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Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Mileage

Rs. 2.62 - Rs. 3.85 lakhs
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Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has taken the success formula of Alto a step further by incorporating several design changes and improving its fuel efficiency figures. Interestingly, the model was already called as Maruti's bestseller in the Indian auto market and this mantle has now been taken over by the new Alto 800. The 796 cc engine in the new Alto 800 makes it one among the most delightful vehicles to drive in the country, much like the Alto K10. It generates a maximum power of 47.5 bhp with a maximum torque of 69 Nm. In order to increase the sales of this model, the auto maker has also offered a CNG guise of the Alto 800, along with the petrol variant. While the petrol variant delivers a commendable mileage of 22.74 kmpl, CNG does even better by providing 30.46 km/kg. Owing to its 5-speed manual transmission system, the model gets good acceleration in city and on highways as well. In order to add to the convenience of driver, gearbox of the Alto 800 has been now provided with a new cable type shifter, which has made gearshifts smoother than before.

The car weighs a total of 715 kg, which helps it in delivering brilliant fuel efficiency. It must be noted that with increased torque, it is easier to move the vehicle within cities even with the air conditioner is turned on. Interestingly, the new petrol-powered Alto 800 gets an optional airbag for safety for the first time in a vehicle of its segment.

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MOHAN (user)userLX15/18
asit ranjan mishra (user)userLX12.3/14.3
mohanlalnishad (user)userLX20/22
stdh .,n., (user)userLX CNG10/12
Gokul (user)userLXI16/20
Roy (user)userLXI12/15
sunny (user)userLXI0/28
RANABIR BISWAS (user)userLXI10/12
pardeep tanwar gujjar (user)userLXI19/21
geetha (user)userLXI0/2
vimalraj (user)userLXI13/20
haranadh (user)userLXI0/20.4
arjun b jaiswal (user)userLXI12/24
vinod deshpande (user)userLXI22/23.5
raveendran (user)userLXI12/20
gopal singh toshina (user)userLXI15/19
Gopinath (user)userLXI14/17
Vidit Goel (user)userLXI21.2/21.2
Harshit (user)userLXI19/21
A SEETARAM (user)userLXI14/22
abhilash (user)userLXI14/16
manoj (user)userLXI10/19
RGFHJGJ (user)userLXI1/3
karn singh (user)userLXI18/22
Sudip Bhattacharjee (user)userLXI20/25
sivaprasad (user)userLXI25/32
Dipankar Das (user)userLXI20/22
sharad salunke (user)userLXI18/20
gyan singh (user)userLXI18/20
setha ram (user)userLXI0/15
anurag (user)userLXI Airbag12.3/14.3
Roshan sharma (user)userLXI Airbag18/22
jaspalsingh (user)userLXI Airbag14/18
shingu (user)userLXI Airbag0.2/0.1
ALTAF KHAN (user)userLXI CNG25/28
hmm (user)userLXI CNG32/40
Manje Singh (user)userLXI CNG23/25
muhammed (user)userLXI CNG1/2
SAVARIVENIS (user)userSTD25/30
Manoj Rana (user)userSTD12.3/14.3
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