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June 27, 2009 : Expert Review By Satish Kalepu

Tata Motors has launched two new commercial passenger vehicles – Tata Magic and Tata Winger. As a completely Indian company, you can trust Tata Motors to know the market like the back of its hand. It had sensed the demand for commercial passenger vehicles in the rural and urban markets and aptly launched both the models to comfortably suit the desired needs of respective markets. Tata Winger is basically a maxi-van but Magic is just a remodeled passenger version of Tata Ace which is its commercial vehicle.


Tata Winger can seat 9 to 13 passengers in its front facing seats. To add to the little comforts of the travelling passengers, you can find small magazine holders bottle holders and even small spot lamps for the night ride to enjoy comfortable ride while reading or relaxing. A cool vehicle to act as staff carrier, an ambulance, hotel or airport transfers, school vans or even tourist vans at various tourist destinations. The uses are endless and indeed its uses run as far as your imagination!


The new Winger is powered by 2L turbo charged diesel engine! Quite economical, and the diesel engine is mostly favoured in India as for long runs and optimum fuel usage. Moreover, diesel engine powers most of the commercial vehicles in India so Tata Winger diesel model comes only as the most natural option from the company. It meets all the BS-III norms accompanied with a warranty of 18-months or 1.5 lakh KMs, whichever is earlier.

Variants and Price

While Magic is more economically priced at Rs. 2.60 lakh, Winger is priced at Rs. 4.70 lakh, both prices ex-showroom Delhi. The luxury variant of Tata Winger is priced up to Rs. 6.55 lakh with all the luxury features fully-loaded but this model remains as an option for select few like those for hotel and airport transfers, or perhaps a staff carrier at the call center or factory where the owner wants to lend a little more touch of luxury, comfort and personalized services for its travelers.

For more commercial options like travel vehicle in rural areas and small towns, standard model is generally preferable. Deluxe model generally best suited for the BPOs or as the corporate carrier while the luxury model comes with dual AC, reclining seats, arm rests, head rests and a large luggage space.

Tata Motors has gone a step forward to ensure customized solution for various industry needs which is clearly visible with its three other variants – the school van, cargo and ambulance. Now isn’t that thoughtful! The School van option comes with AC and all the safety features intact for a comfortable ride for the little ones. The complete innovative design gives comforts of a car and features of a bus like abundant space and comfort. The engine and the driving compartment has been thoughtfully compressed to give more space to the young ones and its competitive pricing makes it a natural choice any day!

Winger comes in 11 variants all suited for different types of needs! Now is there any vehicle that gives so many options and variants! Naturally none as till now Maruti Omni served as the only option for commercial needs.

The Short Comings

Tata Motors has done well enough to suit most of the customer’s needs but launching a picture perfect vehicle is not what we would call as Tata Winger! In order to give more space to the customers, the poor driver is in for little troubles. The brake pedals and the accelerator pedals are placed too closely. This means if you have to drive, you had better be wearing thinner shoes. Any box type or thick sole shoes may spell trouble!

The instrument control is also somewhat basic in nature. It is well-lit but does not have too many options! Okay we are not expecting GPS navigation system as in Singapore but a few add-ons could have made navigation easier. But if you think the mere absence of them makes crusading through city-traffic difficult, think again! This large mini-van can easily turn through the most difficult city traffics where Tata Safari gets easily stuck and Mahindra vehicle drivers feel clumsy in maneuvering their vehicles. The power steering and the design clubbed with a good pick up is all you need to be impressed with the new Tata Winger.

Tuned Winger

Dillip Chhabria has pimped the Winger, to make it the ultimate in decadence. We conclude with a number of pictures of this tuned car, and look forward to your comments!

Expert Review On Tata Winger Car Model - 110302 |    Tata Winger

Tata Winger Tuned 3    Tata Winger Tuned 4

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  • If i could buy a Winger, i'd convert it into a motor caravan, with a fibreglass/canvas pop top, for extended holiday travels.

    12 April 2012 By  John Nomads
  • Car isso good but i have no monykwkn

    23 March 2011 By  Shuja
  • Sir,
    If Tata finance support to customer to buy winger that would be easier to step forward.

    01 March 2011 By  Arup Kumar Ghosh

    15 August 2009 By  IQBAL HOSSAIN
  • Good car very well done by DC, tata motors good show keep going. Cheers!!!

    30 June 2009 By  Anup
  • Ya, this car design by DC is real beauty and it belongs to one prominent builder from pune, i have also sat in this car and exp its luxury....

    28 June 2009 By  Sagar G
  • I've had the privilage to see this one designed by DC personally at one of the Tata's Service Centers @ B'lore. Look wise,luxary wise and aminity wise its good infact excellent. But one of the service engineers there commented that the shocks are bad and also that it has no road stability. Never knew Luxary was a higher requirement than safety!!

    28 June 2009 By  Binoe
Tata Winger

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