There are several body types of car models available in the auto market. Broadly speaking, car models can be classified into four body types - Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Hatchbacks, Vans and Sedans. The SUV moniker could be given to those cars which are larger in size and come with off-roading capabilities. On the other hand, hatchbacks are small cars that can be maneuvered easily even in constricted localities. Van is a box-like four wheeler which can accommodate a large number of people easily and is generally characterized by a very short length bonnet or no bonnet at all. A compact passenger van is termed as a 'mini-van', which is generally known as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

What exactly is a sedan? How does one differentiate it from other cars available in the market?

The term 'Sedan' originates from a southern Italian dialect derivative 'Sedia', which means a chair. On a general basis, one can distinguish a sedan from other cars by taking a look at its body style. These are four-door vehicles which can accommodate two passengers in the front, including the driver, and three in the rear seat. However, every car in the country has a similar 5-seater structure, but what differentiates a sedan from the rest is its trunk space which juts out from the rear.

What are the different types of sedans available in India?

In India, there is a plethora of sedans available, broadly classified into four categories viz. entry level, mid-size, premium and luxury. Depending on the commuting and other requirements of an individual like comfort, features, mileage, budget etc., one can opt for a suitable model.

The entry level sedans are the models which fall in the Rs. 4-6 lacs bracket. Almost all the sedans in this segment come with a manual transmission unit, air-conditioning and power steering as a standard. On the safety front, power door locks, child safety locks and immobilizer are the common features across all entry level sedans. Next up is the mid-size sedans which are available in the range of Rs. 6-10 lacs. These sedans come with all the features of an entry level sedan as a standard. However, they pack additional features as well, like tubeless tyres, central locking, steering adjustment, tachometer etc. 

The cars in the range of Rs. 10-20 lacs are called premium sedans. Besides having all the features of the entry level and mid-size sedans, these sedans come with anti-lock braking system, airbags and leather seats. The cars which feature above Rs. 20 lacs are classified as luxury sedans and come loaded with contemporary and advanced features besides the basics.

Hence, what should one keep in mind while buying a sedan?

If it is a replacement for a hatchback and budget is the major factor with minimum emphasis on features, one should opt for the entry level or mid-size sedan. On the other hand, if contemporary features are a must have, premium sedan is the most viable option. Moreover, if it is a status symbol that one desires with lots of features to show-off and make heads turn wherever one goes, luxury sedan is the best choice.

Sedan Cars

Hindustan Motors Ambassador
Price: Rs. 4.31 - 6.55 lakh
Ambassador was the first iteration of a sedan in India and ruled the market for more than two decades. The manufacturer, Hindustan Motors, is looking forward to launch a facelifted version of the ...get Hindustan Motors Ambassador Price
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Tata Indigo eCS
Price: Rs. 4.88 - 6.15 lakh
Tata Indigo eCS is among the best selling entry level sedans and boasts of a sturdy build and a decent under-the-hood configuration. Indigo eCS is available in petrol and diesel powered variants, ...get Tata Indigo eCS Price
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Tata Zest
Price: Rs. 4.84 - 7.31 lakh
The Tata Zest compact sedan is clearly a winner in its league. This model is equipped with a powerful 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine and the tried & trusted 1.3-litre multi-jet diesel ...get Tata Zest Price
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Hyundai Xcent
Price: Rs. 4.97 - 7.8 lakh
Hyundai Xcent is a superb car that is perfect for people who want a fuel efficient sedan for driving in cities. In the first place, it is a part of Hyundai’s portfolio, which is immensely ...get Hyundai Xcent Price
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Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire
Price: Rs. 5.22 - 7.83 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire was launched in 2008 in the Indian market. In February 2012, a new Swift DZire has been introduced with more refined interiors and exteriors. Based on Swift's ...get Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire Price
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Ford Classic
Price: Rs. 5.17 - 7.68 lakh
The Classic is one of the best packages in the entry level sedan segment. The ride quality and handling are exceptional. The refined and frugal engines prove to be very economical. However, the ...get Ford Classic Price
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Mahindra Verito
Price: Rs. 6.33 - 7.68 lakh
Mahindra Verito is a compact sedan, which has stylish exterior and premium interiors. It is one of the most affordable sedans in the Indian market. The sedan is offered in the market in both ...get Mahindra Verito Price
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Honda Amaze
Price: Rs. 5.34 - 8.04 lakh
The Honda Amaze entry level sedan scores some great points in terms of engine specifications, interior styling, aesthetic looks and value-for-money quotient. For instance, the Amaze offers a fresh ...get Honda Amaze Price
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Toyota Etios
Price: Rs. 5.91 - 8.03 lakh
Toyota Etios is an entry level sedan that is available with diesel and petrol engine options in seven trims. Along with attractive looks, its defining characteristics are excellent fuel economy, ...get Toyota Etios Price
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Chevrolet Sail
Price: Rs. 5.46 - 8.03 lakh
Chevrolet Sail is a car with modish looks, competitive pricing and reliable engine performance being its biggest plus points. This entry level sedan remains among the best offerings in its class ...get Chevrolet Sail Price
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Fiat Linea
Price: Rs. 6.06 - 9.98 lakh
The new Fiat Linea is a great value for money. Its design is simple yet very elegant. The interior is more refreshing and up-market than before. It feels very comfortable and spacious from inside. ...get Fiat Linea Price
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Tata Manza
Price: Rs. 6.11 - 8.49 lakh
Tata Manza is a well-equipped, spacious, comfortable and frugal entry-level sedan. Its simple design looks attractive. The quality, fit and finish are much improved than before. The seats are ...get Tata Manza Price
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San Storm
Price: Rs. 6.18 lakh
San Storm is an indigenously built two seater sports car, designed purely to go fast. The aesthetic design of this vehicle is very appealing for car enthusiasts. Different comfort and safety ...get San Storm Price
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Nissan Sunny
Price: Rs. 7.36 - 10.48 lakh
Based on the V platform as the Micra, the Nissan Sunny is a luxury sedan. It is offered in both petrol and diesel variants at affordable price tag. One can find rear defogger, keyless entry and ...get Nissan Sunny Price
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Skoda Rapid
Price: Rs. 7.41 - 10.97 lakh
Skoda Rapid has been launched by Skoda in the C segment of the Indian automobile market. At the, People's choice Car and Bike awards 2011  the Rapid received Sedan of the year ...get Skoda Rapid Price
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Volkswagen Vento
Price: Rs. 7.44 - 10.95 lakh
Volkswagen Vento is the entry level sedan in the automotive giant's domestic portfolio. It is the perfect sedan for families which want powerful performance and premium comfort features in a ...get Volkswagen Vento Price
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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
Price: Rs. 7.46 - 10.37 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a perfect product for those looking at a comfortable and spacious car, which is budget friendly, well equipped and easy to drive. If you are an enthusiast, the Ciaz is not a ...get Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Price
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Hyundai Fluidic Verna
Price: Rs. 7.72 - 12.28 lakh
Hyundai Verna launched by the South Korean car maker is a mid size luxury sedan. Available in petrol and diesel variants, the Hyundai Verna also delivers decent mileage. The 5-seater car is not ...get Hyundai Fluidic Verna Price
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Renault Scala
Price: Rs. 7.53 - 11.04 lakh
The Renault Scala is a well-equipped sedan for families. The premium interior with ample legroom and a large boot space for its price are worthwhile. The frugal and highly-efficient engine ...get Renault Scala Price
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Ford Fiesta
Price: Rs. 8.02 - 9.7 lakh
The current generation Ford Fiesta has been one of the country's most stylish looking cars. One can say that it a pure driver’s car. Its small turning radius and precise power-steering ...get Ford Fiesta Price
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Honda City
Price: Rs. 7.56 - 11.6 lakh
Honda City is the entry-level sedan offered by the Japanese automotive giant in India since 1998. The car is one of the most popular sedans in the country, with constant demand being the reason of ...get Honda City Price
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Maruti Suzuki SX4
Price: Rs. 7.63 - 10.11 lakh
Maruti SX4 comes equipped with loads of comfort and advanced features, making it a good value for money product. The high ground clearance and excellent NVH (Noise, Vibration and harshness) level ...get Maruti Suzuki SX4 Price
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Toyota Corolla Altis
Price: Rs. 11.92 - 17.95 lakh
Toyota Corolla Altis is an Executive sedan that is available in India in four petrol and three diesel variants. This car is favoured by buyers due to classy and elegant looks and a host of luxury ...get Toyota Corolla Altis Price
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Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra
Price: Rs. 13.54 - 17.02 lakh
Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra is one of the most sought after sedan models in the D segment and flaunts a futuristic design language and sense of style. Offered in both petrol and diesel versions, ...get Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra Price
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Chevrolet Cruze
Price: Rs. 14.47 - 17.1 lakh
The Cruze has always been the most powerful car in its class, and now its mid-life facelift taken this story a step further. Powered with a new 2.0, in-line, VCDi diesel engine, the new Cruze is ...get Chevrolet Cruze Price
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Volkswagen Jetta
Price: Rs. 13.97 - 19.47 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta is the Executive sedan offered by the German car maker in the country. This model is available in diesel-powered variants only with six speed manual and automatic (DSG) ...get Volkswagen Jetta Price
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Renault Fluence
Price: Rs. 13.98 - 15.49 lakh
The Fluence is an excellent car to drive home. The vehicle scores high when it comes to looks, ride and handling as well as performance. However, when it comes to interior it misses out on some ...get Renault Fluence Price
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Skoda Superb
Price: Rs. 21.44 - 26.03 lakh
The Skoda Superb facelift looks more upmarket and attractive than its previous generation model. When it comes to interiors, the premium sedan offers a spacious cabin. In fact, spaciousness and ...get Skoda Superb Price
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Toyota Camry
Price: Rs. 27.14 - 31.51 lakh
Toyota Camry is the luxury sedan from the Japanese auto major Toyota. Brought as a CBU in India, the sedan carries a high price tag. However, its features justify its price to a great extent. The ...get Toyota Camry Price
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Audi A3
Price: Rs. 22.95 - 33.76 lakh
With the A3 sedan, Audi India opens up a completely new segment- the entry level premium luxury sedan segment, which will be joined by the Mercedes-Benz CLA sedan. It is the cheapest Audi car in ...get Audi A3 Price
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Volvo S60
Price: Rs. 31.9 - 35.5 lakh
Volvo S60 is the luxury sedan manufactured by the Swedish automotive giant to appease those who value style and substance in their cars. The magnanimous and bulging front of the car is capped with ...get Volvo S60 Price
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BMW 3 Series
Price: Rs. 33.65 - 42.75 lakh
The new BMW 3 Series is a great entry level luxury saloon. Despite the composed dimensions, it’s one of the most spacious compact saloons in its league. The engine line-up is powerful, ...get BMW 3 Series Price
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Toyota Prius
Price: Rs. 38.01 - 39.76 lakh
Toyota New Prius is the perfect answer to the growing environmental concerns of Indian consumers. Equipped with an electrically controlled continuously variable transmission system, it runs on a ...get Toyota Prius Price
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Audi A4
Price: Rs. 29.4 - 56.85 lakh
The new Audi A4 is substantially more practical and efficient over its predecessor. Receiving some minor exterior tweaks, the saloon managed to look refreshing. The contemporary styling and long ...get Audi A4 Price
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Mercedes Benz E Class
Price: Rs. 46.33 - 129 lakh
The new Mercedes E-Class is certainly more powerful, sleeker and premium than its older version. Mercedes updated it to appeal young buyers, and made significant sporty changes. Feature-wise, it ...get Mercedes Benz E Class Price
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Volvo S80
Price: Rs. 41.8 - 42.95 lakh
Volvo, the Swedish car maker, offers the S80 model, a sedan, in India with three types of engines. The vehicle boasts of the most streamlined braking and handling mechanism, a feature that allows ...get Volvo S80 Price
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Mercedes Benz C Class
Price: Rs. 40.9 lakh
The new-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class finally launched in India in November 2014. Based on MRA (Mercedes Rear-wheel drive Architecture) platform, the 2015 Mercedes C-Class appears more like a ...get Mercedes Benz C Class Price
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BMW 5 Series
Price: Rs. 46.2 - 58.6 lakh
The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size / executive car sedan series, reflecting dynamism in its design. A value for money sedan is agile and features all the requisite safety, comfort and convenience ...get BMW 5 Series Price
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Audi A6
Price: Rs. 41.98 - 62.11 lakh
The new Audi A6 has all what it takes to appeal a buyer who is looking for a luxury car. The offered practicality, plush interior, striking design, splendid ride and performance, are sensibly ...get Audi A6 Price
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Audi TT
Price: Rs. 53.72 lakh
An excellent combination of dynamism and design, Audi TT is an ideal sports coupe. A double-clutch transmission, ample power and firm grip makes the vehicle at par with Roadster. Unique exteriors, ...get Audi TT Price
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Porsche Boxster
Price: Rs. 69.8 lakh
Prosche Boxter is a new generation sports convertible, is the latest version of Porsche 550 Spyder. After the commendable success of the model in countries across the globe, Porsche Baby Boxster ...get Porsche Boxster Price
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Jaguar XF
Price: Rs. 48.56 - 56.99 lakh
Jaguar XF is a premium car of Tata Motors in the luxury segment, which can steal the breath of any car lover. This car is offered by the manufacturer in both petrol and diesel variant. Engine ...get Jaguar XF Price
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Audi S4
Price: Rs. 52.64 lakh
Audi S4 is a sports version of the Audi A4 luxury saloon that promises an explosive performance from under its hood. The futuristic model is powered by a 3.0 litre V6 direct-injection, ...get Audi S4 Price
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Mercedes Benz CLA Class
Price: Rs. 68.5 lakh
The new car has been equipped with the company's 4-Matic drive system, which will turn it into an all wheel drive. The front bumper has been redesigned to provide better down force in case of ...get Mercedes Benz CLA Class Price
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Price: Rs. 70.9 - 71.9 lakh
The BMW Z4 is a two-seater luxury roadster that is available with a petrol engine. This two-door convertible model has sporty and stylish look. This car is incorporated with advanced technology ...get BMW Z4 Price
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Mercedes Benz SLK Class
Price: Rs. 71.9 - 125.9 lakh
Mercedes Benz SLK Class is a perfect combination of style and comfort. This car is available in three different engine variants. The exterior of this car is complemented by dark-tinted tail lights ...get Mercedes Benz SLK Class Price
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Porsche Cayman
Price: Rs. 73.6 - 79.09 lakh
The Porsche Cayman is a rear wheel drive sports car, designed like second generation Boxster convertible. The two-seater sports car is assembled in Finland for Porsche by Valmet Automotive. Owing ...get Porsche Cayman Price
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BMW 6 Series
Price: Rs. 111.5 lakh
The elegant BMW 6 Series is available in three body styles, which include coupe, gran coupe and convertible. The soft flowing lines providing pure dynamics along with pulsating power across its ...get BMW 6 Series Price
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Price: Rs. 119 lakh
The new generation BMW M3 sedan is lighter and sportier than the existing 335i. It shares a great resemblance to the previous model, but some of the new styling elements and curves mark a ...get BMW M3 Price
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Audi A7 Sportback
Price: Rs. 87.38 lakh
The Audi A7 Sportback is an executive car produced by Audi, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in a five-door hatchback body style. It is designed and engineered on Volkswagen's Group MLB ...get Audi A7 Sportback Price
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Audi S6
Price: Rs. 88.76 lakh
The Audi S6 has got everything to be a perfect sports saloon. Its powerful, comfortable and a pleasure to drive vehicle. Indian market equations might not favor the sales of a sport saloon, but it ...get Audi S6 Price
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Jaguar XJ L
Price: Rs. 92.1 - 98.7 lakh
Jaguar XJ is the four-door saloon, which is decorated with swept-back Xenon light clusters and sweeping roofline. The sports coupe body is justified by the rigid looking manly wheels and sculpted ...get Jaguar XJ L Price
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Mercedes Benz S Class
Price: Rs. 109.5 - 139.5 lakh
Mercedes Benz S Class, the luxury sedan from the German car manufacturer is loaded with numerous attributes. It has advanced sensor system, which reduces the speed in case of hard braking. In ...get Mercedes Benz S Class Price
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Mercedes Benz CLS
Price: Rs. 91.9 lakh
Mercedes Benz CLS Class is a sporty four door coupe, which has fascinating exteriors and compelling looks. The notable exteriors of this car are LED high performance headlamps, LED Intelligent ...get Mercedes Benz CLS Price
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Porsche 911
Price: Rs. 97.54 - 125.58 lakh
The Porsche 911, commonly referred as Nine Eleven, is a one of the well-known luxury 2-door sports coupe. The sports coupe from Porsche AG is acknowledged for its distinctive design, comprehensive ...get Porsche 911 Price
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Audi RS5
Price: Rs. 99.8 lakh
The Audi RS5 is a sports coupe version of Audi A5, which succeeds Audi RS4. The two-door Rally Sports coupe has been launched along with Audi A7 Sportsback. Powered by 4.2 litre V8 engine, the ...get Audi RS5 Price
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Mercedes Benz SL
Price: Rs. 101.03 lakh
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Jaguar XK
Price: Rs. 102.72 - 140.54 lakh
The Jaguar XK is a stunning sport car that appeals young enthusiasts. Its unique styling and aerodynamics design are enhanced by some vital exterior tweaks. Interior is very plush, comfortable and ...get Jaguar XK Price
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BMW 7 Series
Price: Rs. 102.9 - 186.9 lakh
The 7 Series is a perfect illustration of high end looks and is loaded with best-in segment features. This model is best when it comes to dynamics, comfort, performance, luxury and functionality. ...get BMW 7 Series Price
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Audi A8 L
Price: Rs. 111.43 - 126.14 lakh
The Audi A8 is an attractive four-door, full-size premium sedan. The successor of Audi V8, Audi A8 is available in front wheel drive and permanent four-wheel drive option. It is designed on ...get Audi A8 L Price
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Audi R8
Price: Rs. 162.02 - 208.67 lakh
A synonym of comfort and looks, the brand which has got faith of millions in its four rings, Audi, had uncovered its Audi R8 model in the Indian market during the last quater of 2008. The all new ...get Audi R8 Price
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Jaguar F TYPE
Price: Rs. 121.48 - 182.06 lakh
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Porsche Panamera
Price: Rs. 122 - 217.05 lakh
Porsche Panamera is a four-door luxury sedan that represents a perfect mix of top draw luxury features and sporty attributes. This stunner is one of the most futuristic looking Porsche models till ...get Porsche Panamera Price
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Maserati GranTurismo
Price: Rs. 125.7 - 143.3 lakh
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Maserati Quattroporte
Price: Rs. 128.76 - 149.42 lakh
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Audi RS 7 Sportback
Price: Rs. 129.46 lakh
The new Audi RS7 Sportback is one of the most powerful and stunning cars in India. It’s quick, comfortable and very practical. What really excites the enthusiast is the breathtaking ...get Audi RS 7 Sportback Price
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Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Price: Rs. 135 - 155 lakh
Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a member of the club of most exclusive and powerful hand-built super sports cars in the world. The stunning model boasts of breathtaking looks that can make an average ...get Aston Martin V8 Vantage Price
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Price: Rs. 135.4 lakh
BMW M5 represents a perfect amalgamation between a luxurious saloon and a powerful sports car. The stunning model is powered by an eight-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine that develops impressive ...get BMW M5 Price
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Maserati GranCabrio
Price: Rs. 149.42 lakh
The Maserati Gran Cabrio is a luxury four seater by Italian car automobile giant. Those who want speed and elegance, Gran Cabrio would be the perfect car. It has long bonnet and three chromed air ...get Maserati GranCabrio Price
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Price: Rs. 175.4 lakh
The elegant BMW M6 is available in two body styles, namely coupé and convertible. This two-door car is put forth by the manufacturer in both petrol as well as diesel versions. The stylish ...get BMW M6 Price
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Aston Martin DB9
Price: Rs. 190 - 205 lakh
Aston Martin DB9 was rolled out by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited in 2004. Powered by rugged V 12 engine, this GT sports car comes in two variants, namely Coupé and Volante. Each of these ...get Aston Martin DB9 Price
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Aston Martin V12 Vantage
Price: Rs. 190 lakh
Based on groundbreaking technology, Aston Martin Vintage V12 features six-speed manual transmission, rugged body and dynamic stability control. Its precisely engineered 5935 cc engine generates ...get Aston Martin V12 Vantage Price
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Mercedes Benz SLS
Price: Rs. 190 lakh
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Bentley Continental GT
Price: Rs. 200 lakh
The Continental GT is a powerful luxury sports saloon and among the most popular Bentley models. This two-door limousine flaunts the iconic Bentley design language that entails it to have an ...get Bentley Continental GT Price
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Bentley Mulsanne
Price: Rs. 201 lakh
Bentley Mulsanne is a four-door luxury saloon that offers a world class driving experience to both its driver and occupants. The Mulsanne shares its design lineage with some of Bentley's ...get Bentley Mulsanne Price
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Aston Martin Rapide
Price: Rs. 215 lakh
Aston Martin Rapide is an acknowledged four-door sedan from British luxury marque Aston Martin. The high-performance sport saloon is based on an Aston Martin DB9 was first showcased at the North ...get Aston Martin Rapide Price
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Ferrari California
Price: Rs. 220 lakh
Ferrari California is a stunning and powerful grand touring super sports car developed by the Italian auto maker. The California is a hard-top convertible and makes high speed enthusiasts go weak ...get Ferrari California Price
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Bentley Continental Flying Spur
The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a four-door sedan version of the Continental GT and is perfect for those who wish for unconstrained luxury with an uncompromising performance. The exterior ...get Bentley Continental Flying Spur Price
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Bentley Continental GTC
Price: Rs. 225 lakh
Bentley Continental GTC is an epitome stellar performance with futuristic style and brilliant looks. This convertible is Bentley's most inspiring model till date in terms of sophistication and ...get Bentley Continental GTC Price
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Ferrari 458 Italia
Price: Rs. 250 lakh
Ferrari 458 Italia is a rear-engined sports car that replaced the Italian auto makers iconic F430 model. The 458 Italia comes fitted with a 4.5 litre powerplant that develops 562 bhp of peak ...get Ferrari 458 Italia Price
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Aston Martin DBS
Price: Rs. 255 - 325 lakh
DBS Coup clearly reflects the expertise of Aston Martin Lagonda Limited in engineering sophisticated cars. Its excellent performance is attributed to unmatched transmission, best in class ...get Aston Martin DBS Price
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Rolls Royce Ghost
Price: Rs. 261.25 - 318.73 lakh
Rolls-Royce Ghost is a luxury saloon that can be called an epitome of simplistic design and cutting-edge engineering. This limousine offers the best premium features one can think of and is ...get Rolls Royce Ghost Price
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Ferrari FF
Price: Rs. 342 lakh
The Ferrari FF is a sports car and FF name simply stands for Ferrari Four. This is one of the few vehicles from Italian super sports car manufacturer Ferrari, which is powered by four-wheel drive. ...get Ferrari FF Price
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Lamborghini Huracan
Price: Rs. 343 lakh
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Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe
Price: Rs. 350 lakh
Not only is the design of the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe is awe-inspiring, but it also has an immensely powerful engine. The vehicle is powered by a monstrous 6.75 litre V12 engine, which propels to a ...get Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe Price
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Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe
The Drophead Coupe reflects a relaxed and informal version of the regular Phantom. Its interiors are quite similar to those seen in a luxurious yacht. The hood of this vehicle has been prepared from ...get Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Price
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Rolls Royce Phantom
Price: Rs. 438 lakh
The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a super luxury sedan with unprecedented levels of space, prestige and opulence. The imposing exterior has new bumpers and fog lights that lend aggressiveness and ...get Rolls Royce Phantom Price
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Rolls Royce Ghost Series II
Price: Rs. 450 lakh
Rolls Royce has added one more premium model to its flamboyant Ghost line up. The Ghost Series II which gets host of new changes.Ghost Series II, an update with a range of innovative ...get Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Price
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Rolls Royce Wraith
Price: Rs. 460 lakh
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Maybach 57 S
Price: Rs. 485 lakh
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