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Maruti Suzuki SX4 Mileage

Rs. 7.63 - Rs. 10.11 lakhs
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Maruti SX4 is one of the latest cars in the portfolio of leading Indian automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India. It carries a next generation design with innovative 1.6L VVT engine with four cylinders with a displacement of 1486cc. The overall weight is just 1200 KG, and it comes with a five speed manual gearbox transmission. Also it comes with BS IV compliant emission technology. All these features give the Maruti SX4 an impressive mileage. Furthermore, the advanced and innovative VVT technology system in the SX4 monitors and alters the timing of the engine operation intake valve which in turn prevents circuit shortage and power wastage. As a consequence, the Maruti SX4 gives best mileage. In city traffic, the Maruti SX4 can give a mileage of just 10.2 km per liter and in highways it can give a mileage of 14.9 km per liter. Thus, the Maruti SX4 overall average mileage can be around 11.14 km per liter.

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CarTrade ExpertadminVDI16/18
CarTrade ExpertadminVXI (M)11/13
CarTrade ExpertadminZDI16/18
CarTrade ExpertadminZDI Leather16/18
CarTrade ExpertadminZXI (M)11/13
CarTrade ExpertadminZXI LEATHER (M)11/13
hitesh (user)userCELEBRATION EDITION(DIESE22/24
Rahul (user)userMC ZXI BS-IV12/15.5
skk (user)userVDI16/22.5
jagmeet (user)userVXI (M)9/11
Francisco (user)userVXI (M)9.5/12.5
Subrata Mukherjee (user)userVXI (M)9.5/12
J Noronha (user)userVXI (M)20/24
Kiran (user)userVXI (M)12/15
Rishi (user)userVXI CNG21/30
chirag (user)userVXI CNG BS-IV22/34
sandeep goyal (user)userZXI (M)9/12
RAHUL ABROL (user)userZXI (M)10/14.4
Girish (user)userZXI (M)9/13
Sabby (user)userZXI (M)12/14
Anik (user)userZXI (M)6/14
nithin st (user)userZXI (M)10.5/14
sameer automatic (user)userZXI (M)8/10
Your namericky (user)userZXI AT BS-IV67/77
sanjay kaushal (user)userZXI Leather (M)12/14
Desh Deepak Misra (user)userZXI MT BS-IV12.5/14.5
Shashank Bhardwaj (user)userZXI MT BS-IV13/16
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