Polaris Gem

Expected: early 2016
Polaris Gem

Polaris Gem has been a buzz in Indian automotive industry for quite some time now. Polaris Industries Inc., a prestigious manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATVs and neighbourhood electric vehicles, is reported to enter Indian market with its off-road and recreational vehicles. Currently, crude oil prices have laddered sky-high, making it difficult for petrol / diesel car owners. In this scenario, electric cars like Polaris Gem are an ideal solution that takes care of infrastructure problems such as battery charging, servicing and maintenance.

This move to enter India with Polaris Gem came after the model did well in US and UK. The most sought after multi-terrain vehicle producer is aiming to churn revenue of Rs. 5 billion by year 2016 with electric cars. Polaris Gem series comes assembled with a heavy-duty DC motor with continuous 5 horsepower rating. This motor has ability to deliver 21 horsepower peak during acceleration and hill climbing.

After introduction of Polaris Gem and Polaris Breeze in India, the electric vehicle manufacturer will foray into the utility vehicle segment. Having set sight on the utility vehicle segment, Polaris is certain to gain 50 per cent earnings from its line-up of industrial purposes and mining vehicles. Thereafter, Polaris will create its space in the Indian auto market segment, strengthening its foothold in the country.

The introduction of affordable electric vehicle will certainly make an impression on Indian audience. The neighbourhood vehicles with a seating capacity of two to four persons are one of the awaited cars in India. The seating capacity of these vehicles can be extended to up to six. However, the limitation of these vehicles is absence reinforcement to protect passengers from crash.

Performance of Polaris Gem

Owing to limited performance, the little battery-powered vehicles are restricted to speed limit of around 60 kmph. The neighbourhood vehicles are powered by deep cycle lead acid batteries that have travelling range of 60 kilometres. These batteries have to be replaced every few years.

Exterior, Interior & Safety Features of Polaris Gem

These vehicles are used for closed environments like campuses, golf course and gated communities, where these could be easily parked and do not come in contact with traffic-prone areas. Featuring small pickup beds or storage racks at the rear, Polaris Gem is also useful as utility vehicle to be used by people living in urban environments.

In context of comfortability, Polaris Gem series has little amenities. A standard music console along with standard accessories can feature in the vehicles. As far as safety is concerned, there are basic arrangements like seatbelts.

Fact Sheet:

Make Polaris
Model Gem
Fuel Types Others
Price Not Available for now
Key Specifications

Heavy-duty DC motor with continuous 5 horsepower rating

21 horsepower peak during acceleration and hill climbing

Body Type Hatchback


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