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Maruti Suzuki Alto Mileage

Rs. 3.48 - Rs. 3.62 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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Maruti Alto, the cute tiny little car, is one of the most fuel efficient cars in India and is assured to give stunning mileages. The Alto is a light weight vehicle that comes with just 720 kilograms of weight, which plays a great role in the Maruti Alto Mileage. Apart from that, it is equipped with innovative technologies with advanced engineering - the latest variants of Maruti Alto come with KB10 engine with a displacement of 998cc with 3 cylinder and innovative five speed cable transmission, and all these also help to promote the Maruti Alto mileage. As far as the exact Maruti Alto mileage is concerned, the car can give an average mileage of 20.2 km per liter. Older version and CNG variants of the Alto are also available. The older version of Alto can give a mileage of 14.6 km per liter in city and in highways it can give the mileage of 18.9 km per liter whereas the Maruti Alto CNG version can give the mileage of 15.6 km per liter in city and in highways it can give a mileage of 20.2 km per liter.

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CarTrade ExpertadminGreen LX15/15
CarTrade ExpertadminGreen LXI16/16
CarTrade ExpertadminGreen STD15/16
CarTrade ExpertadminK10 LXI17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminK10VXI17/19
CarTrade ExpertadminLX15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminLX (M)15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminLXI15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminLXI (M)8/12
CarTrade ExpertadminSTD15/17
CarTrade ExpertadminSTD (M)15/17
Pankaj Shama (user)user20/23
Pankaj Shama (user)user20/23
Livingstone Wesley Titus (user)user LX17/18
Livingstone Wesley Titus (user)user LX17/19
Roopan Roy (user)user LX16/18
hunny (user)user LX13.5/16
Amit Kumar (user)user LX (M)12/13
jhkh (user)userGreen LXI20/25
SUNIL (user)userGreen LXI20/27
Kiran Singh (user)userGreen LXI10.5/12.5
raju rana (user)userK10 LXi10/14
praveenkumar ts (user)userK10 LXi15/18
saket (user)userK10 LXI18/20
C.S.Ramakrishnan (user)userK10 LXi20/23.5
Ashis (user)userK10 LXi14/18
SREETHAR N.A (user)userK10 LXI16/22
Funtoosh (user)userK10 LXi90/150
Harshit (user)userK10 LXI18/20
Tapan Sarkar (user)userK10 LXI16/19.75
RSATHISHKUMAR (user)userK10 LXi18/21
mandeep gulia (user)userK10 LXi18/20
raman (user)userK10 LXi12/14
sanju (user)userK10 VXi12/15
arul (user)userK10 VXi17/19
Chandra Sekhar (user)userK10 VXi18/22
sagar padte (user)userK10 VXi12/15
K.V SATYANARAYANA (user)userK10 VXi17.2/19.6
Manivannan (user)userK10 VXi17.5/19
rakesh kumar (user)userK10 VXi15/17
nagesh (user)userK10 VXi12/15
Vishwajit M. Sendurse (user)userK10 VXi18/20.2
Sumesh (user)userK10VXI13/22
piyush mantri (user)userLX18/22
Jay Gangwar (user)userLX12/16
s.chatterjee (user)userLX BS-IV11/15
Kingra (user)userLX BS-IV15.5/17
Manjunath GS (user)userLX BS-IV15/19
test (user)userLX BS-IV22/34
prince (user)userLX BS-IV16/19
Benjamin Rana (user)userLX BS-IV20/25
ANADHI (user)userLX BS-IV10/12
SANJEEV KUMAR (user)userLX BS-IV18/20
Sandhya (user)userLX CNG11/13
Sandhya (user)userLX CNG11/13
Deep Doshi (user)userLXI12/14
Rajan (user)userLXI18/20.8
LAXMAN (user)userLXI16/19.5
saroj das (user)userLXI15/18
Indrajeet (user)userLXI18/24
ajay (user)userLXI17/22
p.navaneetharaj (user)userLXI14.1/0
raminder singh (user)userLXI17.55/20
ramakrishna (user)userLXI15/20
Mithunkrishnan R (user)userLXI17/20
Ankush Katrojwar (user)userLXI18/20
kunal (user)userLXI CNG0/0
Ruchir (user)userLXI (M)19/23
ram bhau (user)userLXI (M)18/22
Shameer (user)userLXI (M)17/20
Sundar (user)userLXI (M)13/18
Vijayasekar (user)userLXI (M)14/19
sivaji (user)userLXi BS-IV20/22
saishta parvin (user)userLXi BS-IV20/22
jeet soni (user)userLXi BS-IV12/14
SANTHOSH (user)userLXI BS-IV19/22
Aravindhan (user)userLXi BS-IV20/24
Arsalan Shaikh (user)userLXi BS-IV18/21
ramar p (user)userLXI BS-IV18/20
rahul (user)userLXi BS-IV16/20
Narendranath (user)userLXi BS-IV15/18
balasaheb (user)userLXi BS-IV18/22.5
Harish (user)userLXi BS-IV16/20
saroj (user)userLXi BS-IV13/17
Ravinder Nath (user)userLXI BS-IV16/18
venkatesh (user)userLXI BS-IV16/20
kartik (user)userLXi BS-IV16/22
Ashwin (user)userLXI BS-IV11/16
laxman singh khinchi (user)userLXI BS-IV18/22
ramar p (user)userLXI BS-IV18/20
Mammu (user)userLXI BS-IV13/15
Aravindhan (user)userLXi BS-IV22.5/19.5
ramar p (user)userLXI BS-IV18/20
gurkirat (user)userLXi BS-IV15/16
A.S.Azhagu vel rajan (user)userLXI BS-IV18/19.5
sunil (user)userLXi BS-IV20/22
gauarv (user)userLXi BS-IV26/30
ramar p (user)userLXI BS-IV18/20
sameet mehta (user)userLXi CNG15/20
JK Ambavata Advocate (user)userLXi CNG22/28
R.v.v.Ramesh Kumar (user)userLXi CNG32/36
g.venu gopal (user)userLXi CNG24.8/32
sudhakar (user)userLXi CNG18/22
kumar (user)userSTD15/15
rahul sabale (user)userStd BS-IV19.2/23.2
SANTOSH YADAV (user)userStd BS-IV8/9
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