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Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire Images

Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire Mileage

Rs. 5.22 - Rs. 7.83 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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3.83 from 999 submission(s)
Maruti Swift DZire is available in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol version is equipped with a K series engine, whereas the diesel version comes with DDiS engine. To assist the powerful engine, the petrol version has an option of five speed manual or four speed automatic transmission. However, the diesel variant is only offered in five speed manual transmission that has brilliant mileage.The petrol engine mated with five speed manual transmission runs around 16.3 kmpl to 19.1 kmpl, whereas the automatic version delivers the mileage of 13 kmpl to 17.5 kmpl. On the other hand, the diesel version runs around 18.6 kmpl to 23.4 kmpl, which is much impressive in its segment.


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CarTrade ExpertadminLDI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminLDi Diesel21/23
CarTrade ExpertadminLXI15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminLXI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminLXi Petrol17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminVDI (M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminVDi Diesel21/23
CarTrade ExpertadminVXI15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminVXI (M)10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminVXi AT15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminVXi Petrol17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminZDI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminZDi Diesel21/23
CarTrade ExpertadminZXI (M)14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminZXi Petrol17/19
anupam, (user)user13/21
Arunkumar.HK (user)userLDI17/24
ajay (user)userLDI24/26
SAMEER (user)userLDI18/20
vp (user)userLDI (M)20/25
TONY PAUL (user)userLDI (M)16/20
Atul (user)userLXI16.5/20.2
babu (user)userLXI12/16
Ratish Shelar (user)userLXI8/21
Kaushik (user)userLXI14/17
mahesh inder (user)userVDI20/27
JAI GOPINATH (user)userVDI18.9/23
ANKIT (user)userVDI19/23
arun kumar (user)userVDI20/25
Manoj M Patel (user)userVDI16/18
tarun (user)userVDI15/19.5
urvish modi (user)userVDI19/24.5
bhopal singh (user)userVDI11/14
S.Deena (user)userVDI (M)17/20
SACHIN (user)userVDI (M)15/19
sanjay Jadhav (user)userVDI (M)15/19
ajaykumar katke (user)userVDI (M)20/22
rajat joshi (user)userVDI (M)22/24
parag (user)userVDI (M)20/23
Deenadayalan (user)userVDI (M)18.5/23
Kuttappam (user)userVDI (M)15/18
sanjeev kumar (user)userVXI16/18
mohit arora (user)userVXI7/14
PBSACHAN (user)userVXI13/17
rahul kamble (user)userVXI16/18
mohit arora (user)userVXI7/14
Mayur Kulkarni (user)userVXI12/16
john thomas (user)userVXI16/20
Jasper (user)userVXI17/21
Vikas Sanganeria (user)userVXI (M)9/15
S S SETHUMADHAVAN (user)userVXI (M)12/16.5
vinod sharma (user)userVXI (M)15/17
nazeeb (user)userZDI19/24.5
sachin kale (user)userZDI18.7/19.9
rajiv (user)userZDI21/22.4
bharati jain (user)userZDI16/19
Guhapriyan Thanikachalam (user)userZDI (M)14/22
Magan (user)userZDI (M)11.2/98.3
Kishan (user)userZDI (M)19/22
S.Hariprasath (user)userZXI17/19
prakash (user)userZXI20/25
S.Hariprasath (user)userZXI17.1/19
S.Hariprasath (user)userZXI17.1/19
S.Hariprasath (user)userZXI17.1/19
S.Hariprasath (user)userZXI17.1/19
S.Hariprasath (user)userZXI17.1/19
shiva (user)userZXI (M)17.5/23
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