look to the car.

In between the grille, there lies the logo of the company, which looks quite attractive. The new Toyota Camry consists of futuristic HID headlamps, which provide clear vision and also contribute towards the exterior look of the car.

Just beneath the headlamps, there are fog lamps which prove useful during adverse weather conditions. The front bumper of Toyota Camry contributes greatly in providing an enhanced appeal to the car as it is designed with edgy new curves. On the rear side, the Toyota Camry car possess twin combination lamps, which consists of double lenses and these adds to the crystalline appearance.

Exterior Measurements


4815 mm


1820 mm


1480 mm

Wheel base

2775 mm

Toyota Camry Interior

Interior Appearance

The interiors of the all new Toyota Camry India have been designed in such a way that it gives a feeling of luxury and comfort. From the inside, the vehicle is loaded with all the advanced features and it makes the car look quite elegant. The wide wheel base, front and rear treads of the car has resulted in an increased interior space.

The instrument panel at the front has been beautifully crafted and it adds to the elegance of the interiors of Toyota Camry 2011. The upper part of the instrument panel runs smoothly from the centre cluster and thereby creating a floating design. Features such as optitron meter and DOT type MID are being fitted in the instrument panel.

The steering wheel has been made quite dynamic and it possesses tilt and telescopic functions. Auto light control on the side of the steering wheel helps in controlling the headlamps. Apart from the spaciousness of the interiors, the Toyota Camry comes packed with comfortable seats. Other interior features of the luxury Camry are auto-anti glare mirror,  ceiling vanity lamp, MP3 player and aux-in for audio.      

Interior Comfort

The all new Toyota Camry India is loaded with numerous features to increase the comfort level of the occupants. In the interior, the Camry has sufficient legroom for the passengers.

The seats of Toyota Camry can be made to split within a ratio of 60:40 for maximum luggage space. This also adds to the comfort of passengers during a long journey. All the controls are mounted on the steering wheel for the convenience of the driver. The steering wheel has also been kept quite dynamic with an effective cruise control. Other comfort features of the new Toyota Camry are ceiling vanity lamp, dual zone air-conditioning and head rest on both the front as well as rear seats.      

Interior Measurements

The interiors of the Toyota Camry are made quite spacious and the car offers a front head room of 38.8 inches. While, the head room at the rear side of Camry is 38.1 inches. The availability of moon roof in some variants disrupts the head room dimensions, as the front head room with moon roof is 37.9 inches and the rear headroom is 38 inches.

The legroom has been quite ample in this luxury sedan and the number is 41.6 inches on the front side, whereas on the rear side, the leg room is 38.9 inches. Other interior dimensions of the Toyota Camry India such as the shoulder room are 58 inches in the front, 56.6 inches in the rear.

Toyota Camry Mileage, Average and Fuel-economy

In terms of fuel-economy, the Toyota Camry India seems to disappoint the car lovers. Its variants- W1, W2, W3 and W4 offer a fuel economy, which is not much impressive. The first variant, Toyota Camry W1 offers mileage of 11.5 kmpl in the city and 8.7 kmpl on the highway.

On the other hand, the second variant Toyota Camry W2 offers mileage of 7.8 kmpl in the city and 10.8 on highways.  As the technical specifications of W3 and W4 variant are similar to W1 and W2, the mileage does not differ much.

Toyota Camry On-Road Drive

The all new Toyota Camry India has been an amazing car to drive on Indian roads. Regarding the suspension, the Toyota Camry India is supported by MacPherson strut suspension at the front end whereas at the rear end, the car has MacPherson strut (Dual link strut) suspension. Due to the presence of these suspensions, smooth drive can be expected. In order to provide effective braking, the car comers loaded with ventilated disc brakes at the front end and solid disc brakes at the rear side.  This luxury sedan is powered by a VVT-i petrol engine, which delivers a powerful performance on the roads. Being loaded with various comfort features, the drive of the new Camry feels is much comfortable.

Toyota Camry Power

The all new Toyota Camry India is powered by a 2.4 L, VVT-i petrol engine due to which high power and torque is generated. The VVT-i petrol engine enables the vehicle to produce a maximum power of 166 hp at 6000 rpm, whereas the torque generated is 224 Nm at 4000 rpm. Due to the powerful engine, the car can perform in an excellent manner.    

Toyota Camry Acceleration and Pick-up


Acceleration of the all new Toyota Camry has been tremendous as it is powered by a DOHC with VVT-i petrol engine. Hence, he first variant which is the Toyota Camry W1 can reach the 100 kmph speed mark in just 12.3 seconds. The top speed of this variant is 202 kmph.  

The second variant which is the Toyota Camry W2 attains acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph in just 11.5 seconds. The top speed of this automatic transmission enabled variant is also 201 kmph. The other two variants of new Toyota Camry deliver acceleration similar to the W1 and W2 variants.  

Toyota Camry Safety and Security

For maximum safety of the vehicle and the passengers, the all new Toyota Camry India comes packed with all the necessary safety features. Camry is available with vehicle stability control in its W2 and W4 variant.  This very feature regulates the engine output, breaking power and prevents the car from skidding on the roads. 

In order to avoid the impact of any collision, the new Toyota Camry comes loaded with 6 SRS air-bags on the driver, front passenger and curtain side. The seat belts also feature pre-tensioners and force limiters, which reduce sudden jerks.

The luxury Camry has an efficient whiplash, injury lessening system, which provides optimum protection to the passengers. Other prominent safety features of the Toyota Camry car are head impact protection and pedestrian injury reduction structure.   

Toyota Camry Comfort and Convenience

The all new Toyota Camry has been a true example of comfort as the company has incorporated various features in it. For the convenience of passengers, the Camry comes equipped with features such as cruise control, power steering with controls mounted on it, dual zone air-conditioning, splitting seats, power windows and many more. Air-conditioning of the car is extremely effective to deal with hot weather conditions. The presence of audio controls on the steering provides maximum convenience to the driver. Further, in terms of interior space, Toyota Camry car has received positive rating.

Toyota Camry Wheels

The all new Toyota Camry is equipped with 205/65 R15 tubeless tyres, which do not puncture during drives. Further, the Camry is available with alloy wheels of size 15x6.5J, which delivers robust look to the car.

Toyota Camry Stereo and Accessories

In order to provide entertainment, the sedan Camry is available with an integrated music system, which provides soothing experience during the drive.  The car has 6 CD change audio MP3, WMA, with steering mounted audio controls. The company has provided various accessories in the car such as floor mat set fabric, trunk mat fabric, front sunshade and wheel arc moulding.

Toyota Camry Dealers

Toyota has strong dealership network in India due to which it can market its cars. Toyota has established 147 dealerships in 92 cities across the nation and the company has plans to expand its dealership in the near future.

Its dealership includes the metropolitan cities and major urban cities of India. The prominent dealers of new Toyota Camry are Espirit Toyota and Galaxy Toyota in Delhi and  Lakozy Toyota, Madhuban Toyota and Millenium Toyota in Mumbai. Exact price details can be collected from these dealers.

Toyota Camry Company Quotes

Commenting on the launch of the next generation Camry, Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa, Managing Director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) said, “The Toyota Camry has already redefined the concept of the premium luxury car in India. We are delighted to now introduce the New Camry that will offer an exclusive blend of modern styling and luxurious features to our Indian customers.”

Mr. Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director (Marketing), TKM, added, “The New Camry takes luxury and performance to greater heights than ever before. Intended to appeal to the customer who seeks the ultimate combination of style, power and driving comfort, the New Camry will be available at all Toyota dealerships from today.”

“The New Camry will be promoted extensively through an integrated marketing campaign comprising web, print, magazine, direct marketing, SMS, etc. We will focus on customers who would like a sophisticated luxurious car which reflects their lifestyle,” he added.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor official to Indian Autos Blog recently, “We are not going to be very aggressive in premium segment as of now strategically as unless you produce cars in India they are not competitive. Our focus as of now is to establish Etios brand and make a good, respectable position in B Segment. We don’t do two things together. The next two years, 2011, 2012, will be dedicated on Etios. We will continue to import when the new model comes in. When the model changes we cannot import the old Camry. We will start getting new Camry from second quarter of next year. If we place the order in April, we will get it (in India) in the middle of 2012.”

Toyota Camry Competitor Analysis

The all new Toyota Camry has given a tough competition to the other sedans in the Indian market.  The Honda Accord is the first competitor of this sedan in India. New Honda Accord runs on petrol engine and it delivers excellent performance. The interiors and look of the Honda car have been quite eye-catching. Owing to all the advanced features and engine performance, the car is a hot favourite of Indian customers. It is available within a price range of Rs. 19 lacs to Rs.  26 lacs.

The second competitor of Toyota Camry in India is the Skoda Superb, which is available within a price range of Rs. 18 lacs to Rs. 26 lacs. The company has made available this sedan in four variants. Out of which, three are petrol and one is a diesel variant. Skoda Superb is known for its powerful engine and owing to this, it performs well on road. The looks of Superb have been kept quite classy and luxurious.

Toyota Camry LPG/CNG Version

As of now, there is no LPG/CNG version of Toyota Camry in the Indian market.

Toyota Camry Pros

Stylish looks, spacious interiors and advanced safety feature are the strong points of this sedan.

Toyota Camry Cons

High pricing and poor fuel economy are its drawbacks, which limit its sales in India.

Toyota Camry Conclusion

The all new Toyota Camry India is a powerful sedan with stylist exterior and comfortable interior. Offered in four variants, the car provides enough scope of choice to the customers. Furthermore, safety features of this sedan are advanced and help one in dealing with various kinds of driving situations. High price of this car makes it suitable for the upper income group.

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