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Tata Venture

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A big luggage carrier, Tata Venture was unveiled during the Auto Expo 2010, which took place in the capital city New Delhi. It was officially launched by Tata Motors few months after the Auto Expo and was priced between Rs. 4 and 5 lacs. This microvan comes with a powerful 1405 cc turbo diesel engine that has high fuel efficiency, torque and acceleration.

The vehicle has been tagged as a multi-utility vehicle, which is suitable for carrying heavy luggage. The flexible luggage space allows passengers to take along with them different types of goods and items. The New Tata Venture car was launched in the end of February 2011, in the state of Rajasthan and later, it was launched pan India.

Tata Venture car is available in three models, namely Venture CX, Venture EX and Venture GX. All these versions have same fuel capacity, size and weight, but differ on the basis of interiors. This multi-utility van has spacious and comfortable interiors that come with 3 row seats. Tata Venture in India can accommodate 8 individuals at one time, all facing front. In addition to this, it has a powerful music system that is attached to four speakers. CD and MP3 players can be attached to this music system.

The van is available in vibrant colours such as champagne gold, white, ivory white, glossy black and lunar silver. New Venture Car Price differs according to variant chosen by the customer. Tata Motors have more importantly focused towards the safety and security of the passengers and driver in this vehicle. The company has provided New Venture with collapsible steering, vacuum assisted independent hydraulic brakes at rear and front sides and reverse guide system. 

Tata Venture Launch History 

Tata Venture is a multi-utility vehicle, which was unveiled by Tata Motors in New Delhi, during the Auto Expo 2010. This new vehicle was introduced in the market near the end of February 2011 in the state of Rajasthan and later on, it was launched across India. It is essentially a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), which has been manufactured on the basis of Tata Ace platform.

New Tata Venture car is suitable for both commercial and family purposes and is basically available in 5, 7 and 8 seater variants. These seats are arranged in 3 rows of front facing comfortable seats, which do not cause fatigue during long journey. There are three different versions of this vehicle available in the market, namely CX, EX and GX. 

Tata Venture in India has been launched with safety features like side impact beams and collapsible steering, which are suitable for Indian roads. The main advantage of this vehicle is that it has a 1.4 litre diesel engine, which is amplified with lighter Ace platform. New Venture has been launched with 2 year warranty, within the price range of Rs. 4 to 5 lacs.

Tata Venture Variants (Models)

Tata Motors has introduced three different models of Tata Venture, namely base model Venture CX, Venture EX and top-of-the-line Venture GX. All these variants have 1405 cc diesel engine, with 16 kmpl mileage on highway and 11 kmpl in the city. The maximum power achieved by these models is 70 hp at 4500 rpm, along with maximum torque of 135 Nm at 2500 rpm.

 Tata Venture India is available in five shades of glossy black, ivory white, light blue, white and lunar silver. The varied models of this vehicle boast features such as power windows, keyless entry, engine immobiliser, power-steering and many more. Venture CX is a non-AC van, which comes with manual steering and an option of installing music system. 

Tata Venture EX is an AC car that includes similar comfort features like Venture CX, but comes with a power steering. The third variant is a bit expensive than the other two and offers music system with 4 speakers, CD and MP3 players. Venture GX also has engine immobiliser, HVAC roof integrated duct Dual AC and other important facilities. 



Tata Venture CX

The base variant is available with 475 IDI diesel engine, which has a displacement of 1405 cc. This engine can generate a peak power of up to 70 bhp at 4500 rpm and maximum torque of 135 Nm at 2500 rpm. The car is also equipped with power windows, rear wipers and mechanical steering.

Tata Venture EX

It has 475 IDI Turbo diesel engine, with 4 manual gears and vacuum assisted independent hydraulic brakes.

Tata Venture GX

The top-of-the-line variant comes with 475 IDI Turbo diesel engine and 12 V electrical port. It also has a gross weight of 1990 kg and ground clearance of 160 mm.

Tata Venture Pricing 

Tata Venture in India has been priced between Rs. 4 and 5 lacs, targeting corporate buyers as well as families. The three different models available are Venture CX, Venture EX and Venture GX. Venture CX costs around Rs. 4 lacs, whereas Venture EX and Venture GX are priced around Rs. 4.5 lacs and Rs. 5 lacs, respectively. Tata Venture Price is dependent upon the fuel type, accessories and comfort features like vanity mirror, rear seat headrest, automatic climate control and others.

Tata Venture Review

New Tata Venture was launched with an idea to meet the requirements of corporate buyers and families. It is a versatile Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), which can be used for carrying passengers as well as luggage. This vehicle is also named as 'Dual Goal Car', which has beautiful European style appearance.

The van possesses elegant interiors resembling a hatchback along with stylish exteriors that have become the major selling point of Tata Venture in India. It gives an appeal of a luxury van with 3 row foldable seats and enough leg space. The vehicle also has 3 spoke steering wheel, extra space for luggage and provision for music system.

In order to add to its aesthetic value, Tata Motors has come up with huge front glass and a front grille that has the logo of the company. Front power windows, butterfly type 3 speed front wipers and front fog lamp add to the elegant features of this vehicle. New Venture is also known for its safety features like high steering position, side impact beam, thick A-pillar, reverse guide system and fog lamp.

The van also passed the quality test under SMV SS American regulation, which is mandatory Roof Crash Test. New Tata Venture 2011 has high ground clearance for moving uninterrupted on Indian roads. For maximum visibility, the indicators in this van have been mounted at the right place. Tata Venture Price varies between Rs. 4 and 5 lacs according to the variants and accessories. It also has a 4-cylinder diesel engine that has 1405 cc fuel capacity and gives mileage of 16 kmpl on highway. 

Tata Venture Used Car Market 

New Tata Venture 2011 is a brand new van, which has yet to establish foothold in the used car market. Second hand model of this vehicle can be purchased at lower prices, after checking its usage. The best second hand deal can be availed from the authorised dealers of the car company that are located across the major cities in India. 

Tata Venture Specifications 

New Tata Venture has length of 3950 mm, width of 1565 mm and height of 1858 mm. The four door van, which weighs 1990 kg approximately, has a ground clearance of about 160 mm. Maximum seating capacity in this vehicle is 8 and the fuel tank capacity is 33 litres. 

All the three variants of the New Venture 2011 have 475 IDI engine, which comes with 1400 cc displacement. The diesel engine in these models has the maximum torque of 135 Nm at 2500 rpm and maximum power of 70 hp at 4500 rpm.  There are 5 manual gears fitted in the van, along with front disk and rear drum brakes.



Overall Length

3950 mm

Overall Width

1565 mm

Overall Height

1858 mm

Ground Clearance

160 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight

1990 kg

No. of Doors


Fuel Tank Capacity

33 Litre

Tata Venture Exterior

New Tata Venture 2011 has been appreciated for its stylish exterior and European influenced appearance. There are many distinct features in this van that separate it from other Multi Utility Vehicles launched by the company in India. 

Exterior Appearance

This MUV was first displayed in the Auto Expo 2010 and is known for its European look that pleases both corporate buyers as well as families. The four side doors are placed keeping in mind the necessities of customers. There is a crease just below the door windows along with a double frame for the second and third row windows. These windows have been designed in a perfect symmetry to match the rectangular body of Tata Venture. 

For rendering a luxury look to the vehicle, the front side of the van has been designed with subtle detailing, which includes goof frame and front grille. There is no frame in the front grille, which although has the logo of Tata Motors. 

Exterior Measurements 

Tata Venture measures around 3950 mm in length, 1565 mm in width and 1858 mm in height. Furthermore, the vehicle weighs about 1990 kg and comes with tubeless tyres. 


Tata Venture 2011 is known for its large interior space along with flexible luggage space that help in accommodating passengers and their luggage, making it the ideal carrier for family outings. 

Interior Appearance

Tata Venture, essentially designed to provide maximum comfort while travelling, can accommodate 8 passengers at a time. There is a flat floor and roof that make the seating space equal in all the three rows. It has an airy cabin and its height is suitable even for tall occupants. The head room ensures that taller occupants do not bang their head against the roof while moving over a speed breaker. New Venture comes with a hatchback dashboard, which is placed at a lower level and is coloured in beige.

AC controls in the van are fixed on a graphite console, which adds to the appearance. The van has an effective air conditioning along with quick cooling due to roof vents that have been provided for the rear rows. There are twin glove boxes inside Tata Venture that help in easy storage of luggage. It also comprises 3 spoke steering wheel, 12V electrical ports, digital clock, tachometer and music system with four speakers. 

Interior Comfort

New Tata Venture has three rows of cushioned seats that are comfortable, making long distance travelling a hassle-free affair. The flexible luggage space and ample leg space are highlights of the van. For experiencing a jerk free travel, Tata Motors has also provided a unique quality suspension system in the van. Quick cooling and HVAC with dual AC make New Tata Venture in India an ideal travelling option, even during hot summers. Besides, the door-open light indicator, tachometer, wipe and demister, vanity mirrors and keyless entry are other prominent features of this van. 

Interior Measurements 

The interior of the Tata Venture 2011 is quite spacious, with ample head room and leg room that make it suitable even for taller occupants. It boasts a height of 1858 mm that helps in comfortably accommodating passengers who are tall.

Tata Venture Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

Tata Venture is apt for big Indian families that look for technology and performance along with fuel efficiency in a vehicle. The 'Dual Goal Car' is equipped with 1.4L TCIC diesel engine, which is similar to majority of Tata vehicles. This 1405 cc turbo diesel engine has 4 cylinders and offers maximum power of about 70 hp at 4500 rpm and maximum torque of 135 Nm at 2500 rpm. It gives a mileage of 11 kmpl in the city and 16 kmpl while travelling on the highway.

New Venture is designed in accordance with the regulations defined by Euro III (TCIC) and Euro IV (Turbomax). Besides youngsters and families, taxi operators and commercial establishments also prefer this spacious carrier.

Tata Venture On-road Drive

The suspension and advanced braking systems in New Venture offer jerk free ride and comfortable journey on the challenging roads in India. This van has comparatively higher ratio of power to its weight, which enables better pick up and smooth acceleration at top speed. The power steering provides better control at higher speed limits, thereby ensuring easy manoeuvring, even on congested streets. Tyres of New Venture 2011 have 165 R 14 configurations, which gives the van tighter grip on rough roads. 

Tata Venture Power 

The 1405 cc turbo diesel engine in New Venture renders 70 hp maximum power at 4500 rpm. It also has a high torque of around 135 Nm at 2500 rpm, which offers greater fuel efficiency and good performance on rough Indian roads.

Tata Venture Acceleration and Pick Up 

New Tata Venture 2011 is equipped with a powerful 1405 cc diesel engine, which is known for its acceleration and great mileage. This diesel engine is built in accordance with Euro III and Euro IV (Turbomax) regulations. The performance of this vehicle on city roads has been appreciated by many as it can be manoeuvred easily within the 60-90 kmph speed band. The overall acceleration and pick up of Tata Venture is quite good. 

Tata Venture Safety and Security

The New Tata Venture 2011 is designed in compliance with the safety norms and guidelines prevalent in the Indian automotive industry. Some of the safety features that the vehicle boast are front crash reinforcement, collapsible steering, reverse guide system, child locking system and side impact protection beam. Venture is also fitted with engine immobiliser and front fog lamps along with drum brakes at rear and front. It is known for its good suspension system, which ensures jerk free and comfortable ride. 

Tata Venture Comfort and Convenience 

The comfortable seating arrangement is one of the major features of Venture, which is an ideal family vehicle. In addition to this, the vehicle comes with sliding and reclining driver and co-driver seats that are suitable for long distance travel. The 3 row seats have flat folding and all these seats face the front. These seats can also be folded for accommodating additional luggage and for giving necessary leg space.

Tata Venture is equipped with 3 spoke steering wheel that makes the handling of the vehicle easy. Tata Motors has fitted the vehicle with 12V electrical port, 2 glove boxes and a music system, among others. Tata Venture in India has also been provided with retractable inner grab handles, butterfly type 3 speed front wipers, front fog lamps, HVAC with dual AC, power steering and lift type tail gate at rear.

Tata Venture Colours 

Tata Venture is a multi utility van, which comes in five different colours, namely white, ivory white, champagne gold, lunar silver and glossy black.

Tata Venture Wheels 

Wheels in Tata Venture are made of steel and the size of the tyres is 165 R 14. This particular configuration of tyres provide tighter and stronger grip on tough roads in India. These tyres also provide jerk free ride that ensure comfort of the travellers.

Tata Venture Stereo and Accessories 

New Venture 2011, a Multi Purpose Vehicle, has been fitted with simple entertainment features like a music system with multi speakers. This music system has CD or MP3 player and gives surround sound effect due to its rightly placed four speakers. 

Tata Venture Dealers 

Tata cars can be easily purchased from several authorised dealers spread across India. New Tata Venture is available in all major cities and towns in India, including New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata. Besides, the Venture Price varies from one city to another.

Some of the important dealers of venture are Sanya Motors Private Limited, Sai Motors, A-One Motors, Maggo Car Care, Techno Automotive Private Limited and Metro Automobiles in New Delhi. The Wasan Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bharati Automobiles, Fortune Car Pvt. Ltd., Concorde Motors India Limited and Om Sai Automobiles in Mumbai are also prominent dealers. Customers in Kolkata can avail services of Lexus Motors Limited, Autobarn Inc., K. B. Motors Private Limited, T. C. Motors and Seeta Motors, among others. There are many more authorised dealers of Tata Venture in different parts of India, including Prerana Motors Pvt. Ltd., Concorde Motors (India) Ltd. and KHT Motors in Bengaluru.

Tata Venture Company Quotes 

On the occasion of unveiling Tata Venture at Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi, S. Saxena, Head of Marketing and Sales in Tata Motors said “The Indian auto company has initially launched the car in Rajasthan and will be later introduced in other states across nation”. He further added that “this unique utility vehicle is based on the compact car, but interior of the car is like a utility vehicle, spacious and comfortable.” 

Tata Venture Competitor Analysis 

Venture is a microvan, manufactured by Tata Motors, was introduced in the market in the end of February 2011. It comes in 5, 7 and 8 seater versions and is more economical than the previous microvan versions launched by Tata Motors. The company is also offering 2 year or 75000 km warranty with the purchase of Tata Venture 2011. This is surely a good deal as compared to Maruti Omni and Maruti Suzuki Eeco, the rivals of Tata Venture.

Maruti Omni is a multi-utility vehicle that has sufficient leg room and head room along with necessary space for cargo. This MUV comes in LPG and petrol engine version, but does not have enough safety features as present in Tata Venture. The LPG version of Omni can generate maximum power of 27 bhp at 4500 rpm. Petrol engine of the car is mated with MPFI technology and is capable of producing 35 bhp power at 5000 rpm.

Another competitor of Venture, Maruti Eeco is available with 50 kW electric motor and 24 kWh Lithium-ion battery that gives maximum speed of 100 kmph. It also boasts a sport mode for higher acceleration, which is not there in New Tata Venture 2011. Eeco is equipped with a CNG kit along with latest intelligent-Gas Port Injection (i-GPI) that cost less per kilometre. 

Tata Venture LPG/CNG version 

Tata Venture does not come in LPG/CNG version. 

Tata Venture Pros

Tata Venture is appreciated by customers for its dual tone interiors and flexible luggage space. The van is also known for its high fuel efficiency and mileage of approximately 16 kmpl on highway and 11 kmpl in the city. This MPV comes with drum brake system that is suitable for the rough roads in India.

Music system with CD and MP3 players can also be installed in the top-of-the-line version that gives great sound through the 4 speakers. There is also an internal remote adjustable mirror system installed in this vehicle that adds to the comfort of the passengers. Along with good drum brakes at front and rear, Venture also has a comfortable suspension system that gives jerk free ride and supports the van frame. Besides, Venture Price is also quite reasonable, giving it edge over its competitors. 

Tata Venture Cons 

New Tata Venture is considered to have just an adequately powered diesel engine. There is only one exit for rear passengers and is known to have lesser driver leg room. The plastic quality of this van disappoints, while the after sales service is also not that good. 

Tata Venture Conclusion 

Tata Venture has received more appreciation than criticism and is quite spacious and has enough luggage space. New Venture 2011 has been manufactured keeping in mind the necessities and travelling requirements of corporate buyers, families and taxi operators. This van provides necessary leg space and comfort, making long distance journey comfortable. The height and width of this vehicle make it suitable for taller as well as healthier occupants.

Tata Venture in India has found large number of buyers due to its European appearance and quality interiors. It is a fuel efficient van, which has seating for around 8 people. Venture Price is also quite reasonable, ranging between Rs. 4 to 5 lacs that suits pocket of many living in India. 

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