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Maruti Suzuki Swift Mileage

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The Maruti Swift is one of the best selling hatchbacks of India, and of the main reasons for its success is the Maruti Swift’s mileage. The Swift is available in both petrol and diesel variants and both Maruti Swift variants are best in mileage. The petrol variant of the Maruti Swift is equipped with advanced K Series engine with displacement of 998 cc. The DOHC engine of this car is light in weight and comes with five speed manual gearbox transmission with Multi Point Fuel Injection supply system, which helps to boost the Maruti Swift mileage. The DOHC K Series engine with BS IV compliant emission technology is highly fuel efficient which allows the Maruti Swift to give a mileage of 14.4 km per liter in city and 18.1 km per liter on highways. Coming to the mileage of the diesel variant of Maruti Swift, the car is equipped with 1.3 liter DDiS engine with the displacement of 1248cc with intercooler and turbocharger, which gives the Maruti Swift Diesel one of the fuel efficiencies. The diesel Maruti Swift can give a mileage of 16.9 km per liter in city and on highways it can give a mileage of 19.6 km per liter.

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CarTrade ExpertadminDIESEL LDI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminDIESEL VDI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminDIESEL VDI ABS (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminLDi17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminLXi14/16
CarTrade ExpertadminLXI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminVDi17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminVDi (Diesel)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminVXi16/16
CarTrade ExpertadminVXI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminVXI ABS (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminZDi17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminZxi15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminZXI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminZxi(M)14/16
Donald (user)userDiesel LDI (M)15/20
Anto Alphonse (user)userDiesel VDI (M)18/25
Quraish (user)userDiesel VDI (M)18.5/21
Ramakrishna (user)userDiesel VDI (M)15.3/15.6
sanjay (user)userDiesel VDI (M)15.5/19
senthil (user)userDiesel VDI (M)17/20
ds (user)userLDi15/19
Mandy (user)userLDi100/150
kabir (user)userLDi16/21
shanmughanathan (user)userLDi13.8/17.2
p.d.rameshperiyar(P.D.R) (user)userLDi20/25
sathees (user)userLXI16/18
kisan (user)userLXi15/18
Ajitanand (user)userLXi16/18
Ajitanand (user)userLXi16/18
chaitanya (user)userLXI17/20
swift (user)userLXi20/23
Chintamani (user)userLXi16/18
Chintamani (user)userLXi16/18
Chintamani (user)userLXi16/18
chaitanya (user)userLXI17/20
tes (user)userLXi15/17
REMYA SHIBI (user)userVDi16/18
Manohar (user)userVDI19/24
avinash (user)userVDI16/17
krv (user)userVDi22/53
Anand (user)userVDi22/25
BIREN B PATEL (user)userVDI15/21
Paresh PATEL (user)userVDi19/23.5
lokesh (user)userVDi18/20
SHAMSHAD MALIK (user)userVDI20/22
Girish (user)userVDi18/22.5
vikram bharvad (user)userVDI15/23
Jagmeet Singh (user)userVDi18/20
kalpesh hirani (user)userVDi18/25
DHANRAJ RAUT (user)userVDi16/18
Rohit (user)userVDi16/22
shridhar (user)userVDi14/17
anil patel (user)userVDi20/24
Abhishek (user)userVDi20.4/22
Abhishek (user)userVDi20.4/22
thirupathi (user)userVDi17/20
Jagmeet Singh (user)userVDi18/20
SIMON (user)userVDi21/19
vijay (user)userVDi19/27
sanjay KUMAR RAJPAL (user)userVDi12.5/15
ABHISHEKDASS (user)userVDi21/0
ABHISHEKDASS (user)userVDi21/0
Anwar Sadath.P (user)userVDI15/17
ganesh (user)userVDi15/20
Ram (user)userVDI17/21
amit (user)userVDi14/17
davender yadav (user)userVDi17/20
rakesh (user)userVDi15.6/22
lovee (user)userVDI15.5/17
saireddy (user)userVDi19/22
H N Mahida (user)userVDi19/24
Prashant (user)userVDi18/23
Patel Ravi (user)userVDi19/21
anilbhai (user)userVDi15.3/20.2
Srinivasan Krishnasamy (user)userVDI18/22
Twinkle Rathee (user)userVDi20/22
Manoj (user)userVDi15/17
sanjay KUMAR RAJPAL (user)userVDi12.5/15
PRAMOD B. KUMBHAR (user)userVDi22/24
Anwar Sadath.P (user)userVDI15/17
Jabir Adattil (user)userVDi (Diesel)15/17
Jabir Adattil (user)userVDi (Diesel)15/17
sukhdev singh (user)userVDi (Diesel)17/19.5
davender yadav (user)userVDi (Diesel)16/18
devinder yadav (user)userVDi (Diesel)15/18
m n vasanth (user)userVDi (Diesel)13/15
davender yadav (user)userVDi (Diesel)15/19
Aravind Reddy (user)userVXi11/14
NITISH (user)userVXi16.8/17.2
gopi (user)userVXi12/15
ashutosh (user)userVXi10/13
Mugilan (user)userVXI15/20
R.M.PATEL (user)userVXi14/17
shiva kumar (user)userVXi10/12
shreeram Mulay (user)userVXi15/25
dheeraj (user)userVXi13/16
samuel (user)userVXi14/16
Ganesh Prasad (user)userVXI13/16
krishan (user)userVXI (M)16/20
Rajeev (user)userVXI (M)9/13
Rajeev (user)userVXI (M)9/13
kapil (user)userVXI (M)15/17
RANJEET (user)userZDI21/23
Anon (user)userZDI16.7/18.5
Anandan R (user)userZXi14/21.23
JJ (user)userZxi15/17
naaz (user)userZXi0/0
Asokan (user)userZXI18.2/18.5
farhan (user)userZXi15/18
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