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Rs. 7.98 - Rs. 12.55 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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Mahindra Scorpio is a powerful car positioned in the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment of the Indian auto industry. The company has offered two types of transmission system, namely manual and automatic, in this car, which improve its mileage. Scorpio is equipped with a common rail diesel engine that has a displacement of 2179 cc. The automatic version of Scorpio delivers decent mileage of around 9.6 kmpl to 13 kmpl, whereas the mileage of the manual version is between 10.5 kmpl to 15.4 kmpl.


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CarTrade Expertadmin2.2 VLS 2WD 7/8 STR10/13
CarTrade Expertadmin2.2 VLX-HAWK 7/8 STR10/13
CarTrade Expertadmin2.2 VLX-HAWK AT 7/8 STR5/7
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 DX CRDe (8-Seater)8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 GETAWAY8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 GETAWAY (4WD)8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 LX 2WD 7/9 STR8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 LX CRDe(7/9 SEATER)8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 SLE 2WD 7/8 STR8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 SLX 4WD 7/8 STR BS38/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 SLX CRDe(7/8 Seater)8/12
CarTrade Expertadmin2.6 Turbo(Std)CRDe(9Seate8/12
CarTrade ExpertadminVLX AT 4WD8/12
Pradeep Sen (user)user2.2 VLX-HAWK 7/8 STR12.6/15
Rohit (user)user2.2 VLX-HAWK 7/8 STR11/14
sabarinath (user)user2.2 VLX-HAWK 7/8 STR9/14
mahendra (user)user2.2 VLX-HAWK AT 7/8 STR9/11
Satyajeet (user)user2.6 SLE 2WD 7/8 STR12/15
Shagun (user)user2.6 SLE 2WD 7/8 STR10/11
Neeraj choudhary (user)user2.6 SLX CRDe(7/8 Seater)12/16
arun (user)user2.6 Turbo(Std)CRDe(9Seate9/10
a k bose (user)userEx BS416/18
akshay waindeshkar (user)userEx BS413/15
Rohit (user)userLx BS412/15
SURAJIT ROY (user)userLx BS48/10
bapu thete (user)userM2DI12/15
navneet chouksey (user)userM2DI12.5/13
sunil khiste (user)userM2DI10/13
Adarsh Kumar (user)userM2DI14/17
kanishk Dutt (user)userSle BS413/15
jaspreet singh (user)userSle BS415/18
pradip (user)userVLX 4WD6/8
gnanavel (user)userVlx 4WD Airbag BS-III12/14
Tara Varghese (user)userVlx AT BS-III7.5/13.5
Sajeev (user)userVLX BS-III12/15
Kiran velayudhan (user)userVlx BS3 2WD-HE14/19
sumit khari (user)userVlx BS4 4WD-HE-Air Bag12/15
ramu (user)userVlx BS4 4WD-HE-Air Bag10/13
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