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Maruti Suzuki Alto

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Maruti Suzuki Alto is one of the largest selling cars of the Maruti Suzuki Company in India. The Alto has been viewed as a fuel efficient car with compact and sleek features. Since its launch in the year 2000, this car has been reaching new heights every single year. Having said this, there is no doubt that the Alto is the leading market brand of Maruti Suzuki in India. Alto has taken the Maruti Suzuki Company to the next level after the grand success it achieved with Maruti 800.

Alto is one of those cars, which has overcome all kinds of technological setbacks it has faced since its launch in India. This car was given a facelift in the year 2010, when K-series engine, which is supposedly technologically superior one, has been incorporated in this car. Although some of the critics of this model say that the engine is too noisy but the price tag has not let it affect its image in the Indian automobile market. The present sluggish global automobile markets must have affected its present sales but the Maruti Suzuki is confident to rise with all its models including the Maruti Suzuki Alto car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto known for its high end growth prospects in India as done extremely well in the Indian automobile markets in the past. The word Alto is taken from a Latin word ‘Altus’, which means high. There is no doubt that the Maruti Alto cars India is one of the most popular cars being sold in India. The 2011 reports revealed by the Google claims that the Maruti Suzuki Alto tops the list of the most searched cars in India. Alto has earned a reputation of a dynamic car with qualities suiting the Indian markets.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Launch History

Maruti Alto was designed and engineered by the Japanese automobile giants Suzuki. The history of this model dates back to 1979, when the car was introduced in the global markets. Since then the Suzuki Alto is being manufactured in many countries worldwide. The Suzuki Alto has been developed and upgraded at regular intervals to satisfy the growing needs of the global automobile markets. The Maruti Suzuki Alto which entered the Indian markets in the year 2000 is categorised with the fifth generation Alto car models.

The fifth generation Alto cars were made for the global automobile markets in the year 1998. Design of this car then was more or less of the Suzuki Kei. The then Suzuki Alto codenamed HA12/22 was fitted with a familiar 657cc F6A engine. The car's engine was incorporated with auto transmission rendering a decent power of 64 hp. This model was also available with F6A engine, which generated a power output 60 hp. 

There were other sibling models of the HA12/22, which were developed on the basis of its parent model. The Alto C and the Alto C2 were two classic models, which had its concept model as the HA12/22. It was for the first time that this car was fitted with an integrated head lamp, which had the side indicator incorporated with the headlamp panel. Earlier, the head lamp used to be round in shape and was not integrated in a panel.

Apart from the fifth generation Alto cars a part of which was launched in India. The Suzuki Corporation has launched many other Alto models, which has performed extremely well in the global automobile markets. The first generation Alto car was codenamed SS30/40 and it ran on the 539cc three-cylinder engine, which produced a decent power of 28 PS at 5500 rpm. The Alto model has always maintained its image of being a budget model coming under the category of the cheap and best deals.

The second generation of the Suzuki Alto, the CA71 was first seen in the global markets in the year 1984. It was under this sub model that the turbocharged engine was launched for the first time. On the basis of the development of this turbocharged engine, the Alto works model was introduced in the year 1987. The second generation models have been a part of the European, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese markets. The Jiangnan Alto, which is still manufactured in China, is the cheapest Alto model in the world available for Rs. 1.3 lacs to 1.5 lacs.

Third generation CL11 model of the Alto was introduced in the year 1988. This model was incorporated with a 660cc 12 valve turbocharged fuel injected F5B engine. The other sub models, which were based on the CL11 concept models was the Alto works and the Alto Hustle. The fourth, fifth and the sixth generation models of the Alto have also contributed equally to improve the technology of the existing Alto model. The seventh generation Alto model is the existing model being sold and manufactured globally.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Variants

Maruti Suzuki Alto is available in its petrol version, while company is still working out a plan on its diesel version. There are two models LXi and VXi available under the Alto K series. Belonging to the small car segment, this model has an impressive 998cc engine, which gives a full throttle power of 68 PS at 6200 rpm and maximum torque of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. Having a fuel tank of 35 litres, this car provides delivers a mileage of 20 kmpl on the highway and 15 kmpl on the city roads.

On the other hand, Maruti Alto VXI CNG is the new added variant in the Maruti Alto family. This variant is outfitted with new CNG kit as well as a petrol engine. Powered by the i-GPI technology, the CNG kit ensures higher fuel efficiency. Besides, it is also more safe, reliable and environment friendly. 

Models Features
Maruti Alto Std        
  • Base model
  • 796 cc engine
  • Stylish front bumper and grille
  • Luggage compartment
  • Integrated front seats
Maruti Alto LX
  • Upgraded version
  • Rotary control of AC
  • Tinted glasses
  • Floor front console with cup holders
Maruti Alto LXi
  • Higher-end model
  • Integrated rear seat head restraints
  • Remote fuel lid opener
  • Electronic power steering
  • Fabric seats
Maruti Alto K10 LXI
  • Base variant of the new Alto K10
  • 998cc, K10 engine
  • Improved suspension
  • New cable-type transmission
  • More knee-room for rear seat passengers
Maruti Alto K10 VXI
  • Top end variant new Alto K10
  • Front power windows
  • 13 inch tubeless tyres
  • Three spoke power steering wheel
  • Key off reminder
Maruti Alto Green LXi (CNG)
  • Dual fuel system-petrol/CNG


Maruti Suzuki Alto Pricing

The new Maruti Suzuki Alto was launched in the year 2010 with a unique selling proposition of the car being incorporated with the K series engine. There are only two petrol versions of this model. Price of Maruti Alto K10 Variants ranges between Rs.3.6 lacs and Rs.3.75 lacs. On the other hand, price of the other variants ranges between Rs.2.8 lacs and Rs.3.7 lacs. Maruti Alto price for the CNG variant ranges from Rs. 3.3 lacs to Rs.3.5 lacs.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Review

The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is an upgraded version of its prior model launched in the year 2000. The K series engine is the latest and the most sophisticated of most of the Alto models released globally up till now. This model is manufactured in India in Maruti Suzuki's Gurgaon facility. Alto model is built to provide its user an economical driving experience.

Having said this, the Maruti Suzuki Company has also taken care of the other aspects, which determines the worth of the car. The Alto K10 is now safer and comfortable than its previous model. Maruti Suzuki Alto has a track record of serving the needs of the middle class section of the Indian society.  So far, this model has come up as a leading car in the small car segment in India.

Maruti Suzuki Alto is one the most elegant looking hatchback designs present in the Indian automobile market. The car has performed extremely well on the Indian roads since its launch in the year 2000. Maruti Alto has become popular among the car buyers because of its cheap price tag and fuel efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Used Car Market

The used Maruti Suzuki Alto can be purchased from Maruti True Value, which is India's largest certified used car dealer network. Nationwide True Value network comprises 358 outlets in 210 cities. Purchasing Alto from True Value ensures that the cars are refurbished with Maruti Genuine Parts. It also ensures that bonafides of the Seller are verified and RTO papers are transferred in the buyer's name. On purchasing the used Maruti Alto from Maruti True Value, buyers get warranty up to one year and three free services.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Specifications

The Maruti Alto VXi and the LXi model comes with a performance oriented 998cc engine. The model complies with the BS-IV emission norms and delivers a maximum torque of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. This model also boasts of an automatic transmission of a smooth 5 speed gear, which helps in bringing out the best of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto is also available in its older version. This model has an engine capacity of 796cc, which delivers a full throttle engine power of 47 PS at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 62 Nm at 3000 rpm. This model comes with a performance oriented 5 speed automatic transmission.

Kerb weight of Alto LX and Alto LXi is 705 kg, while the kerb weight of standard Alto is around 690 kg. Gross vehicle weight of this Maruti Suzuki Alto is 1140 kg. On the contrary, the new Maruti Alto K10 Variants, LXi and VXi, have a kerb weight of 760 kg. Gross vehicle weight of new Maruti Alto K10 Variants is 1185 kg.

The front suspension of this car is of McPherson strut with torsion type roll control device. On the other hand, the rear suspension is of coil spring gas filled shock absorbers with three link rigid axle and isolated trailing arms. Moreover, the other technical specifications of this car are mentioned below:

Criteria Measurements of Maruti Alto LX and LXi Measurements of Maruti Alto K10 LXi and VXi
Overall Length (mm) 3495 3620
Overall Width (mm) 1475 1475
Overall Height (mm) 1460 1460
Wheelbase (mm) 2360 2360
Tread, Front (mm) 1295 1295
Tread, Rear (mm) 1290 1290
Ground Clearance (mm) 160 160

Maruti Suzuki Alto Exteriors

Exterior Appearance

New Maruti Alto K10 has undergone several changes in terms of exterior appearance. The front grille of the car is embossed with a chrome accentuated logo, which is a symbol of buyer's trust and faith in the company. Stylish front bumper and front grille looks that merges well with the headlights, add to the looks of this car. The bold eagle-eye shaped headlamp cluster and round shaped slot fitted with front fog lamps, give Alto a stunning and appealing look.

Other aspects of the front designing are similar to that of the old Maruti Alto. The rear view mirrors and bumpers of Maruti Alto K10 are wrapped in body colour.  Stylish tail gate in the rear section adds to the style quotient of the car. New Maruti Suzuki Alto comes with a 13 inch long tubeless tyres, which is bigger than the older car.

Exterior Measurements

Dimensionally, Maruti Suzuki Alto LX and LXi variants are 3495 mm, 1475 mm and 1460 mm. The length of new Maruti Alto K10 has been increased by 125, in order to accommodate the bigger K-series engine. Other dimensions of new model are similar to that of the old ones. Wheelbase of the car is 2360 mm and the ground clearance is 160 mm. 

Maruti Suzuki Alto Interiors

Interior Appearance

Known for its impressive and dynamic interiors, Maruti Alto is a comfortable car with a classy look. Interiors of the car are trendy as well as sophisticated due to the fabric upholstery, which complements the ambience of the car. Moulded door trims and   moulded carpet make the interiors stylish and clean. Comfortable driving seat, luggage parcel tray, sun visor, and front and rear seat head rests, adds on to the convenient features of this model.

New Maruti Alto K10 is packed with dual tone interiors, colour coordinated door trim fabric and vibrant new colours for upholstery. Other features incorporated in the new model include new three spoke power steering, new electronic tripmeter, vanity mirror, accessory socket, ash tray, cup holder and power windows for the front passengers. To complete the interior looks, new model is also incorporated with the front and rear cabin lamps.

Interior Measurements

The popular hatchback segment car, Maruti Alto has a 5 person seating capacity.  With spacious interiors, this car offers a shoulder room of 1180 cm and rear knee room of 810 cm (max) and 540 cm (min). The boot space of Alto is less as compared to the other models in the small car segment. Though the car offers a ample leg room, but it is less as compared to its competitors.

Interior Comfort

Maruti Suzuki Alto India is a packed with several advanced features that make this car a comfortable drive. The driving seat of this model this car is designed in such a manner that it provides the perfect driving position. Electronic power steering, which is available in the higher variants, allows drive comfortable without steering the car too much. For comfort and convenience of the driver, Maruti Alto is packed with ORVM that allows driving with a clear view of traffic from behind.

Both front and rear seat have power window, which offers comfort in opening and closing of the windows. This car comes with A/C that is also integrated with a heater. New Maruti Alto car is loaded with a new feature of key-off reminder, which reminds the driver to take the key. Moreover, new Alto also comes with central locking system. Cup holders, front door pockets, glove box and huge boot space provide the comfort of storage in this car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

New Maruti Suzuki Alto is available with the new enhanced 998cc engine, which   produces a power of 68 PS at 6200 rpm and torque of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. The newly assigned high-end transmission stretches the car to the extent that it delivers a decent 20.2 kmpl mileage. As compared to its prior version, the engine power has been increased to 998cc from 796cc. The variants of Alto that are packed with 796cc, F8D engine, deliver maximum power of 47 bhp at 6200 rpm and maximum torque of 62 Nm at 3000 rpm.

The gear shift of the New Maruti Suzuki Alto is considered smooth as it is amalgamated with the latest inbuilt auto parts which deliver better performance. The latest fuel injection system is latest engine technology which provides the best mileage in the small car segment. Gearbox in this car comes with a cable-type gearshift, which is of great help while shifting gears. The new Maruti Alto provides a mileage of 20.2 kmpl on the highways and 15 kmpl on the city roads.

Maruti Alto CNG variant is powered with 796cc, 3 cylinder FC engine, which churns out maximum power of 39.4 PS at 6200 rpm and torque of 54 Nm at 3000 rpm. This car delivers a mileage of 15.6 km/kg in the city and 20.2 km/kg on highways. 

Maruti Suzuki Alto On-road Drive

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is one of the smoothest and performance oriented car. As far as the driving experience and comfort is concerned this car provides the best deal in comparison to the other models. Be it style, performance, frugality or unmatchable quality, the Maruti Suzuki Alto has been the top running car on the Indian roads since its launch.

The New Alto K10, which is incorporated with the 998 cc engine certainly give its customers economical driving experience. The driving position of the car is supposedly decent with its pedal panel right on spot, which gives an extra leverage to the driver. Visibility through the windshield is excellent in this model and the steering manoeuvrability is impressive. The new Alto is said to have the latest suspension system, which lessens the jerks and vibrations to huge extent.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Power

New Maruti Alto runs on a relatively powerful engine with a displacement of 998cc. This engine is designed to render a decent power of 68 PS at 6200 rpm. The maximum torque it delivers is a startling 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. The  prior version of the Alto that are packed with 796cc, F8D engine delivers a power of 47 PS at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of  62 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Maruti Suzuki VXi is also available with the dual fuel source system with petrol as well as CNG options. The Compressed Natural Gas variants have been introduced to provide the user with an extended fuel economy. The maximum power that is generated by the engine of this CNG variant is 39.4 PS at 6200 rpm. Torque churned out by this engine is 54 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Acceleration and Pick Up

New Alto model being incorporated with the latest K10 engine provides a better power than its old model and ultimately effects the acceleration and the pickup of the car. The Maruti Suzuki Alto runs on a powerful 998cc engine, which delivers a high ratio of torque that increases the acceleration, pick up and towing capacity. The Alto K-series model escalates from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in 13.3 seconds.  

Older version of the Maruti Alto provides dynamic acceleration and reaches the mark of 100 kmph in just 21.5 seconds. Packed with a 796 cc engine, the older version of  Alto reaches a top speed of 137 kmph.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Safety and Security

Understanding the growing needs of the Indian car buyers Maruti Suzuki has incorporated the Alto with the latest security and safety features. The collapsible steering column is the newly added safety feature of the Alto. At an event of a crash the collapsible steering column would immediately act and the steering would get sucked into the dashboard.

Other feature which reduces the injury possibilities on an event of a road mishap is the side impact beam, which is featured in the Maruti Suzuki Alto. Apart from these life saving safety features, this model is also incorporated with the improved suspension system, and the improved braking system. To ensure that the safety features on the car, Alto is now available with the central locking and the i-CATS, which reduces the chances of car theft.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Comfort and Convenience

The improved suspension system of the new Maruti Suzuki Alto cars facilitates a comfortable ride on rough and bumpy roads of India.  For the comfort of the driver, this car comes with a especially designed seat that supports the driver during long drives and also helps reducing the strain, back pain or cramps.

Electronic power steering, ORVM and A/C with a heater are other features of this car that have been added to provide comfort to the passengers as well as driver. The key-off reminder of New Maruti Alto car  reminds the driver to take the key before leaving the car. Central locking system, cup holders, front door pockets, glove box and huge boot space are other features of this car that are added keeping the comfort in mind.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Wheels

The tyre size of the Maruti Alto K10 variants, LXi and the VXi models is 155/60 R13. On the other hand, the tyre size for other variants is 145/80 R12. The wheelbase for all the variants of  Maruti Suzuki Alto is 2360 mm. 

Maruti Suzuki Alto Stereo and Accessories

In Maruti Alto there is no inbuilt provision for music system. However, the music system can be added to the car, as per the requirement. New Maruti Alto K10 is equipped with a air conditioner and heater that helps maintaining the temperature inside the car in all seasons.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Dealers

The New Maruti Suzuki Alto can be purchased from many dealers across India. Some of the dealers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore are mentioned below:

Vitesse Pvt. Ltd T.R. Sawhney

Motors Pvt. Ltd.
Bhandari Automobiles Bimal Auto Agency
Sai Service Station Ltd Competent Automobiles Co Dewar's Garage Garuda Autocraft Pvt. Ltd.
Excel Autovista (P) Ltd. AAA Vehicleades Pvt Ltd. Jalan Distributors Kalyani Motors Pvt Ltd.
Ratan Motors. Fair Deal Cars (P) Limited Mohan Motor Udyog Mandovi Motors Pvt Ltd

Maruti Suzuki Alto Company Quotes

“The Alto's package of performance, fuel efficiency and attractive cost of ownership have together made it India's most popular car. The Alto K10 will take this forward. There are a growing number of first time buyers who seek more power, performance and attitude in their car, without having to stretch all the way to buy a higher segment car. The Alto K10 is meant for them”, said by Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO, Maruti Suzuki India.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Competitor Analysis

The Maruti Suzuki Alto, which belongs to the small car segment, has been one of the largest selling models of the Maruti Suzuki Company. The closest competitor of Alto is Tata Indica Xeta, which is renowned for its fuel economy, good mileage and pick up. On comparing the engine power of both the cars, Tata Indica Xeta wins by large margins, as it works properly while the A/C is on.

In terms of suspension also, Xeta leads with one of the finest suspensions in its segment. Another competitor of Maruti SuzukiAlto is Tata Nano, which is famed for being the cheapest car. Alto wins over Nano in terms of safety as well as handling ability. Moreover, Nano lacks enough boot space and a rear hatch door, which is a plus point for Alto.

Maruti Suzuki Alto LPG/CNG Version

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is also available in its CNG variant. The CNG Variant of the Alto was launched on the 13th August 2010 and was priced between the range of   Rs.3 lacs to Rs.3.3 lacs. Maruti Suzuki claims that the running costs of the car will drastically drop to as less as Rs.1 per km with the CNG variant of this car. Maruti Suzuki has launched the intelligent-Gas Port injection (i-GPI) with the CNG version of the Maruti Suzuki Alto.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Pros

Maruti Alto is a economical car, which is packed with MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection) fuel supply system that offers great mileage. Maintenance of this easy as well as cost-effective as the spare parts and service stations are easily available. One factor, which makes this car popular among the Indian car buyers, is that this model provides many comfort features at the low price tag.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Cons

Maruti Suzuki Alto will never satisfy those customers looking for grater leg room and head room. The leg room for the passengers seated in the car is very less, which is the main cause of discomfort during long drives. Alto engine is supposedly noisy, which may cause irritation for drivers who prefer low cabin noise.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Conclusions

Maruti Suzuki Alto is considered to be one of the best hatchbacks in the Indian automobile market. It is advantageous in terms of fuel economy and price. The overall space in the Maruti Suzuki Alto is less, which includes the leg room, head room and the boot space. The car seems to drastically drop on speed when the air condition is switched on. Engine of this car is said to be noisy when driven on highways at high speeds. Nevertheless, Maruti Suzuki Alto will always rule the Indian roads due to its economical attributes and affordable price tag.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Alternatives and Comparison

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