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Catering to the demands of Indian domestic market, Indian auto major Tata Motors launched an inexpensive, rear-engined, four-passenger car called Tata Nano. After the unveiling of Tata Nano at the Auto Expo 2008 held at New Delhi, it created an unprecedented buzz in the entire country. 

Tata Nano was launched as with a tag of being the cheapest car in the world and was hence, symbolised as a modern people's car. Presently in India, Tata Nano cars are available in three trim levels, namely Tata Nano Std, Tata Nano CX and Tata Nano LX. Packed with two cylinders Bosch multi-point fuel injection all aluminium engine, Nano complies with the Indian emission standards.

Designed at the Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering in Italy, the exteriors of Nano are stylish like the other cars in the segment. The overall exterior designing maintains the weight of the car and hence, maximises output and fuel efficiency. Tata Nano has been a hit among the Indian car buyers because of its low price range as well as its fuel efficiency. 

Tata Nano Launch History

Tata Motors showcased Nano for the first time at Auto Expo held at Delhi on 10 Jan 2008. Believed to be a people’s car, Tata Nano was presented as the world’s cheapest car. Later, Tata Nano was launched on 23rd March 2009 at a function held in Mumbai. The bookings for the car started from the second week of April 2009. The very launch of Tata Nano lead to the growth of Indian auto market and soon the demand of small car reached sky high. The launch was not only an occasion but a revolution in small car market. It has put the whole India on wheel and has generated immense interest in India and abroad.

Tata Nano Variants 

Tata Nano is available in Indian market comes in three variants, namely Tata Nano Std, Tata Nano Cx and Tata Nano Lx. All variants are packed with 0.6 litre 34.5 bhp rear engine. Moreover, all the versions of Tata Nano are available in various body colours and are loaded with many accessories. Details about the variants are discussed in the table below: 



Tata Nano Std

It is the base variant of Tata Nano, which is BSII emission norm compliant. This variant lacks some standard features like A/C, power windows, central locking and body colour bumpers.

Tata Nano Cx

All the features are same like the above mentioned models. The only additional feature that this variant offers is Air Conditioner, tinted glasses and digital fuel gauges.

Tata Nano Lx

It is the top end variant of Tata Nano and the additional feature that this variant that comes with is power steering, central locking, body coloured bumpers, front and rear fog lamps and many more.


Tata Nano Pricing

Tata Nano price varies according to the variants as well the additional features that it comes with. The base variant of Tata Nano is priced in the range of Rs.1.2 lacs to Rs.1.3 lacs. CX model of Tata Nano is available in the price range of Rs.1.5 lacs to Rs.1.6 lacs. On the other hand the price of LX model of Tata Nano ranges between Rs.1.8 lacs and Rs.1.9 lacs.

Tata Nano Review

After Tata Motors announced Nano as the least expensive production car in the world, car buyers in Indian market tempted to buy it. Nano received 5500 booking within two days of its launch and the number kept on increasing. Testimony of the appreciation that Nano has received from experts as well as the car buyers is the list of awards it has bagged. Nano was awarded 2010 Business Standard Motoring Indian car of the year. It was also successful in winning the 2010 Bloomberg UTV-Autocar car of the year. Tata Nano also acquired first place in the transportation category at 2010 Edison Awards and 2010 Good Design Awards.

Tata Nano Used Car Market 

Tata Nano is known to be the cheapest model in India and elsewhere and displays excellent performance. This can be purchased from the organised used car markets all over India but the possibilities of finding a second hand Tata Nano is less as it still fresh and new to the market. Nano is thought to have affected the used car market in India, as some Indians may opt to buy a Nano rather than a used vehicle. The new-car market is also being affected. Sales of new Maruti 800 cars, the second-cheapest car in India, dropped by 20% and used models by 30% immediately prior to the Nano's introduction. 

Tata Nano Specifications

Tata Nano is powered by all-aluminium 623 cc, two-cylinder petrol engine, which is mated to a multi-point injection system. Positioned at the rear of the car, engine of Nano is integrated with 4-speed manual transmission. Suspension of the car is impressive as the front comprises McPherson strut suspension, while the rear consists independent coil spring. Together these suspension systems help in improving the handling and stability of Nano. New Nano is capable of attaining the speed of 100 kmph in about 12 seconds.

The length of Tata Nano is 3,099mm and the width with ORVM is 1,652mm. The height of the car is 1,652mm and its wheelbase is 2,230mm. The ground clearance of Tata Nano is 180mm and its minimum turning radius is 4.0 metres. Other specifications of Tata Nano are detailed below:



Engine Type

624 cc, 2 cylinder, MPFI


35 PS at 5250 rpm


48 NM at 3000 +/-500 rpm

Top Speed

105 kmph




Synchromesh on all forward gears, sliding mesh on reverse gear with overdrive on 4th gear

No. of Gears

4 Forward + 1 Reverse


Tata Nano Exterior

Exterior Appearance

Tata Nano in India is a low budget small hatchback car but this doesn't affect its exterior anyway. Its body colour bumpers, body colour door handles, body colour ORVM at driver's side, make it a car that enchants the viewers. The front and rear fog lamps, stylish wheel covers, clear lens headlamps and tail lamps further add to its charm. High mounted tail lamps, tinted glasses, aerokit, front wiper and washer along with windshield, roof beading, spoiler and many other features gives it a look of enchanter. Tata Motors has really changed the proportion of beauty and money. Tata Nano proves that low budget cars can also features such bold exteriors. 

Exterior Measurements 

Tata Nano is a 4-seater small hatchback car, which has spacious room for the passengers. Other dimensions of the car are mentioned in the table below: 



Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Minimum Turning Radius (m)


Tata Nano Interiors 

Interior Appearance 

Tata Nano has been launched in the Indian market with a unique selling proposition as the ‘car of the people'. This model may be the cheapest small car in the world but one must not undermine the world class interior appearance it exhibits. Tata Nano comes with the comfortable bucket seats that provide a perfect seating position for the person sitting in the front. Apart from this the car also features the bench seats for the passenger seated in the rear. Centre console of Nano is neat and is incorporated with the power window switches in its panel.

The dashboard of the Tata Nano has been designed not only to feature spacious cabinets but also is made of superior plastic material, which lessens the vibrations of the dashboard. The advanced dual tone dashboard has the latest instrument cluster on its panel which is extremely convenient by all means. Other features that enhance the overall appearance of the interiors of the Tata Nano are the fabric insert door trim, complete fabric seat upholstery and the polyester fabric roof lining. 

Interior Comfort 

Tata Motors has made sure that the Nano model renders the most comfortable driving experience that any other car would provide. Right from the seats to the overall space of this car, the Tata Company has made sure that Nano delivers utmost comfort both for the driver and the passengers.

Nano comes with adjustable seats that can be moved back and forth manually. The air conditioning system also has the heater option, which exhibits convenience and comfort at the same time speak volumes about the rich features of this car. The front console has cup holders, mobile chargers, cigarette lighter and map pocket integrated in it. Nano also has the magazine holder and coin holder on all its seats.

The front and the rear seats of the Nano both have headrests integrated in it which gives the passengers the option to relax and dose off with utmost comfort. All the seats of the Nano can be slided back and forth which further increases the comfort for the driver and the passengers in the car.

Interior Measurement

Tata Nano must not be undermined when talked about its interior spacing. It must be true that the Nano is tiny when viewed from the outside, but the car portrays utmost comfort and ample of interior space. Being a small car it offers an impressive 93 cm of headroom which eliminates all the possibilities of a low head room. The knee room is 80 cm when the seats are not slided and 62 cm when it is slided. The boot space of this car is 500 litres, which is surprisingly high. 

Tata Nano Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy 

All the variants of Tata Nano come with petrol engine option. Tata Nano is powered by 0.6 litres, 624cc petrol engine that renders the power of 35 PS at 5250 rpm and torque of 48 Nm at 2500 to 3500rpm. As Nano is designed keeping in mind the fuel efficiency norm of BSII and BSIII hence, it provides a better fuel economy than other cars. It delivers mileage of around 19 kmpl at urban roads and 26kmpl on highways. Thus, Nano has no competitor of its like.

Tata Nano On Road Drive

Tata Nano has fulfilled the dream of many individual. One drives Tata Nano with utmost pleasure as it has made the dream reality. The Nano provides a hiccup free drive and its exterior and interior make one feel at home. No one can deny that within the limited price range, Tata Motors has provided much to its customer. The clear view, good mileage, average and better fuel efficiency has made the Nano a pleasurable car too. The handling of Tata Nano is enhanced by the advanced suspension system, which is equipped in this car. 

Tata Nano Power 

Tata Nano comes with three variants and all the three variants are powered by same type of engine that is, 0.6 litre, 624cc, 2-cylinder, MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection) petrol engine. Nano is integrated with 4-speed manual gearbox. It is historical and first time in Indian auto industry that any car is equipped with 2-cylinder engine. The 624cc power plant of the Tata Nano renders around 35 PS power at 5250 rpm and maximum torque of 48 Nm at 2500-3500 rpm. The small engine of Tata Nano in India renders sufficient power to cross the mark of 100kmph with superb fuel efficiency.

Tata Nano Acceleration and Pick Up

The 0.6L, 624cc, 2-cylinder, MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection) petrol engine of Tata Nano with four speed manual gearbox renders enough power and torque. The engine also provides the Tata Nano in India much calibre to cross 100 kmph mark in 29.7 seconds with the top speed mark of 106kmph. 

Tata Nano Safety and Security

Tata Nano is a miniature of a luxury hatchback. It is a low budget car but is still incorporated with security and safety features. No doubt, Tata Motors has taken a great and revolutionary step in the form of the Nano. Tata Nano comes equipped with the safety features like central locking, centre high mount stop lamp, laminated windshield, door lock on driver and passenger side. The booster assisted brakes, front and rear seat belts, additional body reinforcements, intrusion beam and radial tubeless tyres, gives a sense of safety to the car though it is small in size and price.

Tata Nano Comfort and Convenience 

The structural design of Tata Nano was done in favour of a typical Indian family of four. The vehicular interiors of the Nano are promptly designed to deliver utmost comfort even on the uneven and bumpy Indian roads. The high seating position with the comfortable bucket seats overshadows the myth that the Nano car would not feature quality seats.

The Nano has excellent manoeuvrability with an adequate ground clearance. They are designed to suspensions connecting to the wheels at the corners and the power-train at the rear enables it to uniquely create space while turning. The car has an air conditioning system which has an option of heating as well which is convenient for the car user and provides that extra leverage. The Tata Nano has an adjustable driver seat and can only be locked manually through its central locking system.

The wheels of Tata Nano are equipped with Dual Circuit, Vertical Split, which functions with the help of tandem master cylinder that is filled with vacuum booster. Drum brakes of the front wheels of this car helps in de-accelerating the car sooner and hence, increase the safety measures. Comfort in the car is further enhanced by the semi trailing arm with coil spring and gas filled shock absorbers. 

Tata Nano Wheels

Tata Nano comes equipped with the 4 B x 12 steel wheels with the radial tubeless tyres. The size of front tyres of Tata Nano is 135/70 R12 and its rear tyre size is 155/65 R12.

Tata Nano Stereo and Accessories

Tata Nano comes with air conditioning system and heating that offers the convenient atmosphere required by the driver and passengers during the drive. There is no audio system available but if one wants one would have to pay extra for it. Tata Motors has cut short the list of additional accessories that a car carries to dress itself as luxury. On the other hand, Tata Motors has not ignored it altogether and hence, one can find the accessories of their demand by paying for them.

Tata Nano Dealers

Tata has a strong network of dealers throughout the country, including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. Some of the prominent dealers in Delhi are Pascos, Asaf Ali Road, Tata Motors Sales & Service, Patparganj and Automobile Sterling, Noida. Renowned dealers of Tata cars in Kolkata are French Motor Car Co. Ltd and Lexus Motors Ltd. In Mumbai, Bafna Motors (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. are the prominent Tata dealers. In the Chennai, car buyers can buy Tata Nano from dealers like V S T Motors Ltd. and Popular Mega Motors.   

Tata Nano Company Quotes

At the launch of Tata Nano, Ratan Tata commented “Today, we indeed have a People’s Car, which is affordable and yet built to meet safety requirements and emission norms, to be fuel efficient and low on emissions,” He further added that, “We are happy to present the People’s Car to India and we hope it brings the joy, pride and utility of owning a car to many families who need personal mobility.”

“We have already formulated plans to introduce Nano in several countries,’ said P.M. Telang, Managing Director – India Operations, Tata Motors. “The stupendous international response to the unveiling of the Tata Nano in 2008 established that customers across the world are awaiting such a car. With the launch in Sri Lanka, we begin that journey,” he added. In the past 50 years, Tata Motors has exported over 5,16,000 vehicles to 40 countries. In 2010-11, the company exported 58,044, its highest ever. 

Tata Nano Competitor Analysis 

The chief competitor of the Tata Nano is the Maruti 800 and with the speculated re-launch of the Maruti 800 the competition is expected to intensify in the coming future. The Nano has more interior space as compared to the Maruti 800 and thus serves the purpose of being a highly useful small car.

On comparing the petrol variants of Tata Nano and Maruti 800, it is clear that the price of Nano is slightly lesser than that of the Maruti 800. Speaking of the fuel economy, Nano delivers an impressive 26 kmpl average on highways and a 22 km/l average on the city roads. On the other hand, Maruti 800 just offers a mileage slightly above 16 kmpl on highways.

Nano provides a complete package with the warranty of 48 month or 60,000 km, which is highly appreciated by the people who own this car. On the other hand, Maruti 800 does not provide any such warranty. Having a top speed of 144 kmph, Maruti 800 surpasses Nano. In terms of engine displacement also, Maruti takes a lead with higher engine displacement of 796cc. Tata Nano stays low in the engine department when compared to the Maruti 800, with a mere engine displacement of 624cc.

So it is pretty clear that both these models are equally loaded with the performance centric features that target a particular segment of car buyers in India. These features when thoroughly accessed and compared, Nano being a new model has been worked upon to overthrow the market monopoly of the existing Maruti 800.

Tata Nano LPG/CNG version 

Presently, there is no information regarding the LPG/CNG version. However, it is speculated that Tata Motors is planning to incorporate LPG/CNG Kit in the Nano, which will help reduce the running cost to around 40%. 

Tata nano Pros 

New Tata Nano has some goodness to stick with, for instance, it is a small car and very easy to park. The new Tata Nano renders superb fuel economy and its price range is the most tempting feature. 

Tata Nano Cons

Nothing is perfect in this world and the new Tata Nano is no exception. The new Tata Nano has some negative aspects too, which makes its customer raise their noses. Tata Motors really need to take care of the power, and stability of the car.The fuel tank should also be enhanced in order to make it a better car. 

Tata Nano Conclusion

Tata Nano is a car, which has incarnated as the blessing to fulfil the wishes all the individual who ever wanted to drive a car but was unable to afford it. Before Nano, the cars where made only for those who belong either to elite class or to upper creamy level middle class. Tata Nano came as a revolution and proved a blessing fulfilled for the middle class people. It is a historical car too as it is the first car in the history of Indian automarket to feature 2-cylinder engine. Thanks to the Nano that bourgeois class people can now drive a car, which has charismatic exterior and comfortable interior. No body can deny that despite being a low budget car, Tata Nano features so much. It provides all which is needed for a good car and come forwards to demand the throne of success. Tata Nano has not only got good reviews, rave responses, but it has own the heart of the bourgeois society. To sum up, it has no rival, which features so much within so low budget.

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