There are several body types of car models available in the auto market. Broadly speaking, car models can be classified into four body types - Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Hatchbacks, Vans and Sedans. The SUV moniker could be given to those cars which are larger in size and come with off-roading capabilities. On the other hand, hatchbacks are small cars that can be maneuvered easily even in constricted localities. Van is a box-like four wheeler which can accommodate a large number of people easily and is generally characterized by a very short length bonnet or no bonnet at all. A compact passenger van is termed as a 'mini-van', which is generally known as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

What exactly is a sedan? How does one differentiate it from other cars available in the market?

The term 'Sedan' originates from a southern Italian dialect derivative 'Sedia', which means a chair. On a general basis, one can distinguish a sedan from other cars by taking a look at its body style. These are four-door vehicles which can accommodate two passengers in the front, including the driver, and three in the rear seat. However, every car in the country has a similar 5-seater structure, but what differentiates a sedan from the rest is its trunk space which juts out from the rear.

What are the different types of sedans available in India?

In India, there is a plethora of sedans available, broadly classified into four categories viz. entry level, mid-size, premium and luxury. Depending on the commuting and other requirements of an individual like comfort, features, mileage, budget etc., one can opt for a suitable model.

The entry level sedans are the models which fall in the Rs. 4-6 lacs bracket. Almost all the sedans in this segment come with a manual transmission unit, air-conditioning and power steering as a standard. On the safety front, power door locks, child safety locks and immobilizer are the common features across all entry level sedans. Next up is the mid-size sedans which are available in the range of Rs. 6-10 lacs. These sedans come with all the features of an entry level sedan as a standard. However, they pack additional features as well, like tubeless tyres, central locking, steering adjustment, tachometer etc. 

The cars in the range of Rs. 10-20 lacs are called premium sedans. Besides having all the features of the entry level and mid-size sedans, these sedans come with anti-lock braking system, airbags and leather seats. The cars which feature above Rs. 20 lacs are classified as luxury sedans and come loaded with contemporary and advanced features besides the basics.

Hence, what should one keep in mind while buying a sedan?

If it is a replacement for a hatchback and budget is the major factor with minimum emphasis on features, one should opt for the entry level or mid-size sedan. On the other hand, if contemporary features are a must have, premium sedan is the most viable option. Moreover, if it is a status symbol that one desires with lots of features to show-off and make heads turn wherever one goes, luxury sedan is the best choice.

Sedan Cars

  • Porsche  Cayman
    Porsche Cayman (2 variants)
    Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 102.6 - 115.36 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    The Porsche Cayman is a rear wheel drive sports car, designed like second generation Boxster convertible. The two-seater sports car is assembled in Finland for Porsche by Valmet Automotive. Owing... More Details
  • Porsche  Boxster
    Porsche Boxster (2 variants)
    Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 100.14 - 112.9 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    Prosche Boxter is a new generation sports convertible, is the latest version of Porsche 550 Spyder. After the commendable success of the model in countries across the globe, Porsche Baby Boxster... More Details
  • Mercedes Benz  CLS
    Mercedes Benz CLS (2 variants)
    Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 76.5 - 90.21 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    Mercedes Benz CLS Class is a sporty four door coupe, which has fascinating exteriors and compelling looks. The notable exteriors of this car are LED high performance headlamps, LED Intelligent... More Details
  • Hyundai  4S Fluidic Verna Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 8.13 - 12.81 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    The Verna Fluidic, launched in 2012, is one of the best-selling Hyundai cars in India. The sedan received major exterior and interior updates and improved ride quality in 2015. Based on the... More Details
  • Mercedes Benz  C Class Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 36.9 - 40.14 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    The new-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class finally launched in India in November 2014. Based on MRA (Mercedes Rear-wheel drive Architecture) platform, the 2015 Mercedes C-Class appears more like a... More Details
  • Jaguar  XF
    Jaguar XF (4 variants)
    Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 47.16 - 59.46 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    Jaguar XF is a premium car of Tata Motors in the luxury segment, which can steal the breath of any car lover. This car is offered by the manufacturer in both petrol and diesel variant. Engine... More Details
  • Mercedes Benz  CLA Class Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 30.91 - 68.22 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    The CLA Class is an entry-level saloon that made its Indian debut at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo.The 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class is truly a stunning vehicle with a plenty of features, powerful... More Details
  • BMW  M3
    BMW M3 (1 variant)
    Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 122.9 lakh
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    The new generation BMW M3 sedan is lighter and sportier than the existing 335i. It shares a great resemblance to the previous model, but some of the new styling elements and curves mark a... More Details
  • Rolls Royce  Wraith Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 460 lakh
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
  • Rolls Royce  Ghost Series II Get On Road Price
    Price: Rs. 450 - 545 lakhs
    Ex-Showroom, Mumbai.
    Rolls Royce has added one more premium model to its flamboyant Ghost line up. The Ghost Series II which gets host of new changes.Ghost Series II, an update with a range of innovative... More Details

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