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Rs. 7.22 - Rs. 10.47 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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Mahindra Xylo, developed under the project named Ingenio snugs in under its flagship scorpio. It is a combination of SUV, MPV and a sedan, in terms of its ruggedness, space and luxury, making it suitable for both cities as well as highways.It is equipped with m-Eagle diesel engine.The new unit comes in two variants, a strong displacement of 2200 cc with Turbo Diesel and 2500cc with Common Rail Diesel Injection. Apart from this, there are various other features in the car, for example,the mileage can be instantly clocked by the DDAS (Digital Drive Assist System), which is an alphanumeric display located in the front panel showing the optimum mileage derived from the car in normal driving conditions. DDAS can also compute other measures like the distance travelled, permissible average speed etc.The Mahindra Xylo mileage remains more or less constant with all its variants, as they are all quite fuel efficient and give the best mileage possible for the heavy duty work of the engine. The Mahindra Xylo's mileage within the city is 11 KMPL, while on highways the Xylo gives 14 KPML

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CarTrade ExpertadminD210/12
CarTrade ExpertadminD410/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE2- 8 STR10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE410/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE4 - 7&8 STR10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE4 ABS10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE6 - 7 SR10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE6 - WITH SKY RACK - 7 ST10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE8 - 7 & 8 STR10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE8 ABS10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE8 ABS 710/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE8 ABS 7&8 seater10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE8 ABS AIR BAG10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminE910/12
ulv pradyothan (user)userD2 BS49/13
siva (user)userD2 BS416/18
test (user)userD4 BS32/22
Gaurav (user)userE2- 8 STR11.5/14
binoy (user)userE2- 8 STR10/14
Sathyabalu (user)userE4 - 7&8 STR11/13
KHAN PARVEZ (user)userE8 ABS 7&8 seater12/15
ramakrishna (user)userE8 ABS Airbag BS410/12
Rajesh (user)userE8 ABS BS48/12
abk nair (user)userE8 ABS BS48/15.5
Dr H N Borkataky (user)userE8 ABS BS410/12
Rajesh (user)userE8 ABS BS49/12
Hormaz Jal Kasad (user)userH8 ABS Airbag BS417.4/20
Vinit Zaveri (user)userH9 BS411/19
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