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4th June 2012

Tata Megapixel is one of the much awaited cars which will soon make its entry in the Indian automobile market. Tata Motors has decided to place this small car in the hatchback segment. In the present time when fuel conservation is becoming imperative, Tata Motors is planning to launch this hybrid car, which can deliver high mileage. Under a combined driving mode, it can deliver fuel economy of 100 km/litre.

Tata Megapixel is designed in a special way to cater to the requirements of not only the Indian customers but also the global car lovers, who are environment-conscious. The air intakes of this car are placed on the bumpers, which are inspired from the conventional Indian three dimensional terminologies.

Tata Megapixel’s USP are sweeping silhouette, dynamic posture and floating C-pillar. All these display modernity and technological capability of the Indian car makers. This compactly designed car adorns a single belt line which runs all the way from the front fascia to its tailgate. The beautifully designed panoramic roof and floating seats of the car adds to its weight reduction technology within the passenger cabin.

Tata Megapixel’s front seats are cantilevered on the central bay, which provides decent space on the floor for storage. The centre console of the car offers mobile phone connectivity with integrated touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) at the middle. With HMI, passengers can access ventilation, temperature and driving modes of the car. As far as technical specifications of Tata Megapixel are concerned, the car is assimilated with a 325 cc engine that has the potential to generate maximum power of 13.5 hp of power whereas 500 Nm of torque.

Tata Megapixel is a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) which is built over a new city smart global car terminology. This hybrid car holds a lithium-ion phosphate battery and a petrol power-train. The special battery of this car can be easily charged at home. Lithium Ion Phosphate 13 kWh battery of this car can be charged in 30 mins up to 80% of its capacity. With a complete electric charge, the engine of this car covers a distance of 87 km. The maximum speed of Megapixel is 110 kmph, which is fairly impressive with a small displacement engine.

The innovative ‘Zero Turn’ drive system showcased by Tata Motors at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show is taken to even new heights and then incorporated within the Megapixel. Electric chassis of Tata Megapixel holds four individual electric motors, placed independently at each of the wheel. At the time of parking, these electric motors changes direction of the wheels in opposite way, however the front wheels are twisted around at acute angle. Apart from this, the car also has an unmatched turning radius of 2.8 metres.

Tata Megapixel in order to attract a large number of buyers will carry appealing colours, graphics. To make the front end of the car more appealing, the company has incorporated grille and lamps above the arches of front wheels. The integral design language of the car flows freely and is complimented with the five spoke design of wheel. Moreover, the car will be first in the Indian auto market to have sliding doors which will provide an ease to the passengers for entry or exit. The elegant design language used by Tata Motors in Megapixel describes the company’s approach for designing its future launches.

About Tata Megapixel

After launching the Nano and unveiling the Pixel in 2009, Tata Motors has come up with another small family car in 2012 – the Megapixel. This four seater model is larger in size than its predecessors and will run on electric motors, which will be supported by a petrol unit. Showcased for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, this hybrid car was greeted warmly by the masses at the time of its unveiling for its appealing looks and excellent features.

If the car maker is able to realise the concept of the model into the production vehicle, it will have a world class EV in its portfolio that could dominate the market. This model, when launched, would be able to give stiff competition to all prominent EVs in the world, including Chevrolet Volt. Tata Motors will also be working on developing it to suit the requirements of the Indian market so that it is able to conquer the nascent electric car segment of the country with a world class model.

Engines & Specifications of Tata Megapixel

As a hybrid car, the Megapixel will be powered by 4 in-wheel electric motors that deliver power of 10 kW and torque of 500 Nm as well as a range extending 325 cc single cylinder petrol engine. This fuel-powered unit will be capable of producing maximum power of 22 kW to charge the 13 kWh lithium ion phosphate battery installed in the car. Tata Motors will provide a unique wireless inductive panel for the car so that it can be charged without any cords. As drivers will only need to park the model on the charging pad to recharge it; 80 per cent recharging can be achieved in just 30 minutes.

Performance of Tata Megapixel

Since Tata Megapixel will be presented as a city car at the time of its launch, the model will deliver optimum efficiency to succeed internationally. The model will be capable of travelling a total of 900 km on a singe charge and cover 87 km solely on its electric motor. It will also have an astounding turning radius of 2.8 metres; all of its wheels can also be turned on their axis to achieve 'zero turn'. Tata Megapixel will be able to reach maximum speed of 110 kmph on the road and deliver fuel economy of 100 kmpl under electric-only configuration, while its CO2 emission level of 22 g/km.

Exterior, Interior & Safety Features of Tata Megapixel

The concept version of Tata Megapixel shown at the Geneva Motor Show was slightly larger than the Nano. Measurements of the model presented at the auto show stood 3505 mm long, 1673 mm wide and 1405 mm high. Its stylish four-door body is streamlined in appearance and has aggressive body lines across the frame. A unique feature of the car will be the double sliding doors, akin to the ones seen on mini-vans, which will ensure that the passengers can get seated easily despite its small proportions.

Notable interior features of the Megapixel will include panoramic roof, leather and rose metal trims and a Smartphone docking point. A rear projected dashboard that will be complemented by a joystick controller, similar to the BMW iDrive, will also be present in the car. 'One Touch' touchscreen command centre, cantilevered seating system for four adults and the innovative 'India Global' design theme are other features that define the interiors of the car.

Fact Sheet:

Make Tata
Model Megapixel
Fuel Types Hybrid
Price N/A
Key Specifications

Battery – 13 kwH Lithium Ion Phosphate

Engine -

4 in-wheel electric motors – 13 kW power, 500 Nm torque at each wheel

325 cc engine – 22 kW power for charging electric motors

Range – 900 km (87 km on electricity only)

Maximum speed – 110 kmph

Turning radius – 2.8 metres

Body Type Hatchback

  • it's cost is 10 lak

    October 02, 2012 by  Modi
  • it's cost is 10 lak

    October 02, 2012 by  Modi
  • it's cost is 10 lak

    October 02, 2012 by  Modi
  • it's cost is 10 lak

    October 02, 2012 by  Modi
  • when he launch in india ? which months and date

    September 23, 2012 by  Ajit Sankhe
  • This is definite buy. I am eagerly awaiting the launch of this vehicle. Shall replace my Vista with the MP for city and shall use my Safari/Innova for the long journeys. So PERFECT.

    September 17, 2012 by  Ashwin Mohandas
  • When he launch in india? How much price?

    September 14, 2012 by  KIRAN JADHAV
  • this car is nice i parchage this car please contact for me 9896032009,9896208028

    September 12, 2012 by  Sunilsethi
  • what is the cost of the car how much is the seating capacity will it run 87 km in time charge. when will it launch in India.

    September 08, 2012 by  Basawaraj S Kale
  • Well, I would like to know that can it be charged with
    generators? You know electricity supply's condition in india.More, if I cae possible?rry a small gen set in car for chargin in remote places where there is no electricity supply,shall it will b

    September 06, 2012 by  Dr.B.L. Srivastava
  • Is the mileage really 100 km/litre ?

    September 04, 2012 by  Sunny
  • Is the mileage really 100 km/litre ?

    September 04, 2012 by  Sunny
  • Is the mileage really 100 km/litre ?

    September 04, 2012 by  Sunny
  • I also realy like this car.. It is so good inpresent. what is the cost of this? can you please guide me and when its is launch in india ?
    Please contact me on - 9481720696

    September 01, 2012 by  MOHAN KUMAR C
  • I also realy like this car.. It is so good inpresent. what is the cost of this? can you please guide me and when its is launch in india ?
    Please contact me on - 08094311011

    August 29, 2012 by  Ramesh Arora
  • If the specifications and the words given by is true then this will change the concept of the indian car market. No doubt or even second thoughts

    August 18, 2012 by  Sanjai
  • I want to know price of Tata Megapixel unveiled

    July 28, 2012 by  Ravi Raj R
  • I want to know price of Tata Megapixel unveiled

    July 28, 2012 by  Ravi Raj R
  • I want to know price of Tata Megapixel unveiled

    July 28, 2012 by  Ravi Raj R
  • I want to know price of Tata Megapixel unveiled

    July 28, 2012 by  Ravi Raj R
  • Gr8 work plz launch in india

    July 28, 2012 by  Swayam
  • first of all i thank for tata motors that they make all mileage giving cars ..

    July 28, 2012 by  Karthik.g.n.
  • Wonderful job

    July 09, 2012 by  R P SINGH

    July 02, 2012 by  BHARATKUMAR
  • what is the estimated price for this car

    June 08, 2012 by  Surya
  • most awaited since delhi expo

    May 30, 2012 by  Sumant Kumar

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