Skoda Citigo

Expected: End 2015
Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs
(Estimated Ex-Showroom Price)
Skoda Citigo

Skoda Citigo is a small hatchback being launched in the Czech market, which will be followed by its debut in the European market. This car is amongst the most suitable hatchbacks in the current market and would probably be a profitable launch from the Czech auto maker if introduced in India. Based on the 'Volkswagen Up' platform, Skoda Citigo is a three door hatchback with surprisingly spacious interiors. Its looks may draw comparisons with Chevrolet Spark and Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo in India. However, it will be favoured by consumers due to a better power to weight ratio compared to others in its segment.

The new Skoda Citigo 2011 comes in two variants, both are powered by 1.0 L petrol engines, though the trims deliver different power output, viz. 60 hp and 75 hp. These engines have been tuned up for city driving conditions and provide exceptional mileage in accordance with international fuel emission norms. Interiors of the vehicle might not impress those who are in habit of chrome accentuated and leather-lined cabins of sedans. Nonetheless, it can become a second or third car of families having youngsters with different idea of spending their weekends.

Skoda Citigo Launch History

The hatchback, which is the seventh car in Skoda's international lineup, is scheduled for a phased launch in European markets. Called 'Simply Clever' in its marketing campaigns, Citigo will be launched in a five door version in 2012. The current four seater, three-door Skoda Citigo car has been designed to ensure maximum safety. It includes airbags, seatbelts and a unique 'City Safe Drive' emergency braking system, which is a first in its segment.

Skoda India has not been able to capitalise too much on the initial response it got from market. The other hatchback of this automobile giant, Fabia, did not fare well in terms of sales figures. Hence, launching Citigo in India may strengthen its position in the booming Indian market. Though Skoda Citigo car might only have arrived in the international market, its India launch seems imminent.

Skoda Citigo Variants

Skoda Citigo car is available in the Czech market in two variants having the exact same safety, comfort and convenience features except the engine. More variants could be launched in the beginning of New Year, with a five door version being confirmed by the manufacturer itself.

Skoda Citigo Pricing

New Skoda Citigo 2011 cars are expected to be placed in the price bracket of Rs. 4 to 5 Lacs at the time of their launch in India. This might not exactly be the entry level segment, which includes proven contenders like Maruti Alto, Tata Nano and Chevrolet Spark. However, it is expected to start a new segment of three door cars, which appear more trendy and suitable for city driving conditions.

Skoda Citigo Review

Unlike other models form Skoda in India, Citigo's launch has not been associated with any massive advertising and promotion campaign. However, the media has welcomed its international launch and come up with positive reviews about the car. It will be interesting to see how the vehicle performs in the long run, though its specifications seem well suited for city drives. Citigo cars may even win major awards in the small car category, where it might outperform others with its lower price tag and running costs.

Skoda Citigo Specifications

New Skoda Citigo car comes with two advanced, three-cylinder 1.0 L petrol engines. The variant equipped with smaller of these engines produces 60 hp of power, while the higher variant of this engine generates 75 hp power at 5400 rpm. An exceptional torque of 110 Nm at 3750 rpm speaks volumes about the capabilities of this car. This front wheel driven car comes with a five speed manual transmission mechanism and boasts of power steering for easy and accurate control on city roads during rush hour.

Skoda Citigo Exteriors

Developed on the Volkswagen Up platform the new Citigo boasts of refreshingly sporty looks and attractive colours. Its small dimensions might be very deceptive, as the car has enough space inside its cabin for seating four passengers, with a lot of boot space considering its size.

Skoda Citigo Exterior Appearance

Citigo cars might be considered among one of the most attractive hatchbacks on Indian roads upon its launch. Its signature Skoda radiator grille comes with chrome finish, while the attractive headlamps define the sporty character of the Czech models. The fog lamps are integrated into the body-coloured bumpers while its alloy wheels add substance to the body. The B-pillar smoothly follows the same angle at which its bonnet rises from the front. With minimal front and rear overhangs and low slung body, Skoda Citigo 2011 appears to be a well balanced car from every perspective.

Skoda Citigo Exterior Dimensions

With a length 3560 mm and a width 1650 mm, it is longer and broader than even the Hyundai i10. Moreover, overall height of 1480 mm complements the aerodynamic look of the car, making it more balanced at high speeds, especially around the corners. Decent ground clearance ensures that Citigo owners can ride over bumps and speed breakers without damaging the car on Indian roads.

Skoda Citigo Interiors

While entering the spacious interiors of small Citigo, passengers get a welcoming feel. This separates a painstakingly well built car from an average one, as it puts the comfort of the buyers ahead of costs.

Skoda Citigo Interior Appearance

While the exteriors are as advanced as they can get, interiors of Skoda Citigo car are also up to the mark in terms of detailing. Leather upholstery is available as an optional feature, though the standard fabric seats are also quite elegant and appealing. However, buyers do not get chrome and genuine wooden trims in this both variants of this entry level car. Nonetheless, its high grade plastics and attractive roof lining will appeal to the customers.

Skoda Citigo Interior Comfort

The car comes with an effective air conditioning system, power windows and electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors. Power steering is also a major relief for drivers, along with adjustable height of the seat for maximum comfort. Remote fuel lid, tail gate opener and central locking add to the convenience of occupants. Rear defogger and wiper are also included the vehicle as a standard feature. Buyers will find enough storage space in various recesses provided in the cabin to keep variegated items, like magazines, umbrellas and mugs.

Skoda Citigo Interior Dimensions

The car has decent seating space for four people; even those who are used to sedans will not find any sort of difference in terms of seating comfort. Moreover, with foldable second row seats they can enhance boot space from standard 251 litres to a capacious 951 litres.

Skoda Citigo Fuel Economy

Citigo car is amongst one of the most fuel efficient and environment friendly cars of 2011. The 60 hp engine of Citigo car provides an exceptional 23.8 kilometre per litre of fuel efficiency under test conditions. The other 75 hp engine is not much behind with a fuel economy of 23.2 kilometre per litre. The carbon dioxide emission levels for the 60 hp and 75 hp engines are 105 gm and 108 gm CO2 per kilometre, respectively.

Skoda Citigo On Road Drive

The smaller turning radius, superb control and ability to sprint ahead of other vehicles makes new Citigo 2011 one of the best small cars available in the market today. The car might be the best option for youngsters or families that need a second or third car. Its five speed manual transmission is superbly smooth while the gear knob is ergonomically placed. Other controls are also well incorporated within the driver's reach and the driving seating position is also strategically located.

The NVH characteristics of this engine have been fine tuned so that it responds well even at higher revs. The car is effectively insulated from outside noises and remains silent throughout the drive. The suspensions of this car are especially designed to suit pothole-riddled roads and provide good support even in the worst situations. Buyers will also notice the sporty steering wheel, which has been balanced for optimum control. Unlike other power steering equipped cars in India, it is well dampened and does not rotate unnecessarily.

Skoda Citigo Power

New Skoda Citigo car might not be suited for a race on highways, but it is not a let-down either. One can test engine limits without any major discomfort or harm to its engine. These engines are available in 60 hp and 75 hp displacement capabilities and perform equally well at higher and lower revs. The later generates an exceptional 90 Nm of torque at 3750 rpm. This essentially means that both variants can perform really well in city's 'stop and go' driving condition, with decent acceleration and top speed.

Skoda Citigo Acceleration

The engine performance of new Citigo 2011 is comparable to any other car in its segment. The acceleration of this car is superb in the variant equipped with a 75 hp engine. The other engine might provide a little challenge in overtaking a slow moving vehicle, especially on Indian roads.

Skoda Citigo Safety & Security

Safety is naturally assured in all Skoda vehicles and Citigo is no exception. For the very first time, a Skoda car features a Head-Thorax side air-bag technology, which has been designed specially by Skoda engineers. This provides protection to front seat passengers from fatal head injuries. 'City Safe Drive' is another unique safety feature, which sets another precedent for cars of this segment. This brake assistance system automatically activates at speeds lower than 30 kilometre per hour. This system is assimilated with laser sensors that are programmed to initiate emergency brakes in possible collision scenario. Seat belts, fog lamps, rear defogger and wiper are also included in the car.

Skoda Citigo Comfort & Convenience

Skoda Citigo 2011 includes an effective air conditioning system that will be suitable for Indian summers. Comfort and cabin space are pre-requisites for a good driving experience and this car is comparable to a compact sedan in these two departments. The four seater includes cup holders, coat hangers, sun visors and other small conveniences that add to the driving experience. Adjustable head restraints are another feature that serves comfort as well as security. The driver does not feel any sort of discomfort in driving even on long highways due to ample thigh support provided via its purposefully designed seats.

Skoda Citigo Wheels

This low slung hatchback is expected to arrive in the market with thirteen and fourteen inch alloy wheel options. Skoda Citigo cars will require a better pair of suspensions at the front and rear to deliver good performance in long term.

Skoda Citigo Stereo & Accessories

Skoda Citigo 2011 features a 2 DIN Music system which comes with FM radio and MP3 playback facility. It also has USB port which facilitates connectivity with mobile phones, iPods and similar music players. The speaker system is acoustically designed to suit the interiors and creates a harmonious ambience with its surround sound effect.

Skoda Citigo Dealers

Skoda is a relatively newer entrant in the Indian auto market and might not boast about its countrywide reach. However, it has ensured that at least all tier-I cities are covered under its sales network. Moreover, the company has started a 24x7 roadside assistance program that helps its customers in case of breakdowns without any prior announcement. A list of authorised dealers that is expected to sell Citigo in five major metropolitans of India is given below:

City Dealers
New Delhi Arshia Motors
Fahrenheit Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.
Giriraj Motors Private Limited
Jai Auto
Nawab Motors Private Limited
Kolkata Jai Auto Sales Private Limited
Mumbai Autobahn Enterprises Private Limited
JMD Auto Private Limited
Chennai Gurudev Motors
Bengaluru Tafe Access Limited
Vinayak Cars Private Limited

Skoda Citigo Company Quotes

Prof. Dr. H.C. Winfried Vahland (Skoda Board Chairman) announcing the launch of the vehicle in 2011 said “...The Citigo is one of the pillars of our growth strategy. It paves the way for our brand to enter a very promising segment...The new product fully meets the corporate philosophy of the ŠKODA Brand expressed through the “Simply Clever” slogan. Despite its small size, it offers ample interior space, but is surprisingly agile, and attractive in terms of trims and technologies used. Although the Citigo is a small car, it is a typical ŠKODA - and as such fits perfectly with our plans...We can see that the demand for small cars with low fuel consumption, at a favourable price and with reasonable operating costs is growing. ŠKODA's new small vehicle is a reaction to this trend. We are entering new ground and the Citigo will attract a lot of customers mainly in our European markets...”

Skoda Citigo Competitor Analysis

New Skoda Citigo in 2011 is all set to create a new segment with its launch, as it is first full fledged petrol car with three door design in India. Equipped with advanced safety systems, this Skoda car is undoubtedly going to create a little dent in the sales of other entry level hatchbacks in India.

One of the highest selling hatchbacks in Indian markets is Chevrolet Spark. This car is equipped with a 995 cc single overhead cam engine that delivers similar performance as that of Citigo 75 hp engine. Spark is available in three variants, with differences in luxury options. A fully equipped Spark might appear to be a better proposition, as it is available at rates on which Citigo starts. However, buyers must not forget the difference in overall styling and comfort levels of both these cars. Citigo is way ahead in terms of the seating comfort, which can be matched with any compact sedan in India. Moreover, the utility is further enhanced with foldable rear seats that enhances the boot space manifolds.

Alto is another vehicle that should attract the customers for the very same advantages that Spark offers. Moreover, it is a Maruti product, which means the car can avail services from the largest service network in India. However, that does not stop customers from complaining about its ineffective air conditioning and sub-standard interiors. It also doesn't inspire much confidence with its sluggish drive quality. In this respect, new Citigo is a much refined car and its dimensions make it more spacious than Zen Estilo, Hyundai i10 other similar cars in India.

Skoda Citigo LPG/CNG version

The company has not announced any plans for launching a LPG/CNG version of this car.

Skoda Citigo Pros

True international styling, comfortable interiors and superb dynamics make Citigo a car that will attract urban customers in India. Skoda has not underplayed the safety and security features which makes Citigo 2011 a high scorer in all criteria.

Skoda Citigo Cons

Skoda does not have a very successful past record in the small car segment. This brand might require better marketing initiatives to improve its competition in the lower segment cars. Besides, the manufacturer will need to expand its sales and service network in India by a huge margin in order to penetrate the market effectively.

Skoda Citigo Conclusion

New Skoda Citigo is a perfect car for urban India as it suits the youth as well as those who need an alternative for their fuel guzzling sedans and SUVs. However, a lot will depend on the willingness of the manufacturer to launch this vehicle in the Indian market and the competition in the market.

Fact Sheet:

Make Skoda
Model Citigo
Fuel Types Petrol
Price Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs
Key Specifications

1.0 L petrol engine, 60 bhp power, 110 Nm torque

1.0 L petrol engine, 75 bhp power, 110 Nm torque.

Body Type Sedan

  • I will only consider if it comes in 5 doors and diesel variant too. If they have to survive they have to come with this specifications and in only in price segment!

    September 05, 2012 by  Rajesh
  • If car is as per mentioned specifications i.e. with 75 b hp, NM torque, and is so beautiful as shown in the pictures, then only GOD can save the competition from possible washout. Being scoda, built quality and performance are expected to be top notch. I wish to buy one after its launch in INDIA, if it comes in five door configuration.

    February 06, 2012 by  Vijai Dogra
  • nice car

    January 06, 2012 by  Shubham Dhawde

    October 31, 2011 by  Dimple

    October 31, 2011 by  Dimple

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