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Tata Indica Vista Mileage

Rs. 4.77 - Rs. 5.98 lakhs
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Tata Indica Vista is the upgraded version of Tata Motors’ most popular model Tata Indica, though built on a totally new platform. It is the fourth generation car of Tata Indica and comes with ample of innovative features, which play great role in improving Tata Indica Vista’s mileage. Though Tata Indica is available only in diesel variants in India, the Tata Indica Vista comes in both petrol and diesel engines. The Indica Vista comes with four types of engines but with single gearbox transmission option as the five speed gearbox transmission is the standard feature of all the variants. However, all the variants of Tata Indica Vista have an impressive mileage. The 1.4 liter diesel Tata Indica mileage in city is 13 km per liter and in highways it gives the mileage of 17 km per liter whereas the 1.3 liter diesel engine can give the mileage of 15 km per liter in city and 18 km per liter in highways. On the other hand, the 1.2 liter petrol Tata Indica Vista mileage on highways is 16 km per liter and on city it gives the mileage of 12 km per liter.

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CarTrade ExpertadminAQUA QUADRA14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminAQUA SAFFIRE14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminAQUA TDI14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminAURA QUADRA14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminAURA SAFFIRE14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminQUADRA AURA 14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminTDI Terra (diesel)15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminTERRA SAFFIRE14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminTERRA TDI14/16
shabu (user)userAQUA QUADRA18/21
Manpreet (user)userAQUA TDI12/15
saini (user)userAQUA TDI16.9/18.2
Prasad Babu (user)userAURA QUADRA16/21
PLS (user)userAURA QUADRA13.5/17.5
nagendraverma (user)userAURA QUADRA10/14
Venkat (user)userAURA SAFFIRE10/13
hiral shah (user)userGLX Safire6516/18
mahesh gs (user)userLS Quadrajet17/19
p v s sastry (user)userLS TDi 7116/18
naveen (user)userLS TDi 7110.8/13.8
P.C.Gupta (user)userLS TDI BS-III15/17
reddybasha (user)userLS TDI BS-III17/22
adhiyaman (user)userLS TDI BS-III22/26
avnish mishra (user)userLS TDI BS-III11/15
PARAG PAWAR (user)userLS TDI BS-III20/22
Prashant (user)userLS TDI BS-III17/18
mohan (user)userLX Quadrajet18/22
Dominic (user)userLX TDi 7118/21
arun mangal (user)userLX TDi 7114/19
sreesunder b (user)userLX TDi 7117/19
chinmay (user)userLX TDI BS-III18/21
bhaskar (user)userLX TDI BS-III13/15
prasanna (user)userLX TDI BS-III21/24
prasanna (user)userLX TDI BS-III21/24
ansh (user)userLX TDI BS-III17/20.2
Srinivas Pillai (user)userQUADRA AURA 16/17
sanjay kumar singh (user)userQuadrajet LS14/16
sanjay kumar singh (user)userQuadrajet LS14/16
AJAY PATIL (user)userTDI Terra (diesel)14/19
Jagdish (user)userTERRA SAFFIRE13/15
nizam (user)userTERRA TDI15.5/16
basavaraj (user)userTERRA TDI13.5/15
Karan (user)userTERRA TDI16.4/18.4
ramakrishnan (user)userVX Quadrajet16/20
Muthukumar (user)userVX Quadrajet13.5/16.5
viraj buddhdev (user)userVX Quadrajet16/20
Avinash.U.M (user)userVX Quadrajet14/17
H.V.SRIKANTA (user)userVX Quadrajet16/20
ramakrishna (user)userVX Quadrajet 7515/17
Prasad Babu (user)userVX Quadrajet 7521/17
Prasad (user)userVX Quadrajet D9019/17
sai praneeth (user)userZX Quadrajet D9014/21
Rohan Kumar (user)userZX Quadrajet13/15
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